Since the 1940s, lean manufacturing has been a huge rage in the business world. Several industries have implemented lean manufacturing to stay afloat in the competitive global market, which demands constant evolution and enhancement. Lean methodology is quite beneficial for business due to the core values and positive impact on its overall development. In this blog, we will discuss all about lean manufacturing and its implementation steps.


What is Lean Manufacturing?


Conceptualized in 1940 by Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota Production Systems, lean manufacturing is a series of steps to eliminate or reduce waste in manufacturing operations. Manufacturers from across the world practice lean to achieve perfection as it brought a revolution in the manufacturing process. This business improvement philosophy is also crucial for establishing a proficient work process. Besides waste elimination, lean manufacturing results in workflow optimization, improved quality, fewer defects, efficient management, and increased financial benefits. Lean manufacturing focuses on the following three areas.


  • Eliminating waste
  • Delivering high value to customers
  • Improving continuously


What are the types of wastes in the manufacturing process?


“The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize.” – Shigeo Shingo


Referred to as ‘Lean’s Seven Deadly Wastes’, the non-valued added activities in the manufacturing process that must be eliminated for nailing your enterprise production process are as follows.


  • Overproduction
  • Transport
  • Waiting
  • Overprocessing
  • Motion
  • Inventory
  • Defects


To eliminate these wastes effectively from the manufacturing process, let us now look at the steps to embrace lean manufacturing.


Eliminating waste with lean manufacturing: 6 effective steps


Step 1: Know the customer’s value and requirements - This ensures customers receive the product they are looking for and willing to pay.

Step 2: Identify and classify the types of waste - This helps in easy management of taking necessary actions for reducing waste.

Step 3: Continuous checks - Regular checks at definite intervals help detect and solve the issue.

Step 4: Step-wise workflow - A structured workflow ensures that all the waste points are listed and addressed.

Step 5: Proper inventory management - In-depth inventory analysis helps reduce waste by stocking resources beforehand. 

Step 6: Trained workforce - Invest in training the employees on work efficiency techniques for better productivity.


Lean methodology is versatile and no longer restricted to manufacturing or production only. Due to commendable performance improvement, it has proven efficient and effective in the marketing and software development process. 

Who doesn’t want to increase efficiency?

SlideTeam designers have curated some of the most sought-after lean manufacturing templates to eliminate waste and improve the operations. Moreover, these ready-made templates are comprehensively researched and well prepared for carrying out the process without any hassle. 


So without further ado, let’s check them out!


Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Templates to Download

Template 1

8 Wastes In Lean ManufacturingDownload 8 Wastes In Lean Manufacturing Template


Give an overview of the wastes generated using our lean manufacturing template. Comprising 17 pre-designed slides, this complete deck is also beneficial to mention the highlights of different waste types. Furthermore, you can discuss the strategies to deal with them using this content-ready template.

Template 2

Lean ManufacturingDownload Lean Manufacturing Template


Illustrate the concept of lean manufacturing and the various defects by introducing this attention-grabbing template. Also, the color palette used in this lean manufacturing template grabs the attention of the viewer. In addition to this, managers can explain the seven wastes of lean manufacturing to the team members using this complete deck.

Template 3

Types Of Waste In Lean ManufacturingDownload Types Of Waste In Lean Manufacturing Template


Elaborate on the deadly wastes of lean manufacturing with the help of our content-ready template. As the deck is entirely editable, and the content can be modified as per the business needs. Also, the environmental impacts of the manufacturing process can be discussed in detail using this template.

Template 4

Lean WasteDownload Lean Waste Template


Demonstrate the deadly wastes of the lean manufacturing process by incorporating this amazingly-designed complete deck. Additionally, mention the key highlights of each type of waste generated with this lean manufacturing template. 

Template 5

Jidoka Lean ManufacturingDownload Jidoka Lean Manufacturing Template


Discuss the concept of Jidoka for manufacturing and product development and how it keeps a check on the delivery of quality products. Furthermore, explain the step-wise process of the Jidoka technique by downloading this lean manufacturing template. The pillars of lean manufacturing are also illustrated effectively in this template, which provides insight into this business concept.

Template 6

Lean Waste EliminationDownload Lean Waste Elimination Template


Showcase the lean manufacturing wastes by employing this well-researched complete deck. Also, using this customizable lean manufacturing template, you can give an overview of wastes to your teammates and have a productive brainstorming session.

Template 7

8 Lean WastesDownload 8 Lean Wastes Template


Explain lean manufacturing philosophy and its benefits for increasing productivity and revenue by downloading this complete deck. Furthermore, highlight the types of waste using illustrations with the help of our content-ready lean manufacturing template.

Template 8

Lean Waste ManagementDownload Lean Waste Management Template


Introduce this lean manufacturing template to emphasize the environmental impact of waste generated during operations. Additionally, discuss the strategies to reduce and eliminate waste using our professionally-designed lean manufacturing complete deck.

Template 9

Lean Project ManagementDownload Lean Project Management Template


Discuss how lean philosophy is applicable to project management for improving efficiency by incorporating this lean approach template. So, this complete deck is beneficial in highlighting the use of the lean methodology in different areas of the industry.

Template 10

Eight Deadly Lean WastesDownload Eight Deadly Lean Wastes Template


Demonstrate the deadly wastes of lean manufacturing using our ready-made template. Moreover, managers can download this content-ready lean manufacturing complete deck and discuss the implementation steps using this template.


Develop your manufacturing process on the principles of lean by introducing our top 10 lean manufacturing templates. Furthermore, discuss the steps to eliminate waste with lean manufacturing for improving the business using these pre-designed templates.


So, download these templates and take your manufacturing process up a notch!