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The Superfast Guide to Strategy House Diagram (PPT Templates Included)

The Superfast Guide to Strategy House Diagram (PPT Templates Included)

Designing your business strategy is a complex and multi-faceted task. You need to consider all of the moving pieces and how they interact with each other. A great way to visualize this is by using a strategy house diagram.


This blog will show you how to create this diagram and also provide some handy templates for you to use. Let's get started!





What is a Strategy House Diagram? 


A strategy house diagram is a powerful tool to you align your business goals with marketing and sales efforts. The diagram shows the four different focus areas when developing a strategy: people, process, product, and place.


The people aspect is all about leadership and culture. It's making sure you have the right team in place to execute your strategy and instill the right values in them.


The process piece is ensuring you have the right systems and procedures in place to support your strategy.


The product focuses on making sure you have the right offering to meet your customers' needs.


And finally, the place aspect ensures that you're targeting the right markets and reaching your customers where they are.


How to Make a Strategy House Diagram?


The strategy house diagram can be made with simple geometric shapes such as rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, etc. Once, you find them in the shapes option, you can start creating your diagram. Here we will enlist the steps to create a strategy house diagram in PowerPoint while leaving it open for you to decide your strategy:


STEP 1: Build the Base 


The first step is to visualize the origin of the strategy aka the base. We shall take a simple rectangular shape to represent the lower part.


Build the Base


STEP 2: Add Pillars to Hold up The Ideals


Next, add the pillars that hold up your overall strategy and represent the key ideas of your pitch. Label the pillars accordingly.


Add Pillars to Hold up The Ideals


STEP 3: Finish the Diagram with the Roof 


Using a rectangular and triangular shape finish off the diagram with the overall strategy mentioned at the top.


Finish the Diagram with the Roof 


The final design will look something like this:


Six pillar diagram with the house shaped


Download this template


You now have a basic understanding of how strategy house diagrams work. With a little practice, you'll be able to create your own diagrams to visualize all sorts of data. Now, let’s take a look at the other elements of this diagram.


Applications of Strategy House Diagram


Here are three ways the strategy house diagram can be applied:


  1. Defining the organization's overall direction: The strategy house diagram can be used to help leaders define the organization's overall direction. This includes identifying the organization's mission, vision, and values.


  1. Developing strategic objectives: Once the organization's overall direction has been defined, the strategy house diagram can be used to develop specific strategic objectives. These objectives should be aligned with the organization's mission, vision, and values.


  1. Creating action plans: The strategy house diagram can be used to create action plans. These action plans should detail how the organization will achieve its objectives.


Advantages of Strategy House Diagram


There are several advantages of using the strategy house diagram in your business. These are:


  1. It's easy to understand: The Strategy House diagram is based on the simple idea of a house, with each level representing a different aspect of your strategy. This makes it easy to explain and visually see the different parts of your strategy.


  1. It's flexible: The strategy house diagram is easily adaptable to different company sizes and strategies.


  1. It's visually appealing: The strategy house diagram is a great way to make your strategy more visually appealing, which can help engage others in your planning process.


  1. It's easy to update: As your strategy evolves, it's easy to update the Strategy House diagram to reflect changes.


Disadvantages of Strategy House Diagram


A strategy house diagram is a popular tool for strategic planning, but it has its disadvantages. One downside is that it can be too simplistic and leaves out important details. Additionally, the diagram can be difficult to interpret and understand, especially for those who are not familiar with it. Finally, the strategy house diagram does not always take into account the dynamic nature of the business environment, which can lead to inaccurate or outdated plans. Despite these drawbacks, the strategy house diagram remains a popular tool for strategic planning.


PowerPoint Templates to Visualize Strategy House Diagram


It is also important to suitably represent the strategy for which a PowerPoint presentation is the right choice. Therefore, we present 10 distinct PPT templates. These designs will help you be prepared for all strategy meetings.


Let’s take a look!


Template 1: Strategic House With Business Relationship Management


This PPT layout comes with all the amenities you need to manage your important business relationships. It covers demand shaping, exploring, servicing, and value harvesting as the pillars of the strategy. This PowerPoint theme helps you understand the business relationship management competencies. Download it now.


Strategic house with business relationship management


Download this template 


Template 2: Strategy House PowerPoint Guide


Define the planning of your organizational process, including your strategy and goals, with this comprehensive guide. Allocate company resources efficiently and make decisions that will guide the implementation of your strategy. This is an essential tool for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition. Get it now.


Strategy house powerpoint guide


Grab this template


Template 3: Strategic House Business - Vision, Mission, and Values


If you're looking to start or grow your business, you need a clear vision, mission, and values to guide you. This PPT design can help you create a powerful vision for your business that will inspire you and your team to achieve great things, develop a mission statement, and keep you on track. Get it now.


Strategic house business vision mission and values

Download this template


Template 4: Strategy House Diagram PowerPoint Layout


It is important for a business to make strategies, and identify and select a target market to direct their marketing efforts. This PowerPoint theme enables the business to use its marketing resources more efficiently, resulting in more cost and time-efficient efforts. Incorporate it now.


Strategy house diagram powerpoint layout


Grab this template


Template 5: Artificial Intelligence Data Strategy House With Technology and Process


This PPT preset can help you make crucial marketing and business decisions by identifying your target market. It’s the right template to discuss data-driven work, data strategy, long-term value delivery, data management, etc. Download it now.


Artificial intelligence data strategy house with technology and process


Download this template


Template 6: Core People Production Growth Strategy House 


This comprehensive PowerPoint design provides all the guidance you need to create and execute an effective growth strategy. This PPT preset showcases the key growth strategy elements like building on distinct strengths, growing in adjacent markets, innovation, etc, and is packed with everything you need to get your business on track. Download it now.


Core people production growth strategy house with icon


Grab this template


Template 7: Strategic House Planning PowerPoint Slide 


This template provides abundant information in a single layout, making it perfect for impressing any viewer or higher managerial staff. This template will help you present your company’s mission, vision, goals, etc. Use it for initiatives such as creating bonds, good governance, and commitment to evolution. Download it now.


Strategic house planning powerpoint slide infographic template


Download this template


Template 8: Vision Value Focus Objective Strategy House


This PPT set allows you to create custom marketing campaigns that are highly effective and persuasive. You'll be able to develop campaigns that are specifically designed to achieve your objectives. It helps you focus on your values and areas of importance. You can increase brand awareness, drive sales, or simply connect with your target audience. Download it now.


Vision value focus objective strategy house with icons


Grab this template


Template 9: Strategic House With Business System Metrics


This PPT theme is perfect for entrepreneurs or small business owners who want to take their venture to the next level. It comes with a complete business system, including all the necessary metrics, such as strategies for organization, distribution, manufacturing, purchasing, etc. Employ it now.


Strategic house with business system metrics


Download this template


Template 10: How To Build a Strategy House PowerPoint Template


With six stages that include procedure, plan, and strategy house, this PowerPoint template will help you create a well-rounded presentation on business strategies. It covers the base core message to hold up the initiatives, maintenance strategy, processes, etc. Download it now.


How to build a strategy house powerpoint templates


Grab this template


No different than a real house, a strategy house diagram needs a strong foundation, pillars, and an achievable goal to cover it. All these elements are added to our PPT layouts that are completely editable and can be molded to your specifications.

Incorporate our PowerPoint themes right away to make sure you are a hit at all your meetings.


P.S:  Take your skills to the next level and provide a different visual representation of your strategy with our guide on pillar diagrams. Explore it now!

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