Gone are the days of banners and traditional advertising. Since the dawn of the digital era, businesses in their droves are taking to online mediums of marketing and real estate isn't behind in this race. Tenants and new buyers are scouting the internet for meeting their needs, and are finding value. A real estate website offers a convenient method of exploring properties to rent or buy.


There are some real estate websites, which also offer expert help in constructing an office or a residence. Of course, tenants and buyers must still visit the place in person. However, a real estate website simplifies the process, improving accessibility of the service. 




A real estate website should feature property listings, service details, and the standard procedure for using a company’s real-estate services. Additionally, a good real-estate website takes pains to disclose all associated terms and conditions that tenants, buyers and even the home sellers, and investors registering for the service must know. The regulation regarding having a property listed, price comparison, lease or selling process must be defined to ensure clarity on the part of all stakeholders.


In this blog, we offer a solution in the form of content-ready one-page templates that are a must for any business in the real-estate industry. Our real estate website templates are designed for anyone in this line of business. 


For instance, to deal with a real-estate business website isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us still need to be guided about how to make the most of a real estate service present online. For this, a pamphlet explaining the “how to” of a website must be served, either a newsletters or in-mail. Additionally, businesses must invest in the efficient design and working of their real-estate websites. A website design cover letter proposal or pamphlet listing “what they do” will help such businesses book clients.


Our one-page real-estate website templates are designed to help you draft such templates and proposals that fulfill the above requirements. These are 100% editable and compatible across the popular presentation software. Let’s explore our five most-loved and downloaded one-page design templates.


Template 1: Real Estate Website Homepage Landing Page One-Page Presentation


Advertise your real-estate website with this one-page PPT Template. Showcase features listed on your website and navigate your audience through it with an easy guide as presented in this PPT Slide. You can lay down the basic framework of how to list properties, rent spaces, or buy establishments with this one-page design. Grab this PT Layout now and mold it the way you like. 


Real Estate Website Homepage Landing Page One-Page


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Template 2: Real Estate Website Project Plan One-Page Presentation Report


Give the gist of your real-estate business with a specific mention of your website using this PPT Layout. Use this one-page design to pitch your services to potential clients, and how this project will be handled. Help them navigate your website so that they discover the information they seek, such as your portfolios, client testimonials, contact information etc. This template will act as the mini-form of your business website. Grab it now.


Real Estate Website Project Plan One Pager


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Template 3: One-Page Real Estate Website Template


Guide your prospective online audience through the working of your real estate website with this PPT Layout. Present a snapshot of your website's homepage and inform your audience about how to navigate it better. Mention the mission statement, your elaborate set of services, and the pricing packages that you offer. Help your audience understand your working better with this PPT Layout. Download now.


One-Page Real Estate Website Template with Search Bar


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Template 4: Real Estate Website Design Proposal One-Page Presentation Report


If you are a team of web developers helping real estate businesses establish themselves , this one-page PPT Layout is your tool to do it. Present your expertise and efficiency in handling website development projects. Talk about project deliverables, services you provide along with the payment schedule and the timeframe. Mention your most accurate contact details and onboard clients with ease with a download of this PPT Layout.


Real Estate Website Design Proposal One-Page


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Template 5: Real Estate Website Development Advertisement One-Page Presentation Report


Looking for a one-page template to advertise your real estate website development expertise? This PPT Template offers you a content-ready design. Showcase the services you offer and add enticing keywords to pitch your efficiency, expertise, and experience in creating these most user-friendly websites. Grab our website development PPT Layouts now and start impacting the world around you. 


Real Estate Website Development Advertisement One Pager


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Download from this collection of real estate website templates now and ease your way in the most lucrative industry there is.


PS: Looking for the best ways to attract your customers? You need to research into creating a promotion plan and our templates will offer a ready-made framework in this process. Check this guide now!


FAQs on Real Estate Websites

What is a real estate website one page?

A one-page real estate website is a concise and compact online platform that presents essential information about a property or real estate service. It includes details about the property, such as its location, type, and key features, along with high-quality images or videos showcasing the interior and exterior. 


The website offers contact information for the real estate agent or agency, encouraging visitors to enquire further or schedule viewings. Pricing and special offers may be mentioned if applicable. Testimonials or reviews can build credibility, and a brief introduction about the agent or agency helps establish trust. 


The website may also feature a map displaying the property's location and nearby amenities. The website has to be made for mobile users as well. This one-page website is designed for quick and straightforward property showcases, suitable for promoting specific properties or limited listings.

How to create a real estate website?

Here are the steps to create a real estate website:


  1. Define your website's objectives and target audience.
  2. Choose a domain name and web hosting provider.
  3. Select a website platform or content management system (CMS).
  4. Design your website using real estate themes or templates.
  5. Create engaging content, including property details and high-quality images.
  6. Implement property listings and a search/filter system.
  7. Integrate contact forms for easy communication with potential clients.
  8. Optimize your website for search engines (SEO).
  9. Test your website for functionality and responsiveness.
  10. Launch your real estate website and promote 
  11. Regularly update and maintain your website with fresh content and property listings.

What is the most common use of real estate websites?

The most common use of real estate websites is to showcase properties and listings to potential buyers or renters. Real estate websites act as a virtual marketplace, where sellers or real estate agents can display details and visuals of properties available for sale or rent.


These websites provide detailed information about each property, including location, type, size, price, features, and high-quality images or videos. Potential buyers or renters can use search and filter options to narrow down their preferences and find properties that match their criteria.


Real estate websites offer features to enhance user experience, such as interactive property maps, mortgage calculators, virtual tours, and contact forms to enquire about properties. Some websites include neighborhood information, local amenities, and school ratings to help potential buyers make informed decisions.


Additionally, real estate websites may provide valuable resources and articles related to the buying, selling, and renting process, as well as market trends and tips for property investment.