Marketing is the “Heart and Soul” of any business. No business can suffice without a successful marketing strategy. And for a successful marketing strategy, you need a thorough knowledge of some amazing marketing tools to bridge the gap between your business and success.


However, there is no one-size-fits-all in marketing. So, one marketing strategy and tool might work for one person and it might not work for the other!


Also, with an assortment and introduction of new tools in the market every day, it is very difficult to navigate and sort out the best tools.


So, how to determine which tool to go for and which to avoid? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with our list of must-have marketing strategies and tools. Not only have we mentioned popular marketing tools, but we have also segregated them into groups containing different sections so that you are aware of which tools are the best to perform which function.


1. Marketing Automation


Being a marketer, you must have heard the word “Marketing Automation”, but do you actually know what it is? And how your business can leverage it?


If not, here it is!


Marketing automation is that category of technology that assists the marketers in streamlining aspects like lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead generation, customer retention, marketing ROI measurement, cross-sell and up-sell, and customer lifecycle marketing. It refers to software that helps to reach the goal of automating marketing actions such as emails, social media, etc. This technology of marketing automation makes all these tasks a lot easier which ultimately maximizes operational efficiency and revenue.


With the help of marketing automation, messages are sent across the social media platforms according to a predetermined set of instructions known as Workflows. These workflows can be defined templates, modified mid-campaign or custom-built from scratch to attain best results. 


Finest Marketing Automation Tools  2019




Landing page of Hubspot


Hubspot is definitely one of the most popular platforms of marketing! Their software is very intuitive and easy to grasp even for small business, new to this marketing automation space. The analytics that they show is amazing which is enough to impress a small entrepreneur.






Eloqua is an Oracle Marketing cloud tool that helps in managing sales as well as leads. They deliver campaigns across different channels such as mobile, video, emails, etc. 


Its basic plan starts from $2000 per month and serves over 70,000 customers worldwide.





Marketo is a cloud-based tool and has been around for a while now. It lets you drive revenue with mobile marketing, lead generation, etc. This tool not only helps in building a strong relationship with the customer but also helps in sustaining it. 


It offers a host of features with free trials. So, one has the flexibility to commit to it only when one is 100% sure. 


It is a fast-growing platform and an effective one too!


2. Search Engine Optimization


SEO or “Search Engine Optimization”! What is it and what does one need to optimize? Links or design or writing?


Well, all of these are to be optimized along with a lot of things which will be clear once we go through the definition of SEO as given by Wikipedia- “Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic, increasing visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine”. 


Now coming to our explanation and take!


SEO is the magic wand used to drive more traffic towards one’s post, website, blog or any other through organic, natural or editorial search results. 


However, this magical wand cannot work its magic until and unless combined with tools to assist it which we are about to discuss now.


Download SEO Templates 


Template 1


Search Engine Optimization SEO Model PPT SamplesGrab this Search Engine Optimization SEO Model PPT Samples


Template 2


Apt Search Engine Optimization Keyword Tool PPT Slides

Download this Apt Search Engine Optimization Keyword Tool PPT Slides


Template 3


Search Engine Optimization SEO Outline PPT Slide

Click here to make this Search Engine Optimization SEO Outline PPT Slide your own


Template 4


Combine Seo And Social Media Ppt Background

Feel free to download this amazing Combine SEO And Social Media PPT Background


Template 5


Strategy SEO Non Profit Organizations Vendor Evaluation Scorecard CpbClick here to download this professional Strategy SEO Non Profit Organizations Vendor Evaluation Scorecard Cpb


Finest SEO Tools 2019



Google Analytics



Google Analytics


Google Analytics is perhaps the most widely known SEO tool being used since 2005 and its reign has still not ended. It is a web analytics software offered by our good old Google that helps in tracking as well as reporting the traffic on a website. Along with tracking pretty much every bit of the traffic driven towards a website, it also resurfaces keyword insights that people use to land on a web page. 




SEMrush dashboard


SEMrush is an ALL-IN-ONE tool that helps you in spying on what your competitors are doing which will help you in climbing the ladder of success in no time! But it will only happen if you use this tool properly and efficiently. It is a tool that helps you find the position of your domain, backlinks as well as keyword rankings.






Ahref is one of the most recommended SEO tools online by experts. It is a link research tool used by most of the digital marketers as it is the best of the lot. This tool provides the largest database of 5 links along with the best speed of index updates. 


It is the second most popular website crawler right after Google because of its feature of highlighting those parts of the website that are in dire need of updates and improvements. 


Ahref can also be used to have a sneak-peek into competitors’ backlinks. 


3. Collaboration

The marketing team is subjected to inevitable happenings such as millions and trillions of files created but no place to keep them. This disorganization often leads to a lot of files getting misplaced. Therefore, the organization of any team is mandatory. This is the reason why using a collaborative organization tool should be used.



Finest Collaborative Tools 2019





Trello Board


Trello is a visual tool for organizing your work and life. It is the most versatile and flexible collaborative tool used by as many as 17 million people to organize their work and projects with transparency and efficiency. It is the tool that helps keep a track of everything ranging from the big picture to that of minute details that otherwise get unnoticed and unaccounted for. It helps its user stay as productive as he could with a minimal interface design that does not interfere in any way in the person's work.




Dropbox sign-up


Another popular collaborative tool is the Dropbox. It is a modern workspace designed in such a way that it helps its user to focus on what is important by organizing everything and storing all the files at a central location. In the Dropbox, the user can create a special folder, the contents of which are synchronized with all the computers and systems in which the person has installed the dropbox helping keep all the files up-to-date at all times on each and every device.


Google Drive 


Google Drive


Launched in April 2012, Google Drive is a synchronization service owned and developed by Google. It allows its user to store, save and synchronize files across all devices and share them with other users too. Drive offers both online and offline services for all the devices. This Drive comprises of Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Slides which are a part of the Office suite. All the files created as well as edited in the Office suite can be stored in the Google Drive. Also, the ownership of all the files can be regulated. 


4. Content Marketing

Content marketing means creating and distributing content with the intention of driving positive effect. It has become a remarkably competitive field now.  All businesses are contending to develop their strategies in such a way that it promotes positive behavior of the potential clientele.


Content Marketing is the ultimate way to build maximum brand awareness and a strong relationship with customers. Therefore, building a successful content marketing strategy is of utmost importance and makes it a vital part of any business striving to reach greater heights. If a business wants to succeed then ideally the sole motive of it should be to deliver unique content that entices the audience, taps their interests and encourages them to be associated with your brand. Over time it also adds to the profitability of the brand. 


Download Content Marketing Templates 


Template 1


7 Step Process For Content Marketing Success

Grab this innovative 7 Step Process For Content Marketing Success


Template 2


Sales Prospecting Arrow Showing Referrals Content Marketing

Download this Sales Prospecting Arrow Showing Referrals Content Marketing


Template 3


Business Flow Process Content Marketing

Click here to grab this Business Flow Process Content Marketing


Template 4


1114 Content Marketing Pyramid Converting Viewers To Customers PowerPoint Presentation

Get access to this amazing 1114 Content Marketing Pyramid Converting Viewers To Customers PowerPoint Presentation


Template 5


Content Marketing Traditional Marketing Artificial Intelligence Marketing Offerings Cpb

Download this professional Content Marketing Traditional Marketing Artificial Intelligence Marketing Offerings Cpb



Finest Content Marketing Tools 2019







You might have created a very interesting post, but chances are that it fails to attract its reader's attention due to spelling errors which can’t be ignored. Many a time, even experts encounter such problems. This is where Grammarly comes in handy. The services provided by Grammarly can help catch inadvertent mistakes, misspelt words, overused words, squinting modifiers, etc. 



Grammarly is truly a game-changer for anybody who uses it. 






It is the most widespread and extensively used Content Marketing Strategy across the globe. In the year 2018, VentureBeat reported that more than 30% of the internet is powered by WordPress. Even though social proof might lead us to wander aimlessly, this is not the case with WordPress. It is helpful in all the stages, whether you are starting your business or your business is growing. In fact, it is the most famous tool used especially by the bloggers to create wonderful content as it contains plugin architecture and a template system. 






There are times when stock pictures don't seal the deal. What should you be doing then? Perhaps creating your customized images. But how? Well, Canva is your answer! 


You don't need to be a professional graphic designer to use Canva. I am a horrible designer, but Canva is a very easy tool to get a hang off. So, even a layman can access Canva very easily as per his requirements. It is an all-in-one tool for all sorts of content marketing imagery, like cover photos, facebook cover photos, social media images, etc. 


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5. Buzz Marketing


Buzz marketing is a type of marketing used to create a buzz for your product. In other words, it seeks to induce excitement, curiosity as well as drama about your product to draw the audience's attention. But the problem is if you know how to use it effectively, then it is very helpful, however, if you get a campaign totally wrong then everything can fall flat. A poor campaign can even wreak havoc in the overall brand image. As a result, the brand can even lose its individual identity. 



Download Buzz Marketing Templates 


Template 1


4 Ways To Create Buzz Marketing

Grab this 4 Ways To Create Buzz Marketing


Template 2


Buzz Marketing Button With Remarkable And Secrets

Click here to download this Buzz Marketing Button With Remarkable And Secrets


Template 3


Importance Of Buzz Marketing With Cost Effective Factor


Download this Importance Of Buzz Marketing With Cost Effective Factor


Template 4


Word Of Mouth Marketing Wom PPT Sample PresentationsGrab this Word Of Mouth Marketing Wom PPT Sample Presentations


Template 5


5 Step Process To Create Successful Buzz Marketing Campaign

Download this amazing 5 Step Process To Create Successful Buzz Marketing Campaign


Finest Buzz Monitoring Tools 2019



Facebook Lexicon 


Facebook Lexicon


In April, Facebook launched its new service called Facebook Lexicon which is a very useful tool for marketers as well as trend-watchers. The graphs and charts in the Lexicon changes over time in the occurrence of keywords displayed on the Walls of public and semi-public. Since Facebook is the sixth most trafficked site in the world, it is the most appropriate resource to judge whether your product is able to create a buzz in the market or not.


Searching tags is another popular way to remain at the top of the buzz. However, as other services offer buzz charts, doesn't. Therefore, one has to put some extra effort into finding everything manually. Apart from this, it is a very useful tool to track consumer buzz as well as gain an insight into the words that people use to define a certain topic.






The third way to monitor buzz is to use the blog search engine Technorati. Technorati introduced a new charts feature in its search engine which showed all the keyword occurrences in the blog posts for the past 30 days, which was a very useful feature to keep a track of one’s product. 


However, the biggest problem with Technorati is that these charts can be used only one time so the rest of the work has to be conducted manually.


Interested in knowing more about Buzz Marketing, then click on the link below: How the Smartest CMOs in the world are using Buzz Marketing


We have mentioned 15 tools and 5 strategies of marketing in this blog post. Let us know about your favorite tool and how you make use of it in the comment section below! Also, if there is any other tool you would like to recommend feel free to leave a comment.