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Top 10 Employee Dashboard Templates With Samples and Examples

Top 10 Employee Dashboard Templates With Samples and Examples

Kanica Sharma

Kanica Sharma

December 1 2022

Dashboards are an integral part of today's business world. They play an important role from assisting executives and leaders in making decisions to enabling seamless forecasting of business opportunities. However, this curated information repository has other meaningful contributions to make to business as well. Employee dashboards make sure that performance standards are maintained even in today’s highly decentralized workforce environment.


Employee dashboards can be a valuable tool for improving workplace communication. Prior to the widespread adoption of smartphones and self-service apps, employees relied on low-tech methods to stay up to date on important information about their jobs, employers, and organizations.


Consider an Employee Dashboard to be a funnel for staffers’ attention. Many employees are no longer present to hear in-person messages. Even if they are, the effectiveness of the communication remains debatable.


As a result, having a place where people can "check in" or gather every day to see what's going on is an excellent way to communicate important information. Thus, the Employee Dashboard was born.


In addition, managing employees and assessing their success and productivity within the company is a critical component of a company's success. While every organization has a hierarchy of supervisors, managers, and leaders who use and oversee the performance of their counterparts, it is also critical to track employee performance management over time.


A centralized dashboard may be the only information source available to employees seeking to advance their careers within the company. With the help of a  dashboard, learning paths can be defined with the assistance of senior leaders, progress in learning initiatives can be tracked, and achievements can be recognized and rewarded across job levels. The amazing part is that all of this information is delivered in a transparent manner. 


It is critical to determine whether the company and employee goals are met. Every workplace should work to develop its employees, identify their skillset, and aim to maximize productivity.


Employee dashboards may be the answer you've been looking for. SlideTeam has curated some of the best employee dashboard templates to fulfill all your needs. Use these templates and ensure your employees are always motivated. 


Check these out now!


Template 1: Employee Weekly Efficiency Dashboard PPT Template


Deploy our employee weekly efficiency dashboard PPT Template and track all weekly activities of your workers. This design includes hours logged, completed activities, team hours, etc. From tasks that need attention to errands that people just keep rolling over, know a lot more than what just meets the eye with the template. Grab it now and make tracking easy. 


Employee Weekly Efficiency Dashboard PPT Template


Download this template


Template 2: Employee Dashboard PPT Template


Bring together your employee’s most important KPIs with our employee dashboard layout. Employee turnover rate, employee absenteeism, satisfaction survey result, and so much more is mentioned in this template. You definitely don’t want to miss out on it. In times when diversity is an important business concern, use this presentation template to record employee gender split as well; this showcases your sensitivity to the times.  Download now.


Employee Dashboard PPT Template


Download this template


Template 3: Employee Headcount Dashboard PPT Template


Point out your employees’ success as well as areas of improvement with our PPT Template. This employee dashboard design will assist you in headcounts as well as with the hiring plans. Demographics, future hiring plans, etc, are all mentioned in this slide. Turn some of your star performers into partners and use this dashboard to identify who could that be! Get this presentation template now!


Employee Headcount Dashboard PPT Template


Download this template


Template 4: Employee Training Dashboard PPT Template


Incorporate this layout to help your human resources department to track the training progress of employees. This slide focuses on cost details based on departments. Showcase a thorough presentation on the topics such as cost-benefit analysis, goal setting, business communication, etc, with this PPT Template. Get it now!


Employee Training Dashboard PPT Template


Download this template


Template 5: Employee Attrition Rate Dashboard PPT Template


Employee retention is critical to your company's success, and this PPT Template will show how well you're retaining your employees. With this slide, have a report on attrition ready, with reasons, to have a clear view of how many employees have left the organization and for what reason. Grab this template now!


Employee Attrition Rate Dashboard PPT Template


Download this template


Template 6: Employee Dashboard PPT Slide


Deploy our employee dashboard PPT Design and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. This slide also provides you with a depiction of the HR automation initiative, which is a great tool to manage personnel. Employee payout by generation, employee headcount, etc, are also part of this theme. Download now!


Employee Dashboard PPT Slide


Download this template


Template 7:  Department Wise Employee Attrition Dashboard PPT Template


Easily have a count of the number of employees who left the company and are not replaced, with our PPT Template. Have department-wise segregated numbers and leave no room for confusion. Supply chain, sales, servicing, purchase, etc are the departments you can include. Use this to plan a recruitment effort that has a higher chance of success. Grab it right away!


Department Wise Employee Attrition Dashboard PPT Template


Download this template


Template 8: Employee Stats Dashboard PPT Template


Analyzing your organizational workforce is of the utmost importance. Get it all done with the help of our employee stats dashboard PPT Template. Scrutinize part-time and full-time employees, female to male ratio, internal mobility, and a lot more with this slide. Get it instantly. 


Employee Stats Dashboard PPT Template


Download this template


Template 9: Employee Progress Dashboard PPT Template


Examine the level of employee effectiveness, efficiency, and work quality with our employee progress dashboard PPT Template. Calculate which employee is making their best efforts to perform their duty by having their details handy and making them feel important as well. Download this design right now!


Employee Progress Dashboard PPT Template


Download this template


Template 10: Employee Engagement Dashboard PPT Template 


Allow your organization to use our template to identify profiles of engaged employees as well as opportunities to improve levels of engagement. Have the score range and the interpretation feature in this design. Help your company achieve results with the help of this real-time dashboard. Download now!


Employee Engagement Dashboard PPT Template


Download this template




Employee dashboards prove advantageous to businesses. Companies that excel at leveraging their HR analytics are more likely to outperform their competitors in terms of revenue, talent strategies, and employee satisfaction. Employers must understand who works in their organization and how they are performing.

Finally, digital enablement increases worker autonomy and accountability. When employees know they can get the information they need from their dashboard, they are more likely to solve problems on the spot and gain confidence in their abilities.


P.S- If you are looking for the best business dashboard templates, you are at the right place. Present your business with a professional and visually appealing presentation with our inspired collection of PowerPoint Templates.


FAQs On Employee Dashboard


What are the benefits of an employee dashboard?


Employee dashboards ensure that employees and the top management always have access to the information they require. Let's take a look at three key reasons why this matters:


  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Precise communication and precision of results 
  • Improved employee engagement  
  • Digital Empowerment


All of these are purposes that can be hard to achieve through simple modes of capturing employee engagement like emails, memos, group talks, etc. Some kind of information requires perspective to be seen or arranged and employees dashboard provide it. 


What do you mean by an HR Dashboard?


An HR dashboard is a business intelligence tool that enables Human Resource teams to track, analyze, and report on HR key performance indicators (KPIs). Modern, interactive dashboards make use of an HR analytics platform, which allows for the easy combination of data from all systems and deep exploration of this data directly within the dashboard. This allows HR teams to pick up insights that will improve recruiting, optimize workplace management, and boost employee performance.


What are the benefits of an HR Dashboard?


The right dashboard can revolutionize both your business's success and enjoyment. Specifically, the right HR dashboard has the benefits listed below: 


  • Total visibility into the operations of your company 
  • Significant Time Savings
  • Better Results
  • Stress Reduction Increased Productivity
  • Profits have increased.


What should a dashboard consist of?


Each company and user has unique requirements, and thus each dashboard can never have a standard format. Most dashboards should generally include one or more of the following core components:


  • Graphs and charts
  • KPIs and metrics
  • Icons
  • Reports and summaries of reports
  • Calendars, notifications, and reminders
  • Images and objects for drawing


All of this combined with the questions that the top management needs to be answered through the use of a dashboard go into its making. The more clearly a dashboard can answer questions, the better it is. 























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