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Presenting the most effective One-Page Executive Summary for Startups (with templates designed by professionals)

Presenting the most effective One-Page Executive Summary for Startups (with templates designed by professionals)

Gunjan Gupta

July 22, 2020

Three hundred seconds armed with three gazillion microseconds. That is the average length of time you have to pitch yourself in front of the investors and for them to make a decision to give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. The fate of your venture begins and ends with these three hundred seconds.Despite having brainstormed for years together, putting your ideas in a palatable and easy to digest form, all your dreams can come crashing down if you don’t make the most of these 300 seconds. With such a narrow timeframe and stakes so high, it is a one-page executive summary document that will make all the difference; whether you will walk out of the boardroom with a contract- or your head- in your hands! 


But what is a one-page executive summary?


A one-page executive summary is a short document that makes the biggest impact. Presented as a brief version of a business plan, a startup executive summary is evaluated by the investors to make a decision about the pitch meeting. With stakes so high and constantly rising, it is essential to deliver a pitch that is concise, yet takes you through the entire business in a short span of time, adeptly rendered by a one-page executive summary document! 


Popular VC’s and other investors are inundated with eager pitches from companies that require financial aid. A one-pager is an at-a-glance document that can help them see valuable information; one that will decide the fate of their venture. 


However, it is important that the executive summary embodies all the necessary elements of a business plan, to make it a functional one. We have cultivated a list of these residual components, as well as a few templates to help you get started on the journey!


Let us begin dismantling each element and understand them in the best way possible:


  • Lead the path with the Problem 

Investors are busy-bees who won’t read through the entire summary unless the first 30 seconds are exciting. The fastest and foolproof way to reel them in is by describing the problem that your startup intends to solve in the first 30 seconds itself. Quantify their pain and gain their trust by presenting a solution that keeps them hooked. 


  • Present concrete Solutions

Explain how the product aims to solve the issues by presenting some concrete solutions. Space is premium so don’t get into product specifications, just provide a broad overview of the product. The other specifications of the product can be discussed in the pitch meeting if the investors plan on taking any. 


  • Let the understanding of the Target Market rule

A ‘hunch’ or a ‘gut feeling’ of your business being a successful venture won’t do you any good. You need real data that has been dug from deep inside and quantified. 

In other words, showcase the understanding of the target market with various research results, data, stats, etc. carried by your organization. Back up your major claims about the industry from recognized resources that are trustworthy. Show potential investors that you have a good understanding of the market scenarios, as a company who knows it all is in a better position to cater well to the needs and concerns of their customers. 


  • Demonstrate strong competitive advantages 

Prove that you have everything that is needed to dethrone the reigning champ by stating what makes your company different and unique. Strong competitive advantages can be many like low product cost, patented high-grade technology, modern distribution methods, and several others that can be stated in your one-pager to grab immediate attention of the investor. Also, focus on the positives as opposed to negatives in order to make a powerful first impression. Glean this information by carrying out extensive researches, surveys, and test-driving rival products if possible. 


For eg the SaaS business model that revolutionized the business tech sector, by making high-performance programs available on any device, regardless of its hardware. However, SaaS is not a novelty now as every other technology is following the same path of advancement. The ever-evolving technology has left no room for hanging a competitive advantage in this area therefore, you need more!


  • Provide an effective Business Model 

The world’s greatest idea can never be implemented unless it is backed with a solid business model. Similarly, this section calls for showing investors that you have plans and strategies to execute them. Distill your business plan and answer questions like: How will you generate revenue? From whom? What makes your business plan scalable? What metrics prove your company's viability and sustainability? What plans do you have for future growth? 


  • Highlight and designate your Team 

List key accomplishments of your team members that make them competent and qualified enough to undertake your firm’s activities. 


A quick rule of thumb here is that: focus on the qualities of your team not the quantity of the experience they have. They might have a 5-decade experience but the achievement they have in these 5 decades is what the investors are looking for. So, show how each team member’s experience responds to your business plan as a whole. 


  • Disclose your Financial Projections 

Let’s talk numbers! This section is all about projecting real stats and numbers. This the last and the most important information that an investor requires to make an investment decision. Show them your financial positioning, what kind of funds you require, for which purpose, and other undertakings about the finances. You don’t need to make this section too lengthy, just adding a few bullet points with relevant stats will do the trick.


  • A Promise (payback for investors)

This is a basic promise that investors are looking for in an executive summary. It means that a higher return on investment is guaranteed to them by your organization. State it clearly and provide proofs that your business is a profitable venture to invest in. Project real numbers to make them believe in your efficiency. 

Revenue, expenses, cash flow, and others such aspects can be presented to make the VC’s a firm believer. Also key drivers such as the numbers of units shipped, customer base, etc. can be provided in this section. 


  • The Ask

The final section is all about asking the funds you require from the investors to make a move in your business. Ask for a minimum amount that is required to reach the next major milestone, because asking too much can scare away the investors. So, keep it real, bare minimum, and estimated to get funded!

While finessing an executive summary takes a lot of practice and years of hard work, here are 5 templates that can be your one-stop solution!  


One-Page Executive Summary Templates 


Template 1 


Sump up all important information and present it in a well-structured format by obtaining this one-page real estate executive summary template. Provide a preview of your business plan by incorporating this design. This one-page summary document helps real estate business owners to present all the elements of a good business plan in a well-structured manner that can be easily comprehended by the reader. It also helps them explain their company’s USP that makes it stand out from the rest. The color theme of this template is kept very professional yet exciting enough to acquire the necessary funds from your prospects.   


Real Estate Startup One Page Executive Summary Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Download Real Estate Startup One Page Executive Summary Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Template 2


Win your fundraising round by furnishing all the important details in a single layout. Whether you want to present your objectives, provide solutions to a perceived problem, or simply get funded, this one-page eCommerce startup template is an ideal one to incorporate. Share this with executives, investors, CEO’s and trustees to win accolades owing to its professional and useful design. Since this single pager comes in an editable format you will face no difficulty in adding your personal touch to it. Everything ranging from the font, color, text can be altered to suit your needs. 


Ecommerce Start Up One Page Executive Summary Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Download Ecommerce Startup One Page Executive Summary Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Template 3


This one-page executive summary template acts as a roadmap for financial consulting agencies. It helps them explain the major undertakings of their business in a single layout. The concise yet very detailed nature of a one-pager helps to make the concepts easily understandable in a single glance. This template helps highlight aspects like mission, clients, services, capabilities, and several others in a well-structured format, thus piquing investors’ interest in your venture. Additionally, it makes them curious to read more, thereby increasing the chances of you getting funded!


Financial Consulting Start Up One Page Executive Summary Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Download Financial Consulting Startup One Page Executive Summary Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Template 4


Summarize the intent of your IT software company business in a concise form by making use of this one-page executive summary template. Pique the interest and readers’ curiosity by presenting a larger picture of your IT company in a single layout. Give a good first impression to your investors by organizing everything in a single layout. This template entails every element of a good IT software executive summary such as portfolio, company summary, team member details, contact information, and several others. Useful content has been added for your reference, however, feel free to adjust it as per your liking. 


IT Software Start Up Company One Page Executive Summary Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Download IT Software Startup Company One Page Executive Summary Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Template 5


Present a robust executive summary by making use of this one-pager template. Be concise yet descriptive enough to generate interest in your investors. This template highlights major elements of a good business plan such as business description, achievements, reasons to choose you, financial projections, etc, thus making it a highly resourceful one-page template to present your business with. It can also help throw some light on your vision and mission which provides a broader picture of your overall business setting. Hence, without any doubt make use of this one-page executive summary template to impress your investors and get funded!


One Page Executive Summary For Start Up Company Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Download One Page Executive Summary For Startup Company Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Writing startup executive summaries is a very tedious and daunting task. It is especially frustrating to condense large pieces of information into a single layout. Therefore we urge you to adopt a predesigned approach such as these templates showcased above. These will help you present a perfect example of your business plan and make tables turn with their invigorating designs. 


Download these templates, spend time on finessing them, and start-building worthwhile relationships now! 

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