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Recruitment Process
Top 10 Recruitment Planning Process Templates to Appoint the Best Talent

Top 10 Recruitment Planning Process Templates to Appoint the Best Talent

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

January 19 2022

Despite the limited pool of talent in the companies, recruitment is one of the elements that is often neglected in an organization. According to the survey conducted by the Harvey Nash-KPMG CIO in 2018 on tech leaders, 65% of respondents believed that hiring challenges were downgrading the industry (59% up from last year).


Therefore, before you find yourself in troubled waters to onboard ideal candidates, create an effective recruitment plan. It acts as a guideline for identifying, qualifying, and interviewing job seekers. It contains all the relevant information to direct HR managers and streamline each step to recruit the best resources for your company!


Recruitment Plan Templates to Address Your Hiring Needs


Whether you are a start-up or an established company, a recruitment process ensures that you hire individuals with the right qualifications, skills, and experience for the open position. However, how do you know if you have the right hiring plan for your organization or not? By determining the following components that a well-structured recruitment plan comprises:


  • Job descriptions
  • Recruiting budget
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Recruitment calendar
  • Candidate sourcing strategy
  • The onboarding process


Now you do not have to get cold feet in designing or refining your selection process, which includes the above checklist. Use SlideTeam's ready-made recruitment plan process templates to attract quality candidates. These professionally designed recruitment plan process PPT slides are perfect for tracking open positions, evaluating candidates, managing the workforce, and more. We have hand-picked some of these templates for you to choose from. Browse the collection and select the one that suits your requirements.


Let's dig in!!


Template 1: Recruitment Planning PPT Template

This flexible PowerPoint slide showcases a step-by-step process that a hiring department can rely on to fill the open positions in the company. HR managers can incorporate this ready-made PPT template for implementing effective marketing methods to attract applicants. Download this customizable PowerPoint design to enhance hiring strategies.


Recruitment Planning PPT Template


Download this template


Template 2: Recruitment Strategy PowerPoint Slide

Devise robust recruitment strategies using this professionally designed PPT template. Update job descriptions, set a hiring budget, and keep tabs on the onboarding process with this ready-to-use PowerPoint slide. Define your candidate sourcing strategy by incorporating this actionable PPT diagram.


Recruitment Strategy PowerPoint Slide


Grab this slide


Template 3: Talent Sourcing Platform PPT Template

Direct your resources and remain consistent in your recruitment efforts with this professionally designed PPT slide. Incorporate this ready-made PowerPoint design to comprehend the goal of the position and filter qualified applicants using it. Grab this customizable PPT design to use several tools and technology in your recruitment process.


Talent Sourcing PPT Template


Download this template


Template 4: Recruitment Process Outsourcing PPT Slide

Give your company's recruitment process a nudge with this ready-made PPT template. Add and track all the essential activities of the outsourcing process in one place using this actionable PowerPoint slide. Escalate the hiring procedures, set a cost-effective budget, and use a recruitment funnel to onboard the best talent for your organization. With this actionable PowerPoint template, you can also adjust the enroling activities to match your company's changing needs.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing PPT Slide


Download this slide


Template 5: Recruitment and Onboarding PowerPoint Template

This professionally designed PowerPoint template eliminates the excruciating pain of finding and targeting the right candidates. Figure out the positions you require to fill, plan the type of candidates you should target, and narrow down your search pool using this ready-made PPT design. Use this customizable PowerPoint diagram to plan and evaluate the screening with due diligence.


Recruitment and Onboarding PPT Template


Download this template


Template 6: Recruitment Process PPT Design

Grab this ready-made PowerPoint template to execute a scalable recruitment plan. Determine the vacancies, initiate the selection process, evaluate candidates' profiles, and more using this professionally designed PPT slide. Develop proactive hiring strategies with this customizable PowerPoint design.


Recruitment Process PPT Design


Download this slide


Template 7: Recruitment Process Presentation PowerPoint Template

Ensure you select qualified prospects to prevent any lapse in employment with this PPT template. Set up a pre-arranged hiring strategy to make the sourcing process smoother for yourself and applicants. Use this customizable PowerPoint design to enrol the most talented individuals for your company.


Recruitment Process PPT Graphic


Grab this slide


Template 8: HR Candidate Recruitment Funnel PPT Slide

Deploy this ready-to-use PowerPoint diagram to organize the talent supply chain. HR managers can incorporate this actionable PPT template to simplify the hiring process into several stages and streamline the entire framework. Go through the recruitment process from start to finish and convert your candidates to hires with this professionally designed PowerPoint graphic.


Onboarding Funnel PPT Template


Download this template


Template 9: Recruitment Process PowerPoint Template

Create a fine and easy-to-use recruitment plan with this ready-made PPT template. This visually-appealing PowerPoint diagram is perfect for conducting effective screening of the applicants. Get access to the ready-made PowerPoint layout for developing top-notch onboarding strategies.


Onboarding Process PPT Slide


Grab this slide


Template 10: Recruitment Strategies and Planning PPT Slide

Kick start your search for the top applicants using this professionally designed PPT template. Attract excellent prospects to diversify the workforce by outlining a comprehensive recruitment plan. This ready-made timeline PowerPoint slide will help you spot and filter the best candidates. Download this customizable PowerPoint graphic to hire individuals with the right qualifications and skill-set.


Recruitment Strategies PPT Template


Download this template


Creating a recruitment plan from scratch can be tedious. You can however, dip your toes into designing a detailed and well-structured onboarding strategy with SlideTeam's professional PPT templates. You can use these flexible PowerPoint slides at any stage of the hiring process to ensure that you are never short-handed.


P.S: Facilitate a positive environment and promote employee engagement in your organization with our actionable HR KPI templates featured in this blog.

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