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Top 10 Project Methodology Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 10 Project Methodology Templates with Samples and Examples

Samradni Pradhan

Samradni Pradhan

December 5 2022

Hundreds of projects are generated and finished every day within teams, businesses, and sectors. With far too many projects and procedures, it's no surprise that there are many methods for managing these. When generating big initiatives, project management templates could save a program manager a lot of time along with cost with the use of such tools. As they do not have to build from zero, the template allows them to eliminate repeated, time-consuming labor. There are way too many timeline templates available in programs such as Microsoft Excel. Not every template is suitable for every project leader!


Fortunately, we have curated best-in-class project methodology templates for your convenience!


If you wish to explore some project management cycle templates as well, you can go ahead and explore them here!


Template 1: Project Management Methodologies PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Using this project management approach, you may create a fascinating slide for a PowerPoint Presentation. This PPT arrangement has 46 slides, each of which is available in regular and wide-screen formats. It is customized to your specifications, flexibility, and preferences. Go ahead and add this template to your cart!


Project Management Methodologies


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Template 2: Three-Principle Waterfall Project Methodology

This presentation depicts the three fundamental concepts of waterfall methodology, which also includes minimum client/stakeholder collaboration and participation, good project paperwork, and sequential phases that aid in project management. There’s no reason for you to not download and use this template right away!


3 Principle of Waterfall Project Methodology


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Template 3: 5D Consulting Project Methodology

The 5D process technique is meant to be used important processes such as explore, develop, design and decide, as well as activities such as gap analysis, process analysis, tool collaboration, management, and auditing. You get relevant information under one template, what more can you one for?


5D Consulting Project Methodology with Implementation


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Template 4: Enterprise Resource Planning Consulting Project Methodology

These PowerPoint Presentation slides comprises a team for execution, a team for administrative project management, a team for project management, and so on. The slide below illustrates a technique for carrying out the process of creating an ERP system for both the consulting company and the purchaser of the ERP software. This template is a great catch if you are looking for both, explore this today!


Enterprise Resource Planning Consulting Project Methodology


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Template 5: Rotation Process Illustrating Agile Project Methodology

Rotation Process Illustrating Agile Project Methodology makes for an appealing background for any subject. Make yourself appear like a presentation guru by using it. This is a 100% customizable PowerPoint Template Layout that can be employed to understand themes such as Monitoring Process, Analyze Processes, and Project Construction. Grab this template today!


Rotation Process illustrating Agile Project Methodology


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Template 6: Consulting Project Methodology for Supply Chain and Logistics

The supply chain and logistics consulting project methodology consist of five steps: onsite and as is mapping, gap evaluation, internal audit, solution design, and execution. This template is a great addition to your presentations to make them stand out in front of your audiences. Go ahead and access it now!


Consulting Project Methodology for Supply Chain and Logistics


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Template 7: Project Management Methodology Including Planning

If you're searching for a complete guide on project management, or simply some useful hints on how to begin planning your upcoming project, this project management PowerPoint Presentation is for you. This is a six-step procedure that has the stages of Intake, Initiate, Plan, Execute, Transition, and Close. Everything in one slide, this is a great add-on to your presentation requirements.


Project Management Methodology including Planning


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Template 8: Project Management and Implementation Methodology Overview

Project management and implementation methods are critical to the effective completion of projects. To efficiently control and implement projects, project leaders must have a thorough knowledge of these ideas. These also include a number of real-world scenarios to assist you in comprehending how the concept might be used in a range of circumstances. You will be able to learn about Project Management and Implementation Methodology with the help of these PPTs.


Project Management and Implementation Methodology Overview


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Template 9: Waterfall Vs Agile Development Methodology for Project

Waterfall Vs Agile Project Development Methodology is both precise and successful. It mixes clarity with succinct language. This is a two-step procedure. This method has the following stages: Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construction, and Testing. You can customize the stages, grab this template today!


Waterfall Vs Agile Development Methodology for Project


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Template 10: Methodology Five Steps Indicating Project Lifecycle

Methodology Five Project Lifecycle Steps are intended to create an appealing background to any topic.. This is a five-step procedure. Closing, Initiating, Planning, Monitoring and Controlling, and Executing are the steps involved in this process for deployment and maintenance. Download it today!


Methodology 5 Steps indicating Project Lifecycle


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Template 11: Tools And Techniques to Manage Stakeholder Engagement in Project Management

This template is a great addition to your slides deck. Making use of tools and techniques to outline tasks and deliverables to manage stakeholder engagement, this template is all you could ask for. The graphics used are professional and will meet all your business requirements.


Tools and Techniques to Manage Stakeholder Engagement in Project Management


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Template 12: Project Management Methodology with Three Phases

Good project management rarely takes place in a single phase. Explore this amazing template with a three-phase approach that outlines requirements and tasks of these phases. Add this template to your presentation deck and impress your audience today!


Project Management Methodology with Three Phases


Download Now!


Template 13: Four-Phase Project Implementation Approach and Methodology

Here is another template to explore if you wish to plan for your project management tasks over four phases. The colors and graphics used in this template are attention grabbing and professional. Go ahead and download this template today!


Four Phase Project Implementation Approach and Methodology


Download Now!


Template 14: IT Project Management Methodology with Timeline

Here is the next template that creates a professional look in front of your audiences. With the addition of three sections within this one template, you have enough room to put in important information to cover within a single slide. Explore this template on our website today!


IT Project Management Methodology with Timeline


Download Now!





Use THESE AMAZING PROJECT METHODOLOGY TEMPLATES act as a great way to create an impression and make an impact on your target audience. These templates are customizable and can do wonders for your brand. Download these premium PPT Slides through our monthly, semi-annual, annual, annual + custom design subscriptions here.


You will require a project management solution to effectively manage all your tasks and projects. We hope this blog has given you multiple design ideas for planning your project methodologies. Explore these and other templates available on the SlideTeam website today!



FAQs on Project Methodologies



What is a project methodology?


Project methodology can be described as a set of principles and techniques used to execute a project through better planning and management. It helps project managers in guiding the project members in the proper manner where the management of work is done through enhanced coordination, team size, and collaboration. It acts as an instructional guide which helps oversee a particular project which allows for a faster completion of the project. Specific project methodologies are used to ensure a well-planned project which can be managed and completed with due diligence.


What are the five methodologies?


Varying project methodologies are used to complete a particular project considering the overall nature and components involved in it. The top five project methodologies used in project management include Agile, Kanban, Lean, Waterfall, and Six Sigma. Agile project methodology is one of the most well-known methodologies used by most project managers where individual interactions are managed for smooth execution of the process. Kanban is also highly used for project management, which is technically an Agile framework focused on developing an effective project workflow system. Lean and waterfall are focused on maximizing customer value where the operational functions of a project are prioritized throughout.


What are the three major types of project methodologies?


While dealing with project methodologies, it is often seen that the top three project management methodologies used in projects include Scrum methodology, waterfall methodology, and Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Scrum methodology involves an empirical process which allows the team to respond rapidly to deliver better outcomes fulfilling the needs and requirements of customers. One of the methodologies which is considered a highly adaptive project management method is the waterfall methodology which is one of the traditional methods incorporated in the management of the project. Enhanced quality control is ensured through lean and six sigma methodologies which are utilized for eliminating defects and improving overall functioning.


How do you prepare a project methodology?


The development of a project management methodology can be done through a simple process as it requires only a little bit of knowledge and perseverance. While dealing with the steps involved in project management methodology, it is seen that the process begins with assessing the current status of the project and gathering the required documents of existing processes and software. A proper plan needs to be created with the involvement of the team members to create a proper outline and methodology by filling the gaps. It is important to document a process flow chart using standardized features where the nature and functions of the organization need to be considered throughout the process.

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