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Top 10 PowerPoint Templates to Win at Dependency Mapping

Top 10 PowerPoint Templates to Win at Dependency Mapping

Ashish Singla

Ashish Singla

January 26 2022

Salesforce experienced a technical snag on 9th May 2016 due to a firmware bug that lasted for a day. This outage has cost the company $20 million. 


Such scenarios highlight the potential costs that go with downtime and outages. They are an engineer's nightmare, where one problem leads to a time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive whack-a-mole pursuit. This is where dependency mapping comes into the picture. 


To make the most out of dependency mapping, you must understand the fundamentals, why it matters, and the value it brings to the table. 


For the uninitiated, dependency mapping is a mechanism of outlining various components of an IT service like underlying storage, networks, and server infrastructure. It also entails discovering and following the inter-dependencies (if any) between services and components, evaluating how they impact each other. This helps in resolving performance bottlenecks and technical snags. 


In today’s contemporary world, optimizing the services is the bedrock of seamless functioning. SlideTeam is here with its dependency mapping PowerPoint templates to assist IT engineers in pinpointing these technical glitches. 


Therefore, let’s start selecting a template that meets your requirements today!


Template 1:  Issue Management Presentation


Are you looking to minimize issues within your firm? This organization risk and issue management presentation template provide a process to identify, track and resolve issues. This complete deck assists you in focusing on the company’s overall performance. Whether you're starting from ground zero or looking for a few new ideas to implement, this presentation has got you covered.


Issue Management Presentation


Download this template


Template 2: Assumptions and Dependencies Presentation


When it comes to making business decisions, one of the most beneficial ways is by taking into account all the different kinds of assumptions and dependencies involved. This informative presentation will share several types of business assumptions, dependencies, and project assumptions on various attributes. So why wait? Invest in this dependency template to navigate business decisions with agility. 


Assumptions And Dependencies Presentation


Download this template


Template 3: Project Dependencies Template Presentation


Critical dependencies are instrumental to the project's success. The presentation includes a list of the project's dependencies, including the delivery team. It provides information on the delivery, timelines, and timeframes to expect critical deliverables. So, download our project dependencies presentation template today!


Project Dependencies Presentation


Download this template


Template 4: Dependency Diagram Template Presentation


The following presentation will help you understand the “why,” “what,” and “how” of a dependency model. It shows why it is needed to improve outcomes and what key enablers can be used to address the problems. This presentation will help you evaluate how employees and teams can address issues effectively through shared actions. Invest in this dependency template to fulfill the workflow requirements of your organization.


Dependency Diagram Presentation


Download this template


Template 5: Project Process Dependencies Presentation


This presentation shows how account and case management work together to create a consistent project process. The PowerPoint template helps you understand why managing leads and opportunities are necessary. This is the ideal slide deck for anyone who wants to understand the relationship between these two project processes. It also describes how you can leverage to drive greater efficiency and better ROI from your business development efforts. So why wait? Download and customize the presentation as per your needs. 


Project Dependencies PPT Presentation


Download this template


Template 6: Project Status Dependencies Table Presentation


This dependency template presentation uses the concepts of logic and constraint-based thinking to interrelate all action items. A scaled timeline is used in the background to represent each action item’s estimated completion date visually. Invest in this PowerPoint presentation today!


Project Status Dependencies Table Presentation


Download this template


Template 7: Dependencies Assessment Framework Presentation


Many organizations don’t have a framework to help them perform an infrastructure dependencies assessment. This well-researched template allows for a thorough and detailed analysis of the infrastructure dependencies based on expert input, data and products, tools, and stakeholder needs. This PowerPoint presentation is designed in conjunction with existing enterprise architecture methodologies. Download this PPT template to understand physical, geographic, data, systems, supply chain, and other dependencies related to infrastructure.


Dependencies Assessment Framework Presentation


Download this template


Template 8: Key Dependencies for Success Presentation


Stay on track with this dependency planning template that helps you plan and create a credible sprint budget. The first tab provides a high-level overview of the current sprint status and the remaining time for the sprint. The subsequent tab includes a breakdown of the tasks, in-progress work, cost & schedule impact (if any). This guide is perfect for businesses aspiring to have the right resources to support their growth initiatives. So download it now!


Key Dependencies For Success Presentation


Download this template


Template 9: Internal and External Project Dependencies Presentation


Managing the timing of internal and external project dependencies can be difficult. But if you're prepared for each step, you can be assured that there will be no surprises. This presentation outlines these phases of project management and pinpoints the necessary scheduling required to stay on target from start to finish. Download this presentation today!


Internal And External Project Dependencies Presentation


Download this template


Template 10: Dependencies Graph Presentation


The dependency graph is one of the best ways to highlight and visualize the structure of a system. This PowerPoint presentation shows how to use graphs within a system, examines how well-connected nodes play a crucial role in strengthening dependencies, and compares different visual representations for systems with single and multiple dependencies. 


Dependencies Graph Presentation


Download this template


In a Nutshell


Dependency mapping is the best way to save countless hours that are wasted in tracking technical glitches. The aforementioned PowerPoint presentation templates are designed to quickly discover bottlenecks, friction points, design issues and truncate the network troubleshooting period. Additionally, by having an accurate dependency mapping blueprint, you can anticipate problems and identify the points where performance may dip before they reach a breaking point. 


P.S: Do you want to plan, strategize, and manage IT solutions effectively? If yes, then read this ITSM support model blog to boost productivity.

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