Every social media agency, freelancer and consultant requires clients to survive in this competitive world. None of them can win-over its competitors without a solid clientele and this is especially true when you are a project-based company; encountering new clients with every project. This means you have no fixed client base, which makes your company even more vulnerable to risks. 


However, landing new customers and even retaining the previous ones is not that easy when you have a competition to knock you out at any time. Your website might be equipped enough to attract new leads but that is just half the battle you have won. You do need something strong to convince them that you are certainly the best in the market.


This is where a Social Media Proposal comes into play. A well-written social media proposal is the lost key that you have been searching for! It is the key to closing deals and winning clients. A cross between a contract and a pitch is all you need to influence your clients to choose you and not others for their social media prospects. 


Before we dive into this massive pool of social media and build an effective social media proposal template, let me give you an overview of what a social media proposal is. 


What is a Social Media Proposal?


I bet that you might have a pool of ideas to convey as well as implement for your clients to help their business reach great heights. A dedicated social media agency will definitely strive to offer the best to its clients. 


Well, that's awesome and I absolutely adore your commitment and dedication that you have towards your client.


But the fact is flying thoughts can never make a good pitch. This is why it is very important to create a proposal document consisting of all your thoughts and ideas clubbed into one single piece that can be sent to the client for his approval. 


This is what a social media proposal is all about and this is why you need one- to put all your thoughts into actions!


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Lucky Seven components of an engaging Social Media Proposal 


Add these 7 templates to make sure that your social media proposal ticks all the right boxes that help attract new clients. 


1. Project Objective 


Project Objectives- Social Media Marketing proposal template



Project Objective is all about stating your goals, metrics and objectives. Give a brief outline of your social media plan that you think is suitable for your client. 


Your prospective clients do want to know what you can offer that others can’t and so logically start your proposal by mentioning the objectives. These will also be the endpoints that you will work for and so stating them is in the very beginning is vital. 


Your goals should employ SMART methodology- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. 


You can also highlight your focus areas such as the following- 


  • Create Engaging Content: Being a social media marketer you should be well-versed as to how to create dynamic and ongoing social content for your client that converts and brings more leads by using aspects like hashtags, keywords, retweets etc. Therefore, mention this point in your proposal.


  • Regular updates on the Company’s behalf- As a social media agency your work is to attract social media audiences by sharing your clients news, events, press releases etc. You should also be aware of the ongoing trends, the knowledge of which will help in ramping up your client’s social media connections. 
  • Social Campaigns and Continuous promotions- Campaigns play a very crucial role in deciding whether you will be the winner of the social media game or not. Therefore, there is a need to create a schedule as to how you will help fuel your client’s social media channels to target more customers. Similarly promoting your client on social media is also very important.  


2. Scope of Services 


Scope of Services- Social Media Marketing proposal template


Social media has a long list of platforms. Wikipedia itself lists more than 200 such platforms. So, the criteria of “one size fit all” cannot be applicable here. Because of the wide spectrum of these social media platforms, it is very important to be intentional about the channel selection for your client. Some channels are apt for some clients and some are not so, determine your client’s social media channels very cautiously. Also, be sure that your chosen list of channels is tailor-made to networks that-


  1. Your client knows
  2. Your client is willing to build a presence on
  3. Channels that you think can work for your client


3. Timeframe 


Timeframe- Social Media Marketing proposal template


A timeframe is nothing but a timeline showing all the activities that you will undertake for your client to make their social media strategy a success. Don’t be afraid to give them a peek into your management plan. Having a social media workflow is very helpful to retain the client’s trust.


You can show your action plan in as many slides as you like as this is the main focus of an effective proposal. Also, it can be presented in the form of charts and graphs that will make your action plan more appealing. 


However, I would recommend including a 30-60-90 plan mentioning each of the activities in detail. 


4. Your Investment


Your Investment- Social Media Marketing proposal template


Now that you have shown them what you have got, it is time to talk about money- the reinforcement of the work done by you. Keep this section very straightforward and keep it as transparent as you can. I would suggest don’t include any hidden costs and mention everything descriptively. 


Include aspects like advertisement cost, management cost and everything that you think is relevant. You should also mention how frequently the prospect must pay you ranging from days, months to years as per your agency’s policy. You can also divide your cost into packages mentioning all the services offered by you. 


5. About Us


About Us- Social Media Marketing proposal template


Obviously, this is the slide that should come in the very beginning, but not in the case of a social media proposal as you will find it much easier to write down this part almost towards the end. In this section you can provide an overview of your proposal by summarizing your needs, anticipated results and so on and so forth. 


Also, don’t forget to introduce your company in brief. Mention your history, vision and mission statement and experience. 


Pro Tip- Don’t be boring here, let the personality of your agency shine through by creating an enticing about us slide.



6. Contract 


Contract- Social Media Marketing proposal template


Every industry has some terms and conditions that are to be mentioned and the social media industry is no exception. Therefore, this final section is all about mentioning your terms and conditions that are to be abided by your client to avoid any further complications. 


These terms and conditions may include aspects like-

  1. Service and payment- Duration in which the payment has to be made along with termination of services in case of any delay. 
  2. Terms of Contract Termination- Suspension of social media activities by you due to errors conducted by the client. 
  3. Notice and Renewal- Information about the renewal of the project and services.


7. Next Step


Next Steps- Social Media Marketing proposal template


This slide is all about explaining what’s the next step after your client selects your social media proposal. To avoid limbo and a continual back and forth between you and your client write down all the points that will happen after the proposal is sent such as will you be following up with them later on? If yes! Then when? Will, there be any meeting with them and everything that you think is crucial to discuss. 


Download Social Media Marketing Proposal Template Now!


Now go out there and Win More Clients! A strong social media proposal helps the client to visualize a bigger and better future. Therefore, take cues from whatever you have learned here and use our social media proposal template to start winning more business for your agency!