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Top 10 Project Brief Templates To Share Essential Details In Concise Manner With Team!

Top 10 Project Brief Templates To Share Essential Details In Concise Manner With Team!

Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

November 26 2022

Project management comes with the responsibilities of leading, managing, supervising, and executing activities related to successful project completion. Another significant responsibility attached to a project manager position is document creation, a lot of documents. Of all these documents, the project brief is the most straightforward, short, and easy but significant document in project managementIt is a document containing brief information about the project (essentials), like the goals, scope, methodologies, measurables or KPIs, and client/organization.


The Nitty-gritty of Project Brief


A project brief document contains the 5Ws — what, when, who, where, and why. What information you include in this paper depends on the industry and project type. This document can be as short as one page or long as ten pages, depending on the requirements, scope, and length of the project. A project brief has the following elements: 


1. Project summary/background: Help your team knows about the project in 2-3 lines. Why is this project happening, and how it adds value to the organization? Any other background information comes here.


2. Objectives and metrics: What are the long-term and short-term goals of the project? How to measure achievements? Tie the threads of these goals to daily activities or company objectives. It will help participants get a better understanding of project objectives. Use SMART goals for outlining metrics. Close this section by mentioning the out-of-scope objectives.


3. Important persons: This element has two sub-categories. First is a quick introduction to clients/organizations who have provided you with work. The second category includes the introduction of your team members, stakeholders, and internal sources.


4. Project Timeline: Mark the beginning of the project and draft a summarized project timeline to help your team track progress. Set time-bound milestones and deliverables to measure progress and the start/end of the next phase in the project.


5. Information needed to know: This is a customized element/section of the project brief document. It changes as per project or stakeholder needs. Here a project manager includes information like target audience (TA), scope creep possibilities, brand changes, and things to remember.


A project brief is an informal document, unlike project proposals, RFP, project plans, project charters, executive summaries, and project status reports. However, it is a ready-to-refer document for the development team, stakeholders, and higher management to look at or revise the project details within minutes. Its significance is huge in terms of internal use. 


Project Brief Sample Templates


Cutting slack while drafting briefs is not an option, as these will be the first information and project management documents your team will encounter.


We recommend project managers focus their time more on researching and refining the details of the project brief rather than preparing it from scratch. For designing and formatting this document, our ready-to-present project brief templates are the best option you will find on the internet. A team of professional designers has curated these PPT layouts after extensive research. These presentation templates are customizable, so you use these (with minor required changes) as many times and projects as you want. 


Let’s explore these sample project brief templates!


1. Project Brief PowerPoint Presentation Deck


Project Brief PowerPoint Presentation Deck


A project brief is a document stating project requirements. Our presentation deck includes 55 slides covering each aspect of the project brief you would like to have when you announce your team about the new project. Sample templates on elements of the project brief included in this deck are project identification/overview, risk identification, roles & responsibilities, project management, task list, timeline, risk assessment, communication plan, etc. 


Download this template


2. Project Brief PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Project Brief PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Project briefs summarize project plans to help mates and management get a quick understanding. This is a complete deck of 30 slides designed to carry out a stunning project briefing. This slideshow consists of diagrams and illustrations like tabular reports, column bar graphs, area charts, and colorful inspirational slides, which will help you describe information in an eye-catching manner. Use this PPT deck to introduce your team, set goals, describe the mode of functioning, and show your excellent success rate. Get it today!


Download this template


3. Project Brief PowerPoint Presentation Template


Project Brief PowerPoint Presentation Template


If your project is a movie and you are the director, then project briefs are the trailer. The more eye-catching and fascinating the trailer, the more the audience (your team) will be interested. The easier it is to understand the project briefs, the better support you will get from the team. Use this sample template to design a balanced project brief which will give your team an understanding of the project summary, objectives, extended outcomes, and status. Get it now!


Download this template


4. Project Brief Sample PPT Presentation Template


Project Brief Sample PPT Presentation Template


Writing a project brief document is like sailing across the pacific in a small manual boat. You must cover all (project information) in limited words. This pre-designed project brief template will help you perform this challenging task with ease. It has ample space to pen down the required information like project name, framework, fund, duration, objectives, and more. Grab this sample design today!


Download this template


5. Project Brief Sample Presentation Template


Project Brief Sample Presentation Template


The term ‘project brief’ is an oxymoron for the document it represents. While it gives a picture of carrying brief information about the project, it can be ten pages long with a detailed overview of events. This sample template will help you justify the name ‘project brief’ without cutting any required information from the document. It has a well-designed table in which you can fill information like client details, project introduction, objectives, scope, duration, budget, etc., and portray it in an excellent elegant fashion to the management. Download it now!


Download this template


6. Project Brief Sample PPT Presentation Design


Project Brief Sample PPT Presentation Design


What if someone says look at your left side and tell what is happening on your right? Most of us will say it's impossible. That is what project briefs are, where you must explain the complete project without explaining much of it so that information is manageable for the audience. This design will aid you in accomplishing this near-to-impossible task easily. Add information like project summary, objectives, deliverables, budget, and duration to this project brief template and present succinctly to the audience. Grab it now!


Download this template


7. Project Brief PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Project Brief PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Outlining a project brief is (metaphorically) akin to riding a bicycle. The balance is the essence. The ratio between the details shown and hidden differentiates a project brief from a full-fledged project plan or a project executive summary. This sample design offers this harmony to help managers with the project brief and nail the first meeting of a new project. Download it now!


Download this template


8. Project Brief PowerPoint Sample Template


Project Brief PowerPoint Sample Template


Deciding what information to add and what to leave out in a project brief is overwhelming & confusing and makes you battle the dreaded Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). This PPT Template will be your friend. Use this presentation template to pick the best-suited information for writing the project brief document with its pre-designed spaces for essential elements. This PPT layout entrails components like project summary, objectives, expected outcomes, etc. Get it now!


Download this template


9. Project Brief PPT Presentation Template


Project Brief PPT Presentation Template


Stakeholders and higher management use project briefs for a quick overview of projects. A single mistake in its design can lead to communication gaps between key participants and may cost a project manager its position & reputation. To avoid any error in curating this design use our well-researched and expert-designed sample project brief template. It highlights the major components in which stakeholders and management are interested, like project objectives, outcomes, budget, duration, etc. Download it today!


Download this template


10. Project Brief Sample Presentation Design


Project Brief Sample Presentation Design


A tip for writing an excellent project brief is to use small sentences with simple words for easy reading/understanding. Using long sentences or jargon is counterproductive. This sample PPT design is curated to fulfill every single purpose of the project briefs— short, quick & easy to read, and carrying essential information. It will help you present crucial elements of this document in an easy-to-read format. Download it from the link below!


Download this template


In Short


The Project brief is concise and simple in information but needs excellent precision, as the intent here is to convey information in a straightforward manner. Stakeholders and higher management use project briefs to get the gist of a project as they only have a little time to devote to each running project. This document is like a curtain raiser for project managers and used in the first project briefing/meeting to hand over important information. The project development and sales team hold this document as a compass to achieve the project’s final objective within the defined resources and constraints.


The value of this paper lies in its easy-to-read and crisp nature while maintaining professional standards. Our plug-and-play project brief templates will help you add up to this document’s value with their easy-on-eye design and aesthetics.


Grab these designs today from the links above or explore more sample templates on project management on our website. Need a personalized project brief template? Reach out to our presentation service team, narrate your demand and see how wonder happens!


FAQs on Project Brief


1. How do you write a brief for a project?


Writing a project brief needs to accumulate and define project components. The process of writing a project brief is as follows:


1. Start with summarizing the project and writing its purpose.

2. Set the objectives (final and for each phase) for the project.

3. Define deliverables/KPIs/metrics to measure the accomplishment of these objectives.

4. Design a brief timeline with phases, milestones, and deliverables.

5. Write some background information about clients or the organization.

6. Introduce your team/stakeholders/internal management using the project brief document.

7. Add other critical information or aspects like the target audience and relation of this project to any other project.


2. What should a brief include?


A project brief is the most concise and straightforward document in project management practice. It is an introductory document that includes the 5Ws related to the project — what, why, where, when, and who. This information can be but is not limited to


1. Project summary.

2. Project objectives/deliverables/success criteria.

3. Methodologies.

4. Project phases and timeline.

5. Information about the client, team members, stakeholders, and key players.


3. Why is the project brief important?


Project briefs keep internal teams on the same page. Its compact design makes it a look-to document for a quick overview of the project. The development team uses this document to keep their work aligned to project objectives and avoid out-of-scope activities. A project brief document outlines goals, milestones, deliverables, scope, and timeline in an easy-to-read (within minutes) format.


4. What is project brief vs. project scope?


A project brief is a document that provides a summary of the complete project plan and defines its objectives, deliverables, scope, and timeline. Project scope defines the terms & conditions of project fulfillment and its deliverables. Project scope is a small part of many important documents in project management, like project briefs, project plans, scope statements, executive summary documents, project charters, etc.

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