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Target Operating Model
Top 10 Target Operating Model Templates to Envision Business Growth

Top 10 Target Operating Model Templates to Envision Business Growth

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

January 27 2022

In the epoch of digitization, businesses have become more complex and require constant transformation to cope with the challenges. They have to visualize their future state and require a plan for it. A part of this plan lies in the company's DNA consisting of process, people, and technology — components of the target operating model. They help organizations maneuver and achieve the desired results. Therefore, companies should embrace a target operating model to stay ahead of the curve.


Let us walk you through the below example to fathom the concept of the target operating model better.


Imagine you are in the hospitality industry, owning a restaurant. And, this is what your targeting operating model will look like:


Vision (future state of your business): Add the flavors of Scottish dishes. 


Strategy (strategies to reach the future state): Boast about their culture, ambiance, and experience in addition to the food quality. 


Core Capabilities (your strengths to help you reach the future state): Food and beverage management and service management.


Processes (procedure to reach the target state): Welcoming the guests, order taking, food preparation, and bill taking strategies.


As shown in this example, a target operating model functions as a bridge that fills the gap between your running operations and your vision for growth and transformation. It is, therefore, essential to redefine what’s next and help business thrive! 


Although every industry has its own TOM, SlideTeam brings you ready-made PPT templates to help you deliver better and bigger services in the long term. Incorporate these PowerPoint templates and define your "to-be" business model now!


Template 1: Target Operating Model PPT Template

Whether you want to incorporate technology in your business or align your design, use this actionable PPT template. Transform your ideas into operational plans with the help of this flexible PowerPoint slide. Download this illustration to provide products and services effectively.


Target Operating Model PPT Template


Download this template


Template 2: Target Operating Model PowerPoint Slide

Craft a tailor-made strategy to help your company reach its targets with the help of this professionally designed PPT design. Use this ready-made PowerPoint template to visualize your technology, project management, and more. Envision where your organization is heading and validate its transformational journey with this customizable PPT graphic.


Target Operating Model PowerPoint Slide


Grab this template


Template 3: Operating Model PowerPoint Template

Outshine your competition with this ready-to-use PowerPoint slide. Define several layers of TOM, such as people, processes, governance, etc, that help achieve the desired growth stage using this dynamic PPT template. Deploy this customizable PPT design to give your business a nudge to move itself into the "top-class" vision.


Operating Model PPT Slide


Download this slide


Template 4: Target Operating Model PPT Design

Create a blueprint for comprehending the future state of your organization with this ready-made PPT template. This PowerPoint slide is a roadmap that showcases what a company requires to go from the "as-is state" to the "to-be state". Grab this customizable PPT graphic and use it as per your business vision and strategies.


TOM PowerPoint Graphic


Download this template


Template 5: Target Operating Model Functions PPT Template

Design a simplified TOM model to derive better resources, enhance effectiveness, and expedite the tasks using this actionable PPT template. Bring agility and get your company closer to its goals with this PowerPoint design. Sketch a layout for the departments, functions and processes in your company by deploying this customizable PowerPoint graphic.


TOM PPT Layout


Grab this slide


Template 6: Target Operating Model PowerPoint Template

Incorporate this professionally designed PPT template to catch sight of the future state of your business. Empower your company to be at par with the cognitive world by setting goals and targets. Outline a plan to transform and enable TOM with this customizable PPT slide.




Download this template


Template 7: Target Operating Model Governance PPT Slide

Help your business function properly by integrating people, processes, data, and systems. Overcome the weaknesses during the transformation and achieve a highly functional solution with this PowerPoint slide. Experience the rapid and sustainable change within your organization with the help of this PPT design.


Target Operating Model PowerPoint Graphic


Grab this slide

Template 8: Target Operating Model for Start-up Growth PPT Template

Get funded by investors with this actionable PPT template. Make your business angels curious to open their wallets by highlighting this PowerPoint slide in your business plan. Get access to this customizable PPT diagram to help your start-up adapt to the changing environment.


Target Operating Model PPT Design


Download this template


Template 9: Target Operating Model PowerPoint Slide

Facilitate product deployment and applications by leveraging TOM. Use this ready-made PowerPoint template to help your company transform and enhance its software development approach. This actionable PPT design is perfect for moving your business from its current to future state effectively.


TOM PPT Design


Grab this template


Template 10: Target Operating Model PPT Template

Deploy this professionally designed PowerPoint slide to visualize where you want your organization to be in the future. Document the desired state and use the TOM model to stay abreast of new developments. Download this PowerPoint template to customize the slide's content as per your organizational requirements.


Target Operating Model PowerPoint Template


Download this template


Give your business the best possible chance to thrive. Use SlideTeam's flexible PPT templates to provide your company agility to cater to unforeseen changes. Incorporate these professionally designed PowerPoint templates to integrate TOM into the system and reap maximum benefits.


P.S: Revolutionize your organization using our actionable strategic management PPT templates featured in this blog

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