The term employee Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) may bring back unpleasant experiences for some. However, its use was never intended to cause distress. The true aim of designing a PIP is to initiate a suitable recovery plan for an employee to get back on track, and start performing as per organizational expectation. 


What’s PIP?


PIP is a common practice that organizations follow to target employee productivity and efficiency. Whenever organizations sense incapacitated employees through their work or office conduct, a PIP alarm is set off. The aim of a PIP is to alert poor performers about their shortcomings and to subject them to rigorous, close-up training and evaluation programs. 




Later, these PIPs can also become the defining criteria for retaining or relieving employees. However, the central idea of Employee PIP remains to put the employees under a microscope while they undertake tasks as the company gives them another chance of retaining their jobs.


However, being put under the PIP shouldn’t be a hint to the employees concerned to start looking for a job elsewhere but it should initiate self-awareness to consider their shortcomings and work on them. Thus, designing this improvement plan and its implementation would be an equally tasking and time-consuming undertaking. Preparing documents to jot down criteria, success metrics, mode, and duration of evaluation is also important. People within and beyond office premises who will later discover your PIP approach, will want to remember these procedures as your showcase of integrity and fair judgment. 


Enter SlideTeam


With these important purposes attached to a PIP document, an organization should possess a refined guide to prepare their leaders for the execution of PIP. To this end, we present our exclusive employee PIP Templates dedicated to this cause. Utilize the content-ready framework of our expert-designed employee PIP Templates and ensure every step is fully guided and according to standard regulations. Explore the 10 best employee PIP Templates in this regard below:

Template 1: Employee Performance Improvement Plan For Process Enhancement

 With this content-ready PPT Template, managers will define the list of duties under PIP for an employee and tally it with how success will be determined. Managers can add relevant support resources and dependencies that will be accessible to the employees to perform to the best of their capabilities. Once the rules are defined, as shown in this PPT Layout, managers can maintain a record of all PIP reviews conducted, with your review date and status as to if the criteria was met, not met, or partially met. Download this readymade PPT Framework now!


Employee Performance Improvement Plan for Process Enhancement Template


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Template 2: One-Page Employee Performance Improvement Plan Presentation Report

Customize this one-page employee performance improvement plan template for each person in your organization whose performance has been on the low side. Add the employee ID followed by highlighting their areas of concern. You can also add the previously addressed issues of the employee to this record as you assess current issues. Finally, with this A4 template, you can specify their improvement goals and prescribe activities for them to show their mettle. Keep timetable of those activities and track their status using this same PPT Design. At the end, connect expected results with consequences. Download this exclusive PPT Preset to conduct purposeful employee PIP now!


One Page Employee Performance Improvement Plan


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Template 3: Outline for Employee PIP Template

If you want to create a detailed guide for your organizational managers to conduct PIPs, you must employ our complete deck PPT Presentation of which this index slide is a necessary component. With this single-slide design, you can enlist the outline for your employee Performance Improvement Guide. Include the top components like actions and observations, improvement goals,activity goals, resources, expectations, checkpoints, etc.


Performance Improvement Plan Outline


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Template 4: Activity Goals

Here’s a template that's part of a complete deck presentation to enlist activities part of the employee PIP. List activities against their method of accomplishment as guided in this PPT Layout. Next, add the start and end data to track the activity duration and in this way track productivity and efficiency of your employees. Download now.


Activity Goals


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Template 5: Resources

Use this PPT Layout to list the resources that need to be given to employees subjected to PIP. Ensure you have provided sufficient resources for employees to undergo this examination and nothing less that would cripple their performance deliberately. Make it a fair assessment by making these resources readily available to all subjects being examined. Download now.




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Template 6: Expectations

Define expectations to be met by your employees on PIP with this design-ready PPT Layout. Mention the performance standards in the pre-defied activities of the performance improvement plan. Impress the need for fulfilling these expectations to qualify and deem compatible to the organization. Download now.




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Template 7: Progress Checkpoints

Once the PIP activities begin, minotaur progress and compare their status to defined checkpoints as guided in this PPT Design. Track live status for activities and add follow-up activities like memo, or a one-on-one meet with the employee. With this PPT Preset, you can easily monitor progress success and also add supporting comments, based on performance. Download now.


Progress Checkpoints


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Template 8: Performance Improvement Template

After evaluating employees based on the pre-defined activities of the PIP, it’s time to draw conclusions based on how they fared in each assignment. Use this PPT Framework to tally performance against expectations. Specify the date of initial meeting and the span of the PIP. Mention all supporting resources and rate the performance as per the defined scale. Download now.


Performance Improvement Template


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Template 9: Performance Improvement Template- Part 2

Based on the evaluation, draw insights about skills gaps and recuperative training programs for the employees to be put in. Specify the duration of those training/ access to resources and the estimated date of completion, record success as per metrics set. While customizing this presentation template for individual reviewees, mention the manager in charge and the net review date as well. Download now.


Performance Improvement Template 2


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Template 10: Performance Improvement Template-Part 3

This is another template to include in the final report of your employee PIP. In this PPT Report, discuss the risk of improvement, actions to improve and the estimated date of completing these corrective activities. To further make this report informative, add the date of follow-up meeting. Finally, wrap up this report with the initials, the supervisors and the employee being supervised. Download now!


Performance Improvement Template 3


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Present a comprehensive employee PIP report by initially conducting a meticulous analysis followed by post analysis. Guide the learning curve of your capable employees and filter out the slowpokes.


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