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Top 10 Corporate Ethics Templates to Eliminate Business Malpractices

Top 10 Corporate Ethics Templates to Eliminate Business Malpractices

Apoorva Gupta

April 15, 2021

Ethics are to law what a healthy diet is to medicine. One prevents negative consequences while the other helps deal with them. 


In April 2016, when two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks for refusing to leave before meeting their associate, the protests against racial discrimination took a prominent form against the multi-national brand. The CEO, Kevin Jonson, outlined the investigation and reforms his company would undergo in his apology. The famous ‘Use of the Third Place Policy’ was introduced across all Starbucks cafes. About a month later, over 8,000 stores were closed across multiple locations for a day to hold employee training against racial bias. 


Taking a cue from this, one can see how imperative it is for the corporate machinery to align with socio-cultural diversity. In fact, having a solid ethical foundation is an integral part of company-client interactions nowadays. Racial awareness and gender equality, environmental responsibility, and employee work-life balance are also vital components of a comprehensive corporate ethics policy. 


The essence of corporate ethics


As the name suggests, corporate ethics are the code of conduct that deals with any moral and ethical issues in a business environment. Corporates are a social environment. People interact with each other for trivial to critical topics constantly. Business ethics provides a basic guideline that businesses can choose to follow to gain public approval.


Ideally, when drafting your ethics statement, there are some critical factors to consider:


  • Your employees’ salary should be up to the market standard and city standard to allow them to save and invest well while supporting their families. Overworking underpaid employees are the worst consequence of profit-steered business. 


  • Your business policies and practices regarding potentially controversial subjects such as corporate governance, insider trading, discrimination, and social responsibility should be crystal clear.


  • Recent research suggests that only a handful of companies are causing the most greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Industrial waste management is still the leading cause of water pollution in most countries. It is the responsibility of every business, big or small, to make positive contributions to the environment in whichever way possible. 
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  • With increased investor awareness of environmental, social, and governance issues, a company’s reputation is at stake. For instance, if a company partakes in unethical practices, such as inadequate customer privacy procedures and protections, it could result in a data breach. Minding your clients’ security and privacy is a fundamental aspect of corporate ethics. 


Organizing your company’s code of ethics should be the top priority for every competent executive. SlideTeam’s professionally curated PowerPoint presentation templates can help you draft the perfect operating system for your company’s ethical dilemmas. Here are the top picks. Take a look.  

Template 1

Maintaining decorum and following a code of conduct is extremely necessary for the smooth functioning of the organization. Utilize this professional ethics PowerPoint slideshow to give an in-depth explanation of your company’s moral and social values. 


Corporate Ethics PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Download Corporate Ethics PPT Template

Template 2

Use this business ethics PowerPoint template to demonstrate business ethics needs and drivers. The visually appealing complete deck contains 42 self-explanatory templates on topics such as ethical awareness framework, key statistics, education, action, pillars, leadership principles, areas of responsibility, and many more. 


Workplace Ethics PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Workplace Ethics PPT Template

Template 3

Take the assistance of these corporate governance PowerPoint slides to portray your firm’s core values, ethics, trust, vision, and quality. Utilize this PPT layout to reveal the need for business ethics, including protecting consumer rights, consumer satisfaction, protecting stakeholders’ interest, etc. 


Business Ethics PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Business Ethics PPT Template

Template 4

This complete deck on ethics and integrity consists of professionally designed templates with suitable graphics and appropriate content. Dedicated slides can explore the need for business values in an organization and business concerns for society. 


Ethics and Integrity PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Ethics and Integrity PPT Template

Template 5

Help your company in the decision-making process with this value and ethics PowerPoint presentation template. The presentation explains business value towards society, business value towards employees and customers, and the impact of introducing business value in an organization.


Value and Ethics in Business PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Value and Ethics in Business PPT Template

Template 6

Our professional ethics PowerPoint presentation is explicit and effective. The 41 slides of this deck combine clarity and concise expression to introduce business ethics, individual roles in organizational effectiveness, and ethical principles for business executives.


Professional Ethics PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Download Professional Ethics PPT Template

Template 7

This core business ethical values PowerPoint presentation will help showcase the essence of your company’s ethics and decision-making process besides educating potential clients about your brand’s ruling ideology. This PPT presentation elucidates the importance of environmental protection and operating procedures to solve humanitarian problems.


Core Business Ethical Values PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Core Business Ethical Values PPT Template

Template 8

Implement ethics in your business organization with our content-ready ethical business practices PowerPoint presentation. Showcase the forces that shape business ethics, such as personal, organizational, and external influences using the professionally designed corporate social responsibility presentation deck. 


Ethical Business Practices PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Download Ethical Business Practices PPT Template

Template 9

You can download this corporate value PPT deck to focus on your company’s corporate values, organization, teamwork, innovation, accountability, and improvement. This PPT layout consists of 12 professionally designed slides with suitable graphics and appropriate content. 


Corporate Values Organization Teamwork Innovation Accountability Improvement


Download Corporate Value PPT Template

Template 10

Conduct a detailed study on appropriate business policies and display the results with this ethical business practices PowerPoint complete deck. You can communicate the various ethical policies that your company has formulated to avoid some potentially controversial subjects such as bribery, insider trading, fiduciary responsibilities, and others.


Applied Ethics PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Applied Ethics PPT Template


To sum up


Having a sound and comprehensive corporate ethics policy is essential to forge a productive and positive work environment. It is also a vital influence on your company’s brand perception and overall receptivity among the public. Having well-thought-out models for mitigating data privacy threats, insider trading, and other such elements is essential in our digitally sound age of information. Your company’s old and new employees should have a clear grasp of your company’s modus operandi in such situations. Conciseness and consciousness are the cardinal pillars on which an effective corporate ethics policy stands. 


Organizing your company’s code of conduct in an easy-to-grasp format for your employees needs well-designed PowerPoint presentations. SlideTeam’s design experts will love to help you craft the perfect corporate ethics policies for your company’s internal functioning. Get in touch with them here.

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