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Top 10 Emergency Action Plan Templates to Keep Business Crises at Bay

Top 10 Emergency Action Plan Templates to Keep Business Crises at Bay

Apoorva Gupta

April 23, 2021

In a perfect world, we would become better with every passing crisis. We would rise to the occasion and deal with emergencies and unexpected disasters efficiently on the first take. 


But the world of business is far from perfect. It's real. 


A business crisis can destroy years of progress in a matter of weeks, sometimes hours. From a stock market crash to a cyclone to corporate espionage, business crises can occur in many forms, especially when you least expect them. 


With constantly shifting economic and political shifts, ever-changing socio-cultural scenarios, and evolving priorities among the masses, every subtle change in business practices can be a minefield of potential disaster. A corporate emergency can affect a business organization’s reputation and legal or financial position.


An inexcusable trait of every good manager is planning for every possible emergency well before the need arises. And the ultimate tool to support and realize that is a well-structured emergency action plan. 


Emergency Action Plan: Why does your organization need one?


Emergencies in a business can stem from multiple sources, including, but not limited to:


  • Natural Disasters: Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes
  • Disease: Epidemics, Localised infections such as Ebola, SARS, etc, and global pandemics such as COVID-19
  • Cybersecurity threats: Data breach, Server hacks, IT shutdowns
  • Terrorism: Riots, Arson, Violent protests


Depending on the type of emergency, different hazards may present in the emergency locations. These hazards can be chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, ergonomic, or physical

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A poorly managed business crisis can escalate the long-term hazardous effects of the initial problem to irreversible proportions. Therefore, it is essential to establish a comprehensive emergency action plan for contingencies.


Simply put, an emergency action plan, or EAP, addresses the protocols for dealing with any hazardous and unforeseen difficulties that may arise in the workspace. A comprehensively developed EAP will result in fewer injuries and structural damages in the face of a disaster. 


The following are a few of the cardinal elements of every effective EAP: 


  • An EAP should be in a document format and made available to all employees for reference and review.
  • You should provide EAP training to all employees at the time of joining and later at regular intervals to keep them updated.
  • There should be set procedures for reporting any emergency at the site, such as a chemical leak or fires in the EAP.
  • A well-marked exit plan with color-coded pathways and access points should be a part of every good emergency action plan.

An efficient emergency action plan is developed in 4 stages, each dealing with different crisis management aspects.

1. Mitigation

By timely identifying risks at structural and functional levels, you can prevent hazards and errors from becoming life-threatening emergencies. Simple steps taken regularly to limit risks can save a lot of time and resources later. 

2. Preparedness

The key to any effective EAP lies in providing immediate and relevant support and response in an emergency. Be it a backup of funds to float you through a dry financial spell or the presence of a medical facility in your factory for prompt treatment of employees, all preparations matter in the face of a corporate emergency.

3. Response

Having a well-rehearsed emergency plan enables efficient and effective coordination of rescue and reduces property loss and impact on the environment. It includes the current contact information and response times and detailed site-specific data that can be made available to responders.

4. Recovery 

There is always a small window of time for mitigation review after an event. Companies should utilize these opportunities to limit future risk. The emergency action plans of any business should outline the process to aid in the restoration and recovery of its core business purpose.  


To help you keep ahead of any impending business crises, we at SlideTeam have curated a list of emergency action plan templates. These professionally designed PowerPoint templates will save you a world’s worth of time composing your company’s ideal EAP. Here are our favorites; take a look. 

Template 1 

This visually appealing emergency preparedness plan PowerPoint deck comprises ready-to-use slides for recovery plan introduction, disaster recovery management team, roles and responsibilities, disaster categories, and its impact on revenue. You can use this template to assess your crisis by type, disaster likelihood, IT operational impact, and financial impact.


Business Emergency Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Business Emergency Management PPT Template

Template 2

Use this crisis management presentation template and outline the innovative approaches that help resolve the challenges or various business-related issues. You can explain how to ensure the safety and security of your staff with the aid of this emergency management PowerPoint layout. 


Business Emergency Preparedness PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Business Emergency Preparedness PPT Template

Template 3

This presentation covers organizational crisis, financial crisis, crisis leadership and team, technological crisis, natural crisis, and dashboard. Utilize this crisis management planning PPT deck, and discuss the kinds of problems a firm can face. Describe a crisis communication plan with this thoroughly researched business continuity planning PPT visual. 


Emergency Situation Management Deck PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Emergency Situation Management PPT Template

Template 4

Showcase your company’s crisis recovery and contingency plans with this business emergency management PowerPoint slide template. You can put forward the salient features of your mitigation plan, emergency operation strategy, continuity path, and modes for maintaining resilience within this fully editable PPT slide layout effectively. 


Business Emergency Management with Recovery and Continuity Plan


Download Business Emergency Management with Recovery Plan PPT Template

Template 5

With well-organized flow charts, educating your employees about emergency exit procedures becomes very simple. Download and use this emergency action single-slide template theme for your corporate process exposition meetings and policy presentations regarding safety protocols. 


Emergency Action Service Logic Telecom Regulatory Authority India


Download Emergency Action Service Logic PPT Template

Template 6

Download this five-component emergency readiness wheel to highlight your crisis management plan. Emphasize the relevance and importance of different stages of your company’s emergency mitigation strategy within this fully customizable PPT slide template. 


Emergency Readiness Wheel with 5 Components


Download Emergency Readiness Wheel PPT Template

Template 7 

Use this action plan PowerPoint sheet to keep track of all the troubles during an emergency event. With dedicated columns for action taken, responsible person, required equipment and recorded data, you can make a comprehensive crisis mitigation plan with this fully customizable PPT layout. 


Emergency Action Plan Damage PPT PowerPoint Presentation Format Ideas


Download Emergency Action Plan PPT Template

Template 8

You can use this emergency management slide template to discuss the company, progress, completed date, emergency response, and equipment requirements in a well-tabulated format. This PowerPoint presentation template is entirely editable and available for immediate download.


Business Emergency Management Plan Assessment


Download Business Emergency Management PPT Template

Template 9

Give a boost to your crisis management protocols with this template for emergency management. You can depict a more comprehensive approach towards hazard mitigation procedures, social science behind crisis management, assessment of emergency preparedness, strategy implementation, and recovery plans in this PPT slide layout. 


Key Strategies for Improving Emergency Management


Download Key Strategies for Improving Emergency Management PPT Template

Template 10

Make the most out of your team training sessions with this multistage emergency response PPT template. With well-defined sections highlighting the chief features of emergency identification, containment, recovery, communications, and updates, this PowerPoint slide layout allows you to ask cardinal questions and set up task agendas efficiently. 


Multistage Emergency Response Plan to Eradicate Incident


Download Multistage Emergency Response Plan PPT Template


To conclude


Well prepared is half prevented. And we all know that prevention beats the bitter cure every time. Setting up a detailed emergency action plan is a smart move, even if your stats dictate a low probability of impending disasters. 


A thorough understanding of various possible crises at the corporate level forms the backbone of any emergency management protocol. An organized outline for your emergency action plan will save you a lot of time and effort better spent on devising the routes for hazard containment, asset recovery, and safety procedures. For designing customized presentations on disaster mitigation, feel free to get in touch with our design experts here.

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