According to IBM, USD $4.45 million was the global average cost of a data breach in 2023, and there is a 15% increase in it from the last three years. This calls attention to cyber security policies and building a strong framework that is unbreachable. If your company already has one, proper cyber security audits at regular intervals will only safeguard your organization against the ever evolving threats and scams.. 


SlideTeam is here to assist you with the most practical cyber security audit templates that can help you keep cyber security checks.


Why Does Your Business Require Our Cyber Security Audit Templates?


These PowerPoint Presets guide auditors through a comprehensive evaluation process. Using these presentation templates, users can extract several benefits, including enhanced consistency and less time required to complete each audit.


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Key Components of Cyber Security Audit Templates


These presentation designs include detailed checklists and audit scopes. Furthermore, they also cover assessment areas that are according to global security certifications such as ISO 27001, NIST, and PCI DSS. Thus you’re assured that you are using internationally accepted templates to plan and perform security audits. 


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Customization: A Best Feature


These 100% customizable templates provide you with the desired flexibility to edit presentations. Additionally, the content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure. Furthermore, you can use these presentations for any industry, such as finance, IT, healthcare, education, or any other.


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Template 1: Cyber Security Audit PowerPoint Deck

Every company should audit their cyber security so that their systems remain safe. Therefore, prepare the best cyber security audits using our PowerPoint deck. The first PPT Template consists of the best practices for performing cyber security audits, where you can start by defining clear objectives, planning the audit and collecting required information, conveying messages to all the team members, and more. The second PPT Framework displays major types of cyber security audits, which are cyber security compliance audits, information system audits, website security checks, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, and more. The third PPT Layout lets you compare different tools to have robust security. The fourth PPT Template consists of the main benefits achieved through cyber security. Overall, this complete PowerPoint deck will help you make better decisions regarding cyber security. Get it now from the link below.



Template 2: Best Practices to Perform Cyber Security Audit PowerPoint Theme

Companies should know the best practices for their entire system if they want to perform cyber security audits. The first practice is to define clear objectives, under which you can develop a comprehensive audit checklist with specific goals, audit scope, and key audit questions. The second place consists of planning the audits and collecting the required information to identify necessary audit information, including security policies, network diagrams, and system configurations. The next part is team collaboration, which includes conducting cyber security training for all team members. The fourth section belongs to performing the audit process and executing technical assessments such as vulnerability scans and penetration tests. The second and last step is to follow the audit report and make it a priority. The last step is taking the appropriate steps to follow the audit results.nClick on the download link to avail this actionable PPT Design.


Best practices to perform cybersecurity audit


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Template 3: Major Types of Cyber Security Audit PowerPoint Framework

Our PowerPoint Theme will help you show the major types of cyber security audits. The first type is dedicated to cyber security compliance audits to confirm that security policies and procedures align with specific legal and regulatory requirements. The second type belongs to the information system audit (ISA), which checks the effectiveness of security controls, like firewalls, access controls, and encryption mechanisms. In the next part, you can show the website security check to examine the user authentication and password practices to prevent unauthorized access. The fourth type consists of vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, and you can display systematic scans to identify weaknesses in systems and applications. The last type includes data privacy and security audits to view the audit privacy policies in order to protect data. Download now!


Major types of cyber security audit


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Template 4: Key Benefits of Cyber Security Audit PowerPoint Preset

When companies conduct proper cyber security audits, they can reap several benefits. Explore our PowerPoint Preset to show the key benefits of cyber security on a single platform. The first benefit is to identify gaps in security through proactive risk assessment and vulnerability detection, as well as facilitate the development of proper risk plans. You can display the second benefit as satisfying compliance regulations, having proper security compliance frameworks and guidelines, and reducing the legal risks and non-compliance penalties. The third benefit belongs to business continuity, which looks at security gaps and fills them at the right time. You can depict the fourth benefit as improving reputational value by building public trust and showing better security measures. The last benefit you can display is power organization-wide training and security awareness. Download this PPT Tool now!


Key benefits of Cyber security audit


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Template 5: Key Elements of Comprehensive Cyber Security Audit PowerPoint Framework

Our PowerPoint Preset will help you display the key elements of a comprehensive cyber security audit in a professional way. Basically, you can show eight types of elements. The first element consists of manual analysis, where you can depict complementary to automated analysis and evaluate business logic. The second element includes automated formal verification, under which you can show algorithms' correctness using formal mathematical methods. The third element depicts automated symbolic verification, which verifies program correctness without exhaustive testing and efficiently transverses state space. The fourth one belongs to automated fuzzing, and you can display automated testing with random data. The fifth element revolves around automated static analysis, which analyzes codes without executing them. There are three more elements that are important for audits. Grab it now from the link below!


Key elements of comprehensive cybersecurity audit


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Template 6: Cyber Security Audit Checklist for Organizational Resilience PowerPoint Layout

Checklists should always be handy for any work, and when it comes to cyber security, it becomes more important. Show the complete checklist on a single platform using our PowerPoint Framework. The PPT Slide is divided into five sections. The first column is items where you can list various audits, such as identifying assets, vulnerability assessment, access control review, security policy compliance, incident response plan, data encryption, firewall configuration, and employee training. Now, the next sections are related to the item column, which includes description, responsible party, status, and notes. Grab this intuitive PPT Design now!


Cyber security audit checklist for organizational resilience


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Template 7: Cyber Security Audit in Buzzword Image PowerPoint Preset

Attracting the audience's attention is the most important asset while giving a presentation on a sensitive topic, such as security audit services. Therefore, explore our PowerPoint Theme so that you can draw the attention of your audience. This presentation has a simple mechanism; it means you can list your points with major headings and bullet points. Besides that, you can use buzzwords to make your presentation look professional. Download this graphical PPT Layout now!


Cyber Security Audit in Buzzword Image


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Template 8: Cyber Security Incident Audit Status of Organization PowerPoint Preset

Incident reports in the cyber security ecosystem should be prioritized every time. Our PowerPoint Theme will help you prepare the incident report in a simple format. You can show the incident reports that are open, to be reviewed, quarantined, and resolved. Your audience can easily understand each section as the number will speak for you. Download now!


Cyber Security incident audit status of organization


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Template 9: Eight Steps Circle of Internal Audit and Cyber Security PowerPoint Infographic

Represent the crucial circle of internal audit and cyber security with our PowerPoint Template. Input the content in the provided space and you can extract the best presentation. Highlight the 8 important steps involved in this process and use this infographic for better visualization. Download now!


8 Steps circle of internal audit and cyber security


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Template 10: Cyber Security Risk Audit Process PowerPoint Flowchart

Build a robust framework for the cyber security audit process using our PowerPoint Template. You can portray the complete process consisting of the requestor, authorizer, grantor, tool/system, and auditor. Furthermore, you can prepare the diagram for your audience to understand.


cyber security risk audit process flowchart


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Prioritize Cyber Security with Our PowerPoint Themes


Cyber-crimes will increase more in the future, so this is the right time to upgrade ourselves. Our PowerPoint Templates will help you address every cyber threat and build a robust plan against them. You can use our risk audit process, eight steps circle of internal audit, incident reports, and many more slides according to your requirements. Furthermore, these templates streamline the audit process. They also help in having consistent security checks.