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Top 10 Product Pricing Templates to Balance Affordability and Profitability

Top 10 Product Pricing Templates to Balance Affordability and Profitability



June 28 2022

Companies face a multitude of challenges today when it comes to pricing products. From the ever-changing retail landscape to setting prices that capture a product’s value accurately, pricing is not an easy task. 


Regardless of the difficulty, product pricing is integral in determining the success of your business and it is impacted by various internal and external factors, such as input costs, product features, target audience, market demand, competitor prices, desired profit objectives, etc.


Keeping all these elements in mind, you need to choose a suitable product pricing strategy as it will help you achieve maximum revenue. And this often requires much thought and analysis that builds on sound facts and figures. Therefore, conducting detailed market research is essential in making informed decisions.


Optimizing research and strategies for product pricing is a time-consuming and hefty chore. But our professionals at SlideTeam have created product pricing templates to save you the hassle of drafting everything from scratch. These informative sample designs will benefit you in analyzing different attributes of the market study, thereby helping you understand and plan the pricing elements accurately.


Let’s get started.


Template 1: How to Choose the Right Price for Your Product PPT Bundle


Finalize the right price for your product with this well-designed PPT layout. You can use this slideshow to put forward your value proposition and discuss major factors that influence pricing. You can also highlight the pricing approach and strategies to ensure the desired profit outcome. Download it now.


How to Choose the Right Price for Your Product or Service


Download this template


Template 2: Product Pricing Strategy PowerPoint Presentation


Deploy this complete deck to put in the much-needed thought and effort to determine the suitable pricing strategy for your product. It will enable you to highlight major factors, such as product management, marketing planning, competitive landscape, customer analysis, market potential, etc, and discuss them in a descriptive manner. You can also design a product roadmap and define the product strategy and lifecycle management. Get this template to help you make the best pricing decisions.


Product Pricing Strategy

Download this template


Template 3: Product Cost PowerPoint Sample


With this content-ready PPT sample, elucidate various important factors involved in calculating the product cost. You can discuss the cost strategy and explain the benefits of having one. Using the given theme, you can enlist multiple components of product costing, such as material cost, manufacturing cost, external supplies, etc. The given PowerPoint presentation will assist you in maintaining the affordability and profitability margin. Download it immediately.


Product Cost Template


Download this template


Template 4: New Product Cost Evaluation PPT Slideshow


Set the right cost-efficient tone for your new product with this predesigned complete deck. You can incorporate this design to evaluate all the marketing elements and propose a feasible and beneficial price. With this informative PPT bundle, you can talk about production and operation cost analysis as well as marketing and launch cost analysis. It will aid you in analyzing the cost and benefits of the new product, helping you make an instructed decision. Grab this template right now.


New Product Cost Evaluation


Download this template


Template 5: Roadmap to Choosing the Right Product Price PPT


Incorporate this content-ready roadmap slide to help you choose the right price for your product. With this infographic, you can plan and organize various activities, such as marketing strategy, estimating the demand curve, calculating costs, etc. You can also have a glance at environmental factors and analyze objectives, thereby determining the viable price. Get this design today.


Roadmap to Choose Right Product Pricing


Download this template


Template 6: Business Product Pricing Slide


Showcase various elements of business product pricing using this PowerPoint design. You can categorize and arrange the pricing objectives into segments like profit-oriented, sales-oriented, and status-oriented. These categories can be further segmented into specifics like target return, growth in market share, meeting competition, etc. Grab it right away.


Business Product Pricing PowerPoint Template


Download this template


Template 7: Product Pricing Strategies PPT Infographic


Utilize this PPT infographic to elucidate various product pricing strategy details to set the best deal for your product. The given slide will help you present the similarities and differences of each technique graphically. You can even mention the profitability, utility, and ease associated with each strategy. Download immediately.


Optional Product Pricing Captive Product Pricing


Download this template


Template 8: PowerPoint Sample for Product Competencies to Analyze Price


Incorporate this predesigned PPT slide to compare various attributes of your products. The given design will enable you to analyze the competencies and capabilities, such as product innovation, brand recognition, price level, distribution network, promotion activities, and more. It will enable you to get a clear picture of the competitive scenario and plan your efforts accordingly. Grab this sample right away.


Product Competencies


Download this template


Template 9: Product Pricing based on Complexity PPT Slide


Streamline your product pricing approach with this PowerPoint presentation design. It depicts various options available for setting a price based on the level of complexity involved. It showcases 5 bundles arranged in a low to high fashion, beginning with all-in bundling, category bundles, segment, best, and build your own. Download now.


Product Pricing based on Complexity


Download this template


Template 10: Product Pricing Strategies in B2B and B2C Business PPT Presentation


From beginners to professionals, this exclusive sample design for product pricing strategies in B2B and B2C businesses is all you need. The given template is well-suited for enlisting different types of pricing models that can be used in the company’s growth and profits. It can further help you present details related to each pricing model and its relevancy in the desired business segment. Get it now.


Product Pricing Strategies in B2B and B2C Businesses


Download this template


Use our well-researched, content-ready product pricing templates to evaluate the best price for your product aligned with cost-effective pricing strategies. These designs are replete with charts and graphs to help you present data in a visually appealing way. Download them now and give your business a profitable boost.


P.S. Need a customized PowerPoint presentation crafted specifically for your business requirements? We’ve got you covered. Check our presentation services to serve your purpose.

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