Chat GPT (GUID Partition Table) is the talk of the town today. From generating tailor-made content to answering all levels of human queries, this free chatbot tool is saving us time and money. After all, it is Artificial Intelligence (AI) at work; it was meant to take over manual labor as experts had predicted years ago. With Chat GPT like polished tools at hand, will the world pursue the mundane?




Originality, creativity, and the zeal to upskill will be the key to help people keep their jobs. 


Staffing agencies have got the hint, some of which are already streamlining their efforts to outsource the work of the rarest of their talented employees. Of course, with technology evolving every minute, employee training must be considered as well so that talent is nurtured and exposed to newer challenges. 


To tide over this, the human resources departments, across organizations, must perform skills gap analysis. By surveying the market and the competition that exists, employers will identify skill deficiencies via current state assessments and work toward bridging the gap. As such, employee orientation sessions at the time of joining, or regularly-conducted pieces of L&D training are ways to upskill your workforce.


To know the real-time status of proficiency within your organization, you need a world-class skills gap analysis template. With our skills gap analysis templates, you can invest in relevant training programs and manage their frequencies to upskill and create an expert workforce.


The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations and the content ready slides will give you the much-needed structure.


Let’s explore these 11 best presentation templates.


Template 1: Skills Gap Analysis Example PowerPoint Presentation


For effective training, the HR department HR must conduct a rigorous skills gap analysis. With this editable tabular PPT Template, categorize and plan relevant training sessions for varied job profiles. Assemble types of training such as management, planning, scheduling, maintenance etc that are in budget and competency and allot these to departments. Monitor this categorization with this skills gap analysis template. Grab it now!


skills gap analysis example powerpoint presentation


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Template 2: Skills Gap Analysis with Multiple Competency Categories Template


Assess skill development and enhancement training ongoing over the past two years with this PPT Template. Monitor proportion of time dedicated to these pieces of training for enhancing skills like physical, manual, cognitive, emotional, and technological. Demonstrate your perseverance in keeping up with such sessions to compare its effects on employees taking these training sessions. Go ahead and download this important tracking template, critically useful in skills gap analysis now! 


Skills gap analysis with multiple competency categories


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Template 3: Functional Skills Gap Analysis Sheet with Status Template


Perform a functional skills gap analysis of your organization with this content-ready PPT Template. Rate the proficiency of your team players with respect to communication, research and exploration, design, etc, and compare these to the expected numbers. Plan your training sessions and their schedules according to the deductions that this presentation template allows you to showcase. Download now to avail this color-coded PPT Layout.


Functional skills gap analysis sheet with status


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Template 4: Information Technology Skills Gap Analysis for Employees Template


Monitor technical skills’ proficiency within your organization using this PPT Template. Identify the core technical skills that your business is chasing and rate the expertise of your IT department using this PPT chart. These technical skills can be Android development, iOS development, windows development etc. The proficiency of your workforce is rated against specialists of your organization using this PPT Design. Click to get it now! 


Information technology skills gap analysis for employees


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Template 5: Skills Gap Analysis Plan For Enhancing Marketing Team Productivity PPT Slide


Looking for an effective way to enhance your marketing team’s productivity? It's time to perform a skills gap analysis with this dedicated PPT Template. Jot down areas that need improvement with respect to the team and the individual members. Then, specify the means of addressing these with a definite plan of action. Fill this data into this editable template to guide your team better. Download it now.


Skills gap analysis plan for enhancing marketing team productivity


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Template 6: Skills Gap Analysis Report for Multiple Departments across Organizations Template


Is it time to plan and schedule training sessions for departments across your organization? Allot specific training to departments based on core skills that require improvement with this PPT Chart. Identify their departmental ratings and compare these to the expected score. In this way, address your marketing, HR, and finance departments and upskill members on communication, team management, staff planning, etc respectively. Download this editable PPT Layout now! 


Skills gap analysis report for multiple department of organization


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Template 7: Skills Gap Analysis with Improvement Areas Template


Before developing training programs and assigning these to employees, an informed HR must acquaint them with the need for such courses to motivate them to excel in these sessions. A skills gap analysis template will convey this feedback to your employees better. With this vibrant PPT Design, achieve this objective of communicating your assessment and also guide them to your tailor-made training programs for upskilling. Download now!


Skill Gap Analysis With Improvement Areas For Developing Training And Development Program To Efficiency


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Template 8: Employee Intellectual and Technology Skills Gap Analysis Checklist PPT Slide


A responsible HRD will generate performance reports of its employees to track their core competencies. Following this assessment, as an HR, you must create an intellectual and technical skill gap analysis checklist, the readymade format of which we have shared here. Rate individual employees' skills on technology orientation, problem solving, commercial awareness, data analysis automation etc. Rate their individual skills as poor fit, marginal fit, good fit, etc to get a clear picture of your team aptitude. Download it now to rate your employees and map training to each employee with surgical precision. 


Employee intellectual and technology skills gap analysis checklist


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Template 9: Skills Gap Analysis to Determine Training PPT Design


Determine training needs for organizational departments with this PowerPoint Template. Summon necessary skills and compare their required expertise for departments with respect to the actual performance of your departments as beginner, intermediate, or expert. With this labeling based on expertise, you can then plan training sessions for your company’s departments and ensure these are well-conducted. Download now! 


Steps Involved In Employment Process Skills Gap Analysis To Determine Training


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Template 10: Effective Human Resource Planning for Skills Gap Analysis Template


Here is yet another simple, yet comprehensive PPT Layout to assess training requirements within your organization based on skill proficiency. Compare your department’s expertise with an assessment of the level of necessary skills on a scale of 1 to 3. Support this information with additional comments that will come in handy, while preparing training sessions. Grab this content-ready PPT Layout now!

Effective Human Resource Planning Skills Gap Analysis To Determine Training Needs


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Template 11: Skills Gap Analysis to Improve Recruitment and Selection Procedure Template


There is another added advantage to performing skills gap analysis; it guides recruitment and selection processes. Based on the previous assessment of your existing team, fill this informative slide with new employee requirements. Determine the new selection based on competencies such as customer service, time management, analytical, negotiation skills, etc in applicants and fill your team with square pegs in square holes; employees ooze with energy and talent this way. Download it now!


Skills Gap Analysis To Determine Training Essential Ways To Improve Recruitment And Selection Procedure


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These are the 11 best practical utilities that the CEOs and HRDs of top organizations have loved and downloaded. We are sure these professional templates will serve you well as well.


PS: Employee well-being and the meticulous efforts to take your organization to the top are responsibilities that transformational leadership brings along. Know more about how you can nurture this quality in your organization in this blog with dedicated templates also put at your disposal.

FAQs on Skills Gap Analysis

How do you identify a skills gap?

A skills gap refers to the difference between the skills and knowledge required for a particular job or task, and the skills and knowledge that an individual possesses. Here are some steps to identify a skills gap:


  • List job requirements: Look at the job description for the position in question and identify the necessary skills and knowledge required .
  • Assess the employee's current skills and knowledge: Evaluate the employee's current level of knowledge and skills in areas required for the job. This can be done using performance evaluations, self-assessment, or skills evaluation.
  • Compare the two: Compare the job requirements to the employee's current skills and knowledge to identify any gaps.
  • Prioritize skills gap: Prioritize skill gaps based on their importance to the job and the impact they have on the employee's ability to effectively do the job.
  • Bridge the gap: Create a development plan to help the employee acquire skills and knowledge needed to bridge the gap. This plan can include training, mentoring, job shadowing, or other development opportunities.
  • Monitor progress: Monitor the employee's progress and make adjustments to the development plan as needed.
What are some examples of skills gaps?

Skills gap can vary depending on the job or industry, but here are some examples of common skills gap:


  • Technical skills: An employee may lack specific technical skills required to operate a particular piece of equipment, software, or machinery.
  • Communication skills: An employee may have difficulty communicating effectively with coworkers, clients, or customers, either in writing or verbally.
  • Leadership skills: An employee may need to develop skills to lead a team or manage projects.
  • Time management skills: An employee may struggle with managing their time effectively to complete tasks on schedule.
  • Analytical skills: An employee may lack the ability to analyze data, draw insights, and make informed decisions based on data.
  • Customer service skills: An employee may need to improve their ability to handle customer complaints and enquiries with empathy and professionalism.
  • Sales skills: An employee may need to improve their ability to identify and close sales opportunities effectively.
  • Interpersonal skills: An employee may need to develop skills to build relationships, collaborate with others, and work in a team environment.

Identifying skill gaps is an important part of professional development, and addressing these gaps can help employees become more effective. 

What is skills gap analysis in HR?

Skills gap analysis is a process used in HR to identify the difference between the current skills and knowledge of employees in an organization and the skills and knowledge required for them to perform their jobs effectively. A skill gap analysis helps HR managers identify training and development needs, as well as create a roadmap for employee development.

By conducting a skill gap analysis, HR managers can ensure that employees have necessary skills and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively. This will ensure that the organization is equipped with the talent and expertise required to meet its strategic goals.

What is the objective of skill gap analysis?

The objective of skill gap analysis is to identify gaps between the current skills and knowledge of employees in an organization and the skills and knowledge required for them to perform their jobs. The purpose of this analysis is to help organizations identify training and development needs of employees, so that they can acquire necessary skills to meet demands of their job responsibilities.

The primary objectives of conducting a skill gap analysis include:


  • Identifying areas of improvement: A skill gap analysis helps identify areas where employees need to improve their skills and knowledge to perform their jobs more. This information can be used to develop training and development programs that address these gaps.
  • Enhancing productivity: By filling skill gaps, employees are better equipped to carry out their job responsibilities, which can enhance their productivity and contribute to the organization's success.
  • Supporting career development: A skill gap analysis can help employees to identify skills they need to develop to advance in their careers, and create a roadmap to achieving professional goals.
  • Improving employee engagement: By providing opportunities for training and development, organizations can increase employee engagement and job satisfaction. This way employees will feel supported.

Overall, the objective of a skill gap analysis is to help organizations identify skills and knowledge required to meet their strategic objectives and upskill employees.