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15+ Templates to Build a High Yielding Public Relations Strategy

15+ Templates to Build a High Yielding Public Relations Strategy

Nawsheen Muzamil

Nawsheen Muzamil

January 14 2022

Jean-Louis Gassée once quoted about public relations,

Advertising is saying you’re good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.

That sums up almost everything one needs to know about PR and how to devise an effective public relations strategy. Your organization is evolving every day, subject to your fundamental visions or as a response to adaptation. It is something you are proud of and; therefore, feel is worthy of being shared with your audience. 


While the immediate objective of a public relations strategy is not to drive sales, it is a crucial step in nurturing your audience and helping their number grow. You want to keep them updated on your story, vision, and achievements, leaving them curious about the next big revelation. 




But the self-promotion of a brand might not work unless you are well-established, a company that people have tested and relied upon. Consequently, the need for a reliable media agency drops in, one that shares your progress and covers stories for the world to see.


How to Devise an Effective PR Strategy?


You forward a press release to an agency that works sporadically to cater to your audiences, online or offline, primarily out of business courtesy, or by striking a barter system in between. In this regard, word-of-mouth marketing is considered the best cost-free PR that one can look for, derived from satisfied customers. You can also implore an easy PR strategy by reaching out to influencers or getting reputable consultants to talk about your brand.


All of this corresponds to the preparations that successful brands and corporations adopt to get ahead in their business and occupy the market monopoly. Beyond this, it’s about embracing the right approach in devising a proper PR strategy, one that goes with...


  1. Recognizing the goal. 
  2. Defining the audiences to land effective results.
  3. Creating your mesmerizing story – factual and relatable to the audience.
  4. Manoeuvre ways to narrate it.
  5. Measure and compare the outcomes for the campaigns.


Once you are good with the strategy, a professional template becomes the subsequent pursuit for marketers. It helps them collaborate with the team on the message to be shared across media agencies, define the right strategy in attaining calculable results, and finally plan the budget and expenditure of the campaign. So in the following section, let us discover the 15+ public relations strategy templates that correlate to professionalism, appease, and purpose in this crucial marketing task. Let’s go!


Template 1: Public Relations Proposal Template


Here is a template on the importance of public relations. If you are a PR agency looking to pitch clients, check out this complete deck on public relations strategy. Use this 34 slide PPT presentation to convey the scope of your alliance for your client. Introduce your company work and your favoritism in this field to narrow yourself as the ideal choice for the client company.


Public Relations Proposal Template PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 2: PR PowerPoint Template


This is an informative 12 slide presentation to dwell on the importance of public relations. Use this presentation to lead any educational gathering within or outside your office premises to imply the importance of this brand promotional activity. 


Public Relation Importance Marketing Strategy Awareness Through Techniques


Download this template


Template 3: Pyramid of Influence PPT Template


Here is another unique presentation to begin drafting a creative PR strategy. Use this template to focus on the customers by defining the audience of influence to be targeted. With this pyramid of influence template, elucidate the marketing value and the customer reach of your brand, among other parameters, to create a refined PR strategy.


Pyramid Of Influence Customers Marketing Enthusiasts Product Relations Impressions


Download this template


Template 4: Public Image Improvement Proposal PPT Template


Among other criteria why brands need to work on public relations is improving their public image, especially after falling prey to some negative endorsement. Use this template to address that backlash and redefine your public relations. Agencies can pitch this public relations strategy design to clients hoping to revive their lost reputation with its 34 slide composition and address the situation thoroughly.


Public Image Improvement Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 5: Public Relations Annual Report


If you are looking to present an annual report on your PR activities, here is a template deck you might find handy. Consisting of 24 slides, you can enumerate all your company activities pertaining to PR management, strategic techniques, and events organized. Besides, you can track achievements in handling the PR campaigns of your clients and constantly improve and improvise.


Public Relations Annual Report PDF DOC PPT Document Report Template


Download this template


Template 6: One Page Fact Sheet Examples PR


Suppose, as a client company, you wish to communicate to your media agency about your establishment, customer-values, and highlights. Presenting a one-page template that completely befits this objective. Give a brief introduction about your company, the upcoming growth initiatives, quarterly achievements, and a financial snapshot, among others, with this highly engaging one-page PPT template. Download now to get started as this is a great way to share your new product roll-outs. 


One Page Fact Sheet Examples Public Relations Presentation Report PPT PDF Document


Download this template


Template 7: One Page Fact Sheet Examples PR


Presenting another example of a one-page fact sheet template to help you deliver an effective public relations strategy. You can use this PPT theme to highlight your company essentials and add a visual snapshot of achievements to enhance the creativity of the hired media agency.


One Page Fact Sheet Example Public Relations Presentation Report PPT PDF Document


Download this template


Template 8: One Page Fact Sheet Sample PR PPT


Presenting another one-page template to share a snapshot of your company with your media agency in delivering impeccable public relations strategy. Guide your PR agency by providing the relevant achievements in a graphical format to help them get a clear vision to be shared with your targeted audience.


One Page Fact Sheet Sample Public Relations Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Download this template


Template 9: Services Offered in PR PPT Template 


Here is a handy public relations strategy template to deploy as a media agency. Use this PowerPoint design to highlight the many services you offer to your clients, such as social selling, lead-generating campaigns, content creation, measuring ROIs, etc. Add a gist of your vision and work to enhance the effectiveness of this graphic in impressing the clients.


Services Offered In Public Relations Contd Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Ideas Good


Download this template


Template 10: Public Relations with Ethnic Diversity PPT


Here is another public relations strategy template to highlight the diversity of clientele and your continued commitment to serving more. Use this PPT graphic to gain the ambiance of new prospects and extend a gesture of appreciation to the ones you have already hosted.


Public Relations With Ethnic Diversity All Hand Together Image


Download this template


Template 11: Public Relations Tools for Business Plan PPT


This template is to give your team an insight into the tools that they can exploit while deploying an effective public relations strategy. Using the circular flow chart as shown in this design, highlight those essential tools like articles, press releases, photo releases, PR events, etc, that must be targeted to achieve desired results.


Public Relations Tools For Business Plan Ppt Samples


Download this template


Template 12: PR for Customer Acquisition PPT


This template presents a semi-circular infographic to demonstrate an effective customer acquisition strategy. Highlight the toolkit required encompassing sales promotions, PR, internet marketing, personal selling, etc, with this PPT slide.


Public Relations Pr For Customer Acquisition Ppt Samples Download


Download this template


Template 13: One Week Public Relations Officer Schedule PPT


Schedule your weekly timetable with this public relations strategy template. Highlight the critical tasks for the weekdays to deliver fruitful PR results with this PPT slide. Assign responsibilities to teams and highlight an agenda to target jointly with these additive everyday tasks. Download the design now and use it multiple times! 


One Week Public Relations Officer Schedule


Download this template


Template 14: PR with Communication Information PPT


Highlight the various text and visual media tools that represent an innate component of your effective public relations strategy. For instance, newspapers, radio, events, etc. Using the creative infographic of this template, highlight the critical communication features that influence a good PR strategy.


Public Relations With Communication Information News Articles


Download this template


Template 15: Public Relations for Business Product PPT

Use this slide to focus on another PR toolset that revolves around customer reach-out and intimation. You can use this PPT design to highlight the need for customer education, sponsorship, and new product publicity, among others, in order to strengthen your customer base and help it grow. Download now!


Public Relations For Business Product Presentation Portfolio


Download this template


Template 16: Steps to Create an Effective PR & Marketing Strategy


This is a creative schematic to summarize the steps involved in building an effective PR and marketing strategy. Highlight the need to revisit the previous year’s PR strategy, review the audience, state the current PR objective, identify the resources available at your disposal, and so on with this unique step-by-step PPT design.


Steps To Create An Effective Public Relations And Marketing Strategy


Download this template


Template 17: PR Media Plan Template 


This is another brilliant slide to focus on the media plan of the overall public relations strategy. Highlight the mantra in delivering impeccable media services, such as researching, being creative, using paid and owned media channels, etc, in attaining the primary objective. 


Public Relations Media Plan Template Ppt Ideas


Download this template


So, rummage through this blog to find your next best deployable public relations strategy template. Pull your socks and get ready to reclaim your position in the global market by enticing your audience about your brand and its utility for them. Our well-researched designs will surely make the process convenient for you.


P.S: If you are looking to pitch your clients about your PR deliverables, here is a guide replete with stunning templates.

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