A company or business dashboard serves as a visual aid, consolidating crucial data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) pertinent to an organization’s objectives and operational insights. It provides an overview of critical metrics through a single interface, often in graphs, charts, or tables. This makes it easier for decision-makers to comprehend complex information quickly.


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A company dashboard enables quick trend spotting, performance evaluation, and informed decision-making. Real-time updates support agile responses to market changes, leading to data-driven actions for enhanced efficiency and growth.


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Template 1: Company Dashboard PPT Template Bundles

This presentation template showcases a company dashboard, integrating vital metrics across business operations. The PowerPoint Template benefits executive leadership, operations management, finance, marketing, and sales professionals. The PPT Dashboard showcases analyzing data trends, offering executive summaries, financial insights, performance tracking, and sales analysis. Use it to highlight insights for targeted domains, facilitating informed decisions and strategic actions within respective areas.


Company Dashboard


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Template 2: Manufacturing Company Dashboard with Downtime Causes Consumer Goods Manufacturing

This PPT layout unveils a manufacturing company dashboard. It features quick statistics; downtime causes such as broken machines, missing parts and services, top 5 products, production volume etc. The presentation template offers insights into production efficiency, reasons for downtime, product performance, and quality issues. The slide helps people working in manufacturing, plant management, product units, quality control centers, and supply chain units be more connected to their day-to-day jobs. This PPT Design shows numbers that add value when presented to shareholders or investors. It helps them understand what you have achieved and what you plan to achieve over the next few years.


Manufacturing company dashboard with downtime causes and production volume


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Template 3: Customer Satisfaction Survey Insights of IT Company Dashboard

This PowerPoint Template encapsulates customer satisfaction survey insights for an IT company. The factors it depicts that go into delivering on this are service satisfaction, likelihood of recommendation, customer business/organization, and improvement suggestions. The presentation design is accessible in a chart form, which helps share information among your audience. Insights that the slide provide aids in gauging service satisfaction, identifying areas for enhancement, and understanding client needs. Besides this, it enables corporate leaders to align services with client expectations to drive continual service enhancements. 


Customer Satisfaction Survey Insights of IT Company Dashboard


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Template 4: Result Slide Company Dashboard PowerPoint Slide Rules

This PPT Template highlights results in numbers, such as sales growth, manufacturing, shipping, and product sales volumes. Apart from this, it also focuses on customer or employee counts, revenue, and profits. The PowerPoint Layout is valuable for sales managers, finance experts, and human resource professionals. This company dashboard PPT Template combines critical data. It helps make intelligent choices, spot trends fast, and use resources well for steady growth and better operations.


Result Slide Company Dashboard


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Template 5: NSS Electronic Manufacturing Company Dashboard Skill Gap Manufacturing Company

This PPT Diagram presents critical metrics such as total costs per unit, cost type breakdown, average costs by production component, production volume, and the production share of top three machines. The presentation template helps in manufacturing, cost analysis, and operations professionals by providing insights for cost optimization, enhanced production, and resource allocation. Each of these is crucial for efficient electronic manufacturing operations and informed business decisions. Using this PowerPoint Visual, it is possible to manage production costs, volume, and other machine efficiency metrics.


NSS Electronic Manufacturing Company Dashboard


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Template 6: Company Dashboard with Schedule Performance Matrix

This PowerPoint Design showcases a company dashboard on schedule performance matrix. It displays project cost performance, actual expenses, project advancement, time across project phases, and the completion percentage for each phase. The presentation template exhibits critical numbers that drive business and ensure continuous success. Use these slides to focus on phases of the project, such as the project planning stage, project initiation stage, monitor and control, execution stage, and closure stage. The dashboard caters to professionals across departments.


Company dashboard with schedule performance index


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Template 7: Company Project Dashboard with Status Date

This PPT graphic displays a company project dashboard. It comprises the project name, status date, project status, decision/action/pending tasks, risk assessment, budget allocation, and identified issues. Corporate professionals working as project managers, team leaders, business executives, and accounts specialists can make the most of this presentation slide. Use this presentation to exhibit project phases such as analysis, development, quality assurance, user acceptance, pre-production, and production. This PPT Slide covers project management-related aspects, ensuring deadline adherence, with quality results.


Company project dashboard with status date


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Template 8: Company Task Dashboard with Milestones

This presentation illustration features a company task status dashboard. It showcases tasks completed over the past seven days, overall project ROI, milestones achieved within the same period, task statuses (planned, started, work in progress, completed), and task creation versus completion rates. The slide offers a comprehensive view of project returns, milestone achievements, and task lifecycle, aiding in informed decision-making, efficient resource allocation, and timely project completion with optimized task management. The PPT Slide is helpful for project managers and executives.


Company task status dashboard with milestones


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Template 9: Monthly Marketing Program Dashboard Report

This PowerPoint Template exhibits a broad task status dashboard with crucial elements. These are Google rankings and changes, traffic from sources (Email, Paid Search, Direct, Referral, Organic Search), and Site Audit scores. The presentation template is valuable for SEO management, digital marketing, web analytics, and site optimization professionals. The package provides a holistic view of online performance, including visibility, traffic sources, and site health, enabling data-driven decisions, strategic optimizations, and improved online presence.


Monthly marketing program dashboard report


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Template 10: Company Marketing Dashboard with Closed Sales

This presentation graphic exhibits a marketing dashboard report, emphasizing closed sales (business done) in specific period and the median sales price. The PPT Template is helpful for sales managers, marketing analysts, and business development professionals. This PowerPoint Dashboard helps businesses evaluate the effectiveness of marketing efforts in converting leads into sales, enabling informed decisions to optimize sales strategies and pricing models for enhanced revenue generation. This presentation layout is accessible with a business image that gives your audience better insight into your message. Use this PPT Slide to illustrate the importance of business numbers in achieving corporate success.


Company marketing dashboard report with closed sales


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A company’s dashboard combines important business numbers at one central place. Combining data across departments and verticals gives a great picture of how the company is doing. It helps employers understand trends, identify trends, and make intelligent decisions as they change. Regular updates help you make storage choices and configuration changes quickly and easily. The importance of a corporate dashboard is not necessarily just to collect data, but to provide helpful insights. These visual indicators of business milestones act like guides, pointing the way to a successful strategy. These encourage the use of data to make choices, creating a more flexible and efficient environment. Additionally, these dashboards encourage teams from parts of the company to work together to achieve common goals.


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Overall, the company dashboard serves as a spark for reprogramming, improving how business works, and continuing to grow. With the effective use of these dashboards, companies understand issues, navigate complex situations and always be on the road to progress.