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An All-Encompassing Guide to Project Planning (With 30+ PowerPoint Templates to Help You Get Started)

An All-Encompassing Guide to Project Planning (With 30+ PowerPoint Templates to Help You Get Started)



June 7 2021

“Do we have a plan for this project?” This question is, indeed, the sole rider that decides whether a business or a company is capable of delivering on its promises. Thus, project planning is no longer limited to a meeting where you just jot down points on a checklist. It’s a meticulous art of harnessing the power of thoughtful strategy.


Still, project planning may appear daunting to most of us (even if our job designations exactly say “project manager”). This concern stems from the varied scope and magnitude of various projects one handles as a professional.   


Therefore, to ensure that you start on a spectacular note, this blog will walk you through the nitty-gritty of project planning. You will learn how to make a project plan from scratch and also get actionable PowerPoint templates to download and deploy. You can also click on the links below to jump ahead to specific sections of this guide and get things moving.



An All-Encompassing Guide to Project Planning


In the most basic terms, project planning is defined as the process of defining the schedule, resources, and processes for successful execution of a particular project. In other words, project planning tells the stakeholders what needs to be done, when it is to be done, and how it is to be done.


As a crucial part of project management lifecycle, planning comes right after the project ideation phase. It steers as well as helps the stakeholders navigate the path to a successful project delivery.   

Plan your project instantly with our most downloaded template resource

Project Planning Lifecycle Scope And Schedule PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Project planning is the product of your company’s think-tank and strategy suite in line with your mission. The process is also supported by a rigorous status reporting mechanism that enables high-quality performance. It is the most critical step of project management as it needs you to finalize resource, time, and staff estimates before embarking on the project.     


Components of project planning process


Before you put pen to paper, it is essential to understand that project planning is a step-by-step procedure to get things ready for the implementation mode. Interestingly, though every project has different requirements, the basic framework of planning remains just the same. It boils down to the following seven key components:


Project Planning Process

1. Project charter

This is a formal document that describes the objectives and the stakeholders of a project. Typically clubbed with project scope, this component gives the stakeholders a clear vision of the target they need to achieve. Project managers submit the project charter to the stakeholders for approval on their proposal.

2. Project schedule

This component defines the time frame for the project using various scheduling tools. Ideally, companies either use formal templatized documents with Gantt charts or project management software to keep track of the project activities and develop specific deadlines.

3. Project resource

This component defines the equipment and human capital required for a project. These can include technology, third-party providers, staffing solutions, and material goods. In other words, project resources are the supplies you need to get it done. 

4. Project budget

What will the project cost your company? Is it even financially viable to take up the project? A well-structured project budget addresses these concerns with a snapshot of resources and their financial liability to the company.

5. Project quality

What are the parameters to judge the success of your project? What are the key performance indicators? Project quality defines the measure of satisfaction that the final delivery achieves. This is, of course, guided by well-defined project policies and objectives as decided and approved by the stakeholders.

6. Project risk

This is the element that project planning is basically done for. It involves the foresightedness of project managers regarding all the possible hazards and loopholes that the project might run into. This also entails the containment and resolution mechanisms for the said hazards.

7. Project communication

This component is the consistent reporting mechanism that keeps the stakeholders and the management on the same page. Project communication keeps confusion and crisis at bay while also building trust and cooperation within the team at every step of the project management lifecycle.  

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Advantages of project planning


Why do we need project planning in the first place? The answer is pretty simple — because its benefits outweigh those of almost any other technique of efficient project management. Interestingly, these benefits apply to any kind of project, no matter the extent or significance. Here’s why planning a project is vital for every company.

Provides direction

A well-planned project gives the right direction to you and your team. It clears away the hazy maze of tasks and gives you a clear roadmap instead. It sets the stage for what’s to come and how to tackle it. When objectives and workflows are straightforward, the project output improves automatically.     

Assigns responsibilities

Project planning makes it easier to fix the accountability of the stakeholders. It lays out the roles and responsibilities of each team member, giving them complete control over their domains of work. This also raises their morale and helps them perform up to their fullest potential. The team works with improved collaboration as compared to an unplanned environment, giving the best outcome. 

Optimizes resource usage

Planning allows project leaders to allocate resources appropriately. It ensures that the project does not reach a dead end just because resources dry up in the middle of the process. This allocation is, however, about less guesswork and more educated guesses. Therefore, stakeholders can rely on the project plan for accurate predictions of milestones and budgets.

Mitigates risks

Planning imparts a certain degree of foresightedness to the stakeholders regarding the possible risks. Therefore, it helps project managers keep themselves ready for the worst. This reduces any adverse impact that shortage of resources or human error can have on the project, ensuring high-quality project delivery. 

Cultivates knowledge

Each project is a unique challenge. Planning your projects helps your employees showcase their talent and also adds to the knowledge pool of the company. They learn new things along the way and strengthen the project reporting mechanism to discover advanced ways of solving problems.  


An All-Encompassing Guide to Project Planning


A project plan is a formal document reflecting the entire project planning process. It is the product of each element of your project, framed into a structured model that your employees can refer to if and when they get stuck somewhere. In essence, a project plan guides you on how to execute and control for favorable results.


But how does one make a project plan?


We break it down with a simple step-by-step formula to make a project plan in PowerPoint. Follow these steps, and you will have your project plan ready in no time (don’t forget to download the final product and use it for your planning documentation). Here we go!

1. Establish the project scope

Get your management on board and enlist the various objectives and scope of the project. This slide of the project plan can also include the deadlines and deliverable along with the critical tasks. Here’s what this slide will look like.


Project objectives

2. Define requirements and resources

Get your resource management skills in line at this step. This phase will include describing the supplies you will need to finish your project in the best possible time. Here’s a snapshot of the corresponding slide.


project resources and budget

3. Designate a team

Showcase the human capital that you are going to invest in your project at this step. You can include the designations and contact information of the project task force in this component of your project plan. Here’s what the corresponding slide will look like.


Project team

4. Set a schedule

It’s time to assign a deadline for each task. This slide of the project plan PPT will include Gantt charts to depict scheduling orders. These charts can portray deadlines for a week, month, or year according to the project scope. Here’s a visual representation of this slide.


Project schedule

5. Assign quality parameters

What will be the benchmark for project completion? This step describes the quality management components of the project replete with testing and evaluation. Here’s the corresponding slide in its colorful glory.


Project quality and status

6. Define risks and coping strategies

Conduct an in-depth analysis of possible risks using various techniques like Delphi, decision tree, or simulation analysis. You also have to enlist risk detection and redress strategies on this slide of your project plan. Here’s what the thematic slide represents.


Project risks

7. Devise a communication plan  

Here’s where you utilize your communication management prowess. Define channels of communication with each stakeholder in mind at this step. This slide of your project plan presentation can also mention the organization’s hierarchy and channels of communication. Take a look at the visual layout of this slide.


Project communication

Your personalized project plan is ready!

The following is a project planning deck produced from the 7-step process above.
Download it instantly and prepare an actionable project document.


Project Strategy Process Scope And Schedule Complete Powerpoint Deck Complete Deck


Download this project plan template




Let’s face it. We all may not have the luxury of time to make a project plan from scratch. When resources are of the essence for project managers, a second saved may be an hour earned. But devising a project plan in MS Word or Excel can only produce half-decent results that take more than they give.


So what’s a project manager to do?


Use PowerPoint templates, of course!


So presenting here is a catalog of SlideTeam’s most downloaded project planning PowerPoint templates for you to download and deploy for every project you undertake.


A unique feature of these PowerPoint templates is that they come ready with content relevant to almost all types of projects. Besides, these templates are also fully editable, so you do not have to worry about fiddling around in PowerPoint. Just change the dummy content and plan your project like a pro.


Let’s check these templates out and choose our pick.       

Template 1

You can highlight the various phases of your project using this flexible template. You can give the year-on-year account of operational readiness and the timeline assigned to each stage of the project with this attractive PPT. Click the link below and download the template right away.  


Project Planning Implementation Timeline Roadmap Powerpoint Layout


Download this template

Template 2

Work out a comprehensive roadmap for project completion with this handy PowerPoint template. There are designated sections in this design, giving details of the stakeholders, targets, and objectives. So download this template and start personalizing it.   


Project Planning Report Powerpoint Slide Background Designs


Grab this template

Template 3

This is a straightforward yet effective template to keep track of all your project tasks in one go. The tabulated format makes it easy to visualize the timeline as well as the task list. You can just download this template and create a personalized project planner for your entire team to follow. 


Project Planning Implementation Timeline Powerpoint Images


Download this template

Template 4

This is another one of our most downloaded project planning templates that make color-coding more attuned to your project needs. Ideally, you can make the most of this template by incorporating this slide into an existing presentation and changing the theme according to your brand.


Business Management Processes Stakeholder Engagement Project Planning Process Modelling Cpb


Grab this template

Template 5

This is a bespoke project planning proposal template that enables you to deliver high-quality results on time. The template also has ample space for you to jot down your ideas clearly and concisely. Additionally, you can highlight your project’s budget and resources using this flexible template.


Project Planning Proposal Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 6

If long-term projects give you the jitters, then this project planning calendar will eliminate your concerns. Use the simple calendar layout to set reminders for your team. You can also use the color-coded sections of the calendar to divide your project phases over several months for clarity of thought.  


Annual Calendar 2019 For Project Planning


Grab this template

Template 7

If tables and calendars are not your cup of tea, then this simple checklist template will be the best choice. You can simply note down your task in the stylish layout and reproduce the template in print and digital formats. Additionally, you can share the customized design with your teammates for better communication.


Project Planning Checklist Steps


Download this template

Template 8

Here’s another template to make your project execution simpler. The template showcases an unconventional design that immediately grabs attention. You can download this PPT slide, personalize it, and merge it with a more extensive presentation to ensure maximum impact.


6 Puzzle Pieces For Project Planning


Grab this template

Template 9

Use this attractive PPT design to beat any deadline you have. You can express the time span of your project using this thematic calendar layout. Just pick any phase of your project and mention that under the relevant month, and you have a schedule ready in no time. 


Calendar For Project Planning Powerpoint Slide Backgrounds


Download this template

Template 10

Illustrate the process of data migration for various phases of your project using this actionable PowerPoint template. You can also envision the usage of data from project initiation to project delivery with this flexible PPT. This template also encourages clear communication and engages the stakeholders. 


Data Migration For Project Planning Template Ppt Slide


Grab this template

Template 11

Fancy a post-it note? Here’s a template to develop the art of quick execution. The template consists of illustrations in the form of post-it notes. You can use it to highlight targets and workflows for efficient project management. Additionally, you can designate specific team members for each task and get started immediately.  


Project Planning Post It Notes Ppt Samples


Download this template

Template 12

This PowerPoint template is a must-have for companies who develop software as a service for enterprise resource planning (ERP). The template comes with a thematic arrangement of tasks giving a six-month roadmap to project completion. Download and deliver excellence with each step you take. 


Six Months Roadmap To SaaS ERP Implementation With Project Planning


Grab this template

Template 13

Want to plan for several years? Large companies and C-level project gurus can use this template to plan each milestone they aim to achieve each successive year. Whether you want to set your deadlines or just work out something that gets everybody up to speed, this is the template you should download and deploy.  


Project Planning Timeline Powerpoint Slide Deck


Download this template

Template 14

Construction is a significant industry wherein project planning is of utmost importance. Using this complete deck, construction companies can apprise their clients of the roadmap they intend to follow for building mega-projects. The template also helps simplify the communication for faster project delivery.


Construction Project Planning And Controlling Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Grab this template

Template 15

If you are working on simple projects that do not take up many resources in the first place, then this is the PowerPoint template you should begin with. The template illustrates a step-by-step execution of your project from design to implementation with the help of color-coded arrows. Just click and grab this template now.


Project Planning Example Powerpoint Ideas


Download this template

Template 16

This is yet another attractive template that showcases project planning sequentially. You can use this creative set individually or in coordination with some other more extensive presentation to get your point across. So just download this template and make it work wonders for you.


Project Planning Execution State Process Transition With Icons


Grab this template

Template 17

Having a vision without a clear timeline is of no use. Therefore, here’s an apt template that helps you plan out for six years down the line. You can mention your targets with each pointer and shape your company’s future with panache. So click on the template and gain instant access to it.  


Project Planning Timeline Ppt Slide Show


Download this template

Template 18

Here’s a well-structured template that helps you bring out the best in your team. You can use this project planning template to visualize your goals and objectives in a lucid format. Additionally, you can merge this slide with your company presentations or print its handouts in PowerPoint for distribution. 


Project Management Project Planning Portfolio Management Events Management Cpb


Grab this template

Template 19

Script your success story with this handy PowerPoint template. You can jot down the plan for business development using this template. You can also mention the factors that affect team efficiency with the aid of this distinct layout. Download now. '


Business Professional Development Business Project Planning Cpb


Download this template

Template 20

Segregate your workflows with the model presented in this project planning template. You can show pointers for strategic risk management and optimization by customizing the dummy content in the template. Just download the template and bid your apprehensions goodbye.  


Project Workflows Project Planning Presentation Meetings


Grab this template

Template 21

What’s easier than brainstorming solutions to project problems? The answer is this problem and recommendation table template that makes it super convenient to prepare for risks and learn the methods to resolve them. The template also helps you analyze the project KPIs seamlessly. Download now.


Problem And Recommendation Table For Project Planning


Download this template

Template 22

Here’s a creative set that represents project planning methodology effectively. You can describe how you will plan, design, and implement the project with the help of this bespoke PPT template. Just download and let stunning visuals speak for your excellence in agile project management.


Agile Project Planning Diagram Powerpoint Slides Designs


Grab this template

Template 23

Expressing the project planning process with a seven-stage graphic, this template is the only tool you need to deliver high-quality network security applications. Feel free to incorporate your project data into this adaptive template and reap the benefits of visual communication.


Project Planning Google Network Security Applications Value Proposition Cpb


Download this template

Template 24

Got a 10-stage project? Enlighten your audience with the details of this project using our template. This single-slide template is the ideal match for your project presentations. So make sure you use it in tune with your branding needs to leave a lasting impression. Click below and access it at your convenience.


Next Step Timeline For 10 Phase Project Planning


Grab this template

Template 25

Ascertain whether your project is viable with this hand-picked template. You can list the crucial steps of your project and then prepare a quick feasibility study infographic with the help of this PPT template. You can also check and visualize the legal, technical, or economic feasibility of the project with the help of this template. 


Project Planning And Feasibility Study Ppt Example


Download this template

Template 26

Here’s a template that will assist you in handling multiple enterprise projects with ease. The template has creative visuals that you can alter at your convenience to achieve the maximum impact of your message. Additionally, you can use this PPT template for your project boards and multitask like a pro. 


Enterprise Project Planning Presentation Backgrounds


Grab this template

Template 27

Start on the right foot with this project planning implementation methodology PPT. Improve team collaboration with this well-structured template that showcases the timeline for efficient project implementation and delivery. Additionally, you can prepare for solution verification and improvement using this handy PowerPoint template.    


Project Planning Implementation Methodology For Deployment


Download this template

Template 28

Can’t decide on the customer price list for your product range? Utilize this PowerPoint template that illustrates project planning in tandem with the customer price list. Take precise decisions that show spectacular results with the help of this stunning PPT template. So download and get going. 


Customer Price List Project Planning Absence Vacation Timesheet Information


Grab this template

Template 29

Note down the factors that make your project a success using this PowerPoint template. The template comes in an eye-catching layout that grabs attention immediately. Think of this template as the final piece to your project planning puzzle. Just edit, insert, and deliver your best.


Successful Project Planning With 6 Puzzle Pieces


Download this template


An All-Encompassing Guide to Project Planning


More often than not, the “get-it-done” attitude takes over the most seasoned project managers. But there’s nothing wrong with that. If things move quickly with tweaks in strategy, then why not get on board?


Of course, this is, in no way, hinting that you do away with a project plan altogether (because that would be disastrous, really). But a more innovative thing to do is to substitute elaborate presentations with more concise formats of communication.


Therefore, here’s your package of succinct templates suited for project managers who, though on their toes all the time, never compromise on quality. Check these out and download the ones you deem suitable for power-packed project delivery.

Template 1

First up in the bonus template package is this comprehensive and illustrious one-page summary document PPT template outlining the plan for an IT project. You can download and edit this document with your content and make sure every stakeholder is on the same page regarding the project.


One Page Project Plan For It Project Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Download this template

Template 2

This is yet another template that IT project managers can download and plan for maximum efficiency. The template is a bi-fold document report that presents the project plan in a handy layout and highlights each crucial piece of information related to the project. You can also reproduce this PPT template into printed handouts for better comprehension.


Bi Fold Project Plan For IT Project Document Report PDF PPT Template One Pager


Grab this template

Template 3

Any e-commerce platform manager can use this tailored website project plan to begin their digital journey. The template also serves as a remarkable tool of communication between teams across various departments. So download this template and prepare for excellence.


Ecommerce Website Project Plan One Page Summary Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Download this template

Template 4

Want to master your business niche? Here’s a crisp one-page layout that enables you to strategize for business expansion the right way. The document comes in PPT and PDF formats and can be circulated to enhance collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Just click on the link below and grab the template now.  


One Page Project Plan For Business Expansion Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Grab this template

Template 5

System upgrade can be a cumbersome task in itself. Therefore, you need to plan it out properly to minimize risks and errors. Here’s a one-page document that serves that purpose to the last pixel. You can personalize this template and present it to your team for a better understanding of project requirements.


One Page Project Plan Of System Upgradation Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Download this template

Template 6

Change management comes with its own set of risks. But if one plans judiciously, the risks are minimized, and project efficiency and quality shoot up. Therefore, you can use this one-page organizational change management PPT template to lay the groundwork for business transformation. Click and gain access to this one-pager instantly.


One Page Project Plan For Organizational Change Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Grab this template

Template 7

Consistent tracking mechanisms are the hallmarks of a successful project. Download this comprehensive project status report to highlight factors like budget and accomplishments in a concise manner. The template comes within an infographic format that can be infused with your data for engagement and impact.  


Project Status Report With Budget Estimation And Milestones Printable Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Download this template

Template 8

If you have got projects aplenty, you must plan for each project in a well-segmented manner with the help of this bi-fold document report. This template helps you plan your project on a weekly basis, ensuring precision and preventing risks. So download this template and build excellence from scratch. 


Bi Fold Weekly Project Planner Summary Document Report PDF PPT Template


Grab this template




We get it. That was a lot to take in. But you do not have to rush anything. If you follow the right approach and use the right project management tools, you are off to a good start already. Project planning doesn’t mean you rule out creativity for the sake of following a “1-2-3-done” approach. There is still enough wiggle room for testing and experimenting with new things.


However, the key to planning for project success is how you walk the tightrope between process and pandemonium. And for any project manager, using PowerPoint templates takes a lot of weight off their shoulders, making that walk a bludge. So what are you waiting for? Use this guide and download our project planning templates to plan for sure-shot success. Over to you!


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