According to Gartner, the average Business-to-Business (B2B) buying process involves “six to 10 decision-makers, each armed with four or five pieces of information they’ve gathered independently.”


Hence, customer journeys are complex in a B2B scenario. Companies need to strategize to identify and convert new prospects. They should also create an effective sales funnel to drive new leads and achieve success. A well-structured B2B sales funnel is crucial for any business, as it showcases a customer’s journey.  


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All B2B companies want new customers, but not many know how to get clients on a consistent basis. 


Do you know the reason? They do not know the power of the sales funnel. Fortunately, with a B2B sales funnel, companies can close more deals in less time. With a sales funnel, you can turn prospects into loyal customers and design strategies that will deliver effective messaging to your customers at stages of the sales process.


Why do you need a B2B sales funnel?


A well-designed sales funnel can offer many benefits to B2B marketers: 


  • Improved productivity 
  • Insights for product development
  • Better customer relationships
  • Improved lead generation
  • Time and effort saving


If you are struggling to build a reliable B2B sales funnel for your company, worry not. SlideTeam has you covered. 


Our well-structured B2B sales funnel templates will help you refine the sales process, helping you generate quality leads. 


If building a B2B sales funnel template from scratch is daunting, you can count on us. All the templates mentioned below are content-rich and 100% editable. You can edit the content, images, design, etc. The best part is that we give you the starting point and the framework; you need to customize the templates to suit your requirements. 


In this blog post, we showcase templates that explain and elaborate on what a B2B sales funnel is and how to build a comprehensive one to reach and qualify B2B customers. You will also get clarity on the sales process for continued success. 


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Let us tour these templates one by one!


Template 1: Five-Level B2B Sales Funnel

Explore this comprehensive B2B sales funnel, which showcases a five-stage process to convert a lead into a customer. The stages covered in this sales funnel template are Aware, Interest, Evaluation, Decision, and Purchase. The purpose of the slide is to improve your funnel’s efficiency in each stage. Download this template now to close more deals in less time. 


5 Level B2B Sales Funnel


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Template 2: B2B Sales Funnel Strategy Target Product Market Evaluation

The cover slide of this PPT Deck displays the company name that is using this deck to showcase its B2B sales model. It also displays an insightful image along with the title related to the topic. This comprehensive deck is vital in providing details about the B2B sales funnel, B2B sales strategies, tips for developing B2B sales strategies, etc. By leveraging this template, you can implement strategies to qualify your leads and improve your sales process. Grab now!



Template 3: Stages of B2B Sales Activity Funnel 

B2B businesses can benefit from implementing a sales activity funnel. This PPT Template showcases the stages of a B2B sales activity funnel to understand customer buying patterns. This slide acts as a starting point to guide potential customers from the stage of initial awareness to making a purchase decision. Click the link below to learn more about the template!


Stages of B2B sales activity funne


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Template 4: 4-Stage B2B Sales Funnel

Are you looking for ways to enhance sales tracking? Make use of this comprehensive four-stage B2B sales funnel template. It includes four stages to optimize your B2B sales strategy. Make use of this sales funnel to understand the customer journey from initial contact till deal closure. 


4 Stage B2B Sales Funnel


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Template 5: Six-Step for Developing Successful B2B Sales Strategy

B2B companies need to continuously revisit their sales strategies to develop a loyal customer base. Our PPT template highlights the six steps for developing a successful B2B sales strategy. For example, research target customers and prospects- do the research, identify pain points and then prepare strategies to address their needs, and equip sales representatives with knowledge. They should be well-versed in the products and should have detailed product information. 


6 Tips for Developing Successful B2B Sales Strategy


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Template 6: B2B Marketing Sales Funnel with Awareness and Purchase Factor

This six-step B2B marketing sales funnel template is tailored for businesses to map their marketing and sales approach. This PPT template aims to bring prospects from awareness to purchase. The purpose of this slide is to help you evaluate and modify your strategies to maximize the sales funnel’s efficiency. Grab now!


4 Stage B2B Sales Funnel


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Template 7: B2B Sales Strategies for FMCG Company

FMCG companies need to develop a robust sales strategy to increase their sales volume. This PPT template highlights B2B sales strategies for a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company. Some of the strategies included are making tracking a priority, focusing on customer relationship, etc. FMCG companies can use this content-ready template to execute strategies that achieve long-term success. Download now!


B2B sales stratergies for fmgc company


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Template 8: B2B Sales Improvement Process Funnel PowerPoint Slide 

Presenting our B2B sales improvement process funnel PPT background image. It covers a five-stage process, including marketing qualified leads, sales accepted leads, opportunities, customers, leads, and visits. The purpose of this slide is to adopt strategies to understand the buyer’s journey. Download this slide to identify and qualify the leads, driving business growth for you. 


B2b Sales Improvement Process Funnel PowerPoint Slide Background Image


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Template 9: Stages in B2B Content Marketing Sales Funnel

Give a comprehensive overview of your B2B content marketing sales funnel stages with this PPT slide. The template, again, includes the five stages: Loyalty, action, desire, interest, and awareness. Using this informative template, you can also describe the strategies for B2B firms of each stage, such as events, surveys, and blog articles. Download it today!


Stages in B2B content marketing sales funnel


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Template 10: B2B Lead Marketing Funnel Dashboard

Presenting our B2B lead marketing funnel dashboard to identify and evaluate the leads that are crucial for your business. You can specify and update the total spend on gathering these leads from sources, such as media, event, email, etc. The purpose of this detailed PPT Template is to help you filter the leads into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), and actual customers. This template will also help you track the lead count from sources mentioned in the template.!


B2B Lead Marketing Funnel Dashboard


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Remember, a B2B sales funnel is essential for your company’s success. SlideTeam helps companies build a B2B sales funnel to maximize B2B sales. Make use of our content-ready PPT Templates to find and nurture your clients. These slides help B2B companies develop winning strategies to conquer the market. With an effective B2B sales funnel in place, sales teams can pull in more customers and close more deals. To get started, download our templates now. 


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