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Top 10 Cloud Computing Templates to Embrace The Technical Revolution

Top 10 Cloud Computing Templates to Embrace The Technical Revolution

Malvika Varma

Malvika Varma

January 12 2021

The significance of technological advancement in businesses and industries of all sizes is pretty evident nowadays. The tech breakthroughs of the past few years have entirely transformed the way businesses function. Staying updated with the latest technology is a must not just to stay relevant but to beat the cut-throat competition in the fast-evolving corporate world. According to studies, technology-driven companies have greater chances of excelling and increasing revenue. 


Increased dependence on the internet has brought forth innovation in the field of technology. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the internet of things (IoT) are the latest technology trends that have improved our lives significantly. One of the most disruptive technologies in which companies are increasingly adopting is cloud computing. The  COVID-19 pandemic has further fueled the digital migration of cloud computing into all sectors of the economy. Let us take a closer look into it.


What is cloud computing?


Even without recognizing the wonderful features, we extensively use cloud computing services and applications in our daily lives. Google Drive, Zoom, Netflix, Dropbox, Gmail, Instagram, and Facebook are just a few of the cloud-based applications and services that have remarkably improved how we communicate, store, and share information. So what is cloud computing?


Cloud computing is delivering services such as networks, servers, storage, database, software, development tools, and applications that can be accessed remotely from the cloud or virtual space. The cloud service provider is the hosted environment that handles all the backend processes and replaces the major investment of buying equipment, training staff, and providing maintenance. This enables data storage, handling, and processing on remote servers which can be easily accessed and retrieved on-demand with an internet connection. 


 In recent times, education, healthcare facilities, and businesses have gone virtual, majorly due to cloud computing technology. Rightly put,


“Cloud computing is the third wave of the digital revolution.” – Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon


Want to upscale the IT infrastructure of your business?


Look no further. SlideTeam professionals have designed the top 10 cloud computing templates to embrace the technological revolution. These content-ready templates are exactly what your company needs to present a robust IT infrastructure for huge cost savings and hassle-free data management. 


Go through these contemporary cloud computing Powerpoint templates and download them with just a click!


Top 10 Cloud Computing Templates to Download

Template 1

Cloud Computing Services

Download Cloud Computing Services Template


Showcase the cloud journey of your enterprise using this pre-designed cloud computing template. Discuss the need for cloud computing in detail by downloading this cloud computing complete deck. Demonstrate the challenges and their solutions due to cloud computing.

Template 2

Cloud Computing Security

Download Cloud Computing Security Template


Illustrate the cloud computing classification in a lucid manner by incorporating this attention-grabbing cloud computing template. Highlight the security models and their key features by downloading this complete deck. IT professionals can address the security issues of cloud computing by employing this template.

Template 3

AI And Cloud Services Management

Download AI And Cloud Services Management Template


Highlight how cloud computing and artificial intelligence complement each other using this pre-built cloud computing template. Illustrate the steps of adopting cloud computing into your business by introducing this complete deck. As this template is editable, you can tweak it as per your needs.

Template 4

Cloud Layer Architectural Governance

Download Cloud Layer Architectural Governance Template


Download this comprehensively-researched cloud computing template to discuss the architectural layer of cloud-based data management. Teachers can incorporate this template to discuss the various aspects of cloud computing elaborately. 

Template 5

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Download Benefits Of Cloud Computing Template


State the merits of cloud computing using this professionally-designed template. The color palette used here instantly grabs the attention of the viewers. Students can download this template for their IT projects.

Template 6

Cloud Computing Security Models

Download Cloud Computing Security Models Template


Incorporate this cloud computing template to emphasize the significance of cloud computing and its security models. Managers can explain each model in detail by downloading this customizable template.

Template 7

AI And Cloud Computing Capability

Download AI And Cloud Computing Capability Template


The compatibility between artificial intelligence and cloud computing can be highlighted using this ready-made template. Moreover, the applications of cloud computing can be showcased by introducing this template. The creative set is entirely editable and can be easily modified.

Template 8

Effective Resource Optimization In Cloud Computing

Download Effective Resource Optimization In Cloud Computing Template


Illustrate the cloud computing benefits such as resource optimization in an impressive manner by downloading this template. Using this cloud computing template, you can have an effective brainstorming session.

Template 9

Key Goals Of Cloud Computing Project

Download Key Goals Of Cloud Computing Project Template


Showcase the need for cloud computing in different sectors of business by downloading our visually-appealing template. The key objectives to be achieved using cloud computing can be portrayed effectively using this template.

Template 10

Multi Layered Architecture For Cloud Computing

Download Multi Layered Architecture For Cloud Computing Template


The multi-layered cloud computing structure can be demonstrated by incorporating this template. The focus point of each layer can be mentioned using this customizable cloud computing template.


Cloud computing has changed the way conventional business operates. To equip your enterprise with the boon of cloud computing, download our content-ready templates. Upgrade your company’s IT infrastructure and let technology take you to remarkable heights of excellence.

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