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[Update 2023] Top 10 Escalation Matrix Templates to Resolve Project Bottlenecks Efficiently

[Update 2023] Top 10 Escalation Matrix Templates to Resolve Project Bottlenecks Efficiently

Kritika Saini

Kritika Saini

January 18 2021

We all like to have adequate information and become sufficient enough to deal with all issues in a diligent manner. But sometimes, it becomes arduous, and we have to pass the matter to the right person (department or team members in case of a company) for assistance.


In an ideal world, it would feel free not to have any escalation; however, much to our chagrin, in the real world, escalations exist in businesses and projects. “You should escalate the issue” - you must have heard this and thought, “but to whom?” - the question remains. 


One should know the next course of action to answer this thought and resolve situations efficiently. For that, organizations need tools like escalation matrix to deal with, manage, and resolve project problems and delays in a systematic manner.


What is an Escalation Matrix?


An escalation matrix is a system that defines steps to handle an escalation, when it ought to happen, what are possible trigger events, and who is supposed to handle the incident at each level of the escalation. Major types of escalation matrices are:


  • Hierarchical Escalation: When an employee cannot resolve the issue themselves, they have to hand off the task to a more experienced and senior employee. 
  • Functional Escalation: When an incident is passed to a person best equipped to solve it, with better skills or system knowledge, and not the seniority level.
  • Automatic Escalation: When an organization uses software like Opsgenie, they can set up tools that ask the system to automatically escalate the issue if the primary on-call person does not resolve it. 


Some teams/organizations advocate one escalation method over others, while others prefer to use a combination of these three.


Industry Customized Escalation Matrix Templates


The escalation matrix is used across several industries (human resources, call centers, IT, developers, and more) with varied levels of detail. Some companies use a simple hierarchical chart, escalating the issue to the one with a higher skill level and seniority. Others might have situation-specific matrices with different extremity/severity levels. In escalation management, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for what to include in your organization’s matrix.


This blog offers a carefully-categorized list of the 10 most downloadable escalation matrix templates to help you become a trailblazer in handling issues. Whether you run a small enterprise or an organization, our professional templates will help your team follow the guidelines diligently. 


Let us explore them one by one!


Template 1: Escalation Matrix PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Select this escalation matrix template to ensure that the necessary analysis and data gathering are done before escalating any matter. This complete package consists of various slides, all assisting you in presenting an efficient matrix design. Download the template and keep your audience well-informed.


Escalation Matrix PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 2: Escalation Matrix PowerPoint Presentation Deck

Ensure your customer satisfaction and happiness by handling their complaint right with the help of templates in this presentation deck. It contains 12 high-quality PPT Slides covering the escalation matrix for IT maintenance, internal communication system, and tech support for the IT company. Share details about multiple organizational triggers and levels of escalation matrix in an organization. Access a comprehensive pre-designed project escalation matrix defining problems and a service desk fulfillment escalation matrix for customer support by downloading this deck.

Escalation Matrix PowerPoint Presentation Deck


Download this template


Template 3: Escalation Matrix For Different Industry PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Showcase your ideas and strategies to deal with potential escalation with the help of these presentation templates. Use the high-quality slides of this deck to design and illustrate the general and industry-specific escalation process to the audience. It allows organizations to identify, track, monitor, and manage situations with increased awareness and prepare swift actions. This PowerPoint Bundle has escalation matrix designs for businesses like life insurance, cloud computing, and travel & tourism. You will also find two general matrix templates showing information on the level of escalation, contact person, designation, and contact info like email and phone number. Get it now!


Escalation Matrix For Different Industry PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 4: Project Escalation Matrix PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Manage the escalations related to project activities in a proficient manner with the help of this presentation deck. It contains a customizable template to keep escalation records with data like ID, customer name, PO number, escalation date, reason, status, and amount. You will also find a PPT Design exhibiting the incident type or category, criticality & description, incident/example, and action. With the help of an escalation evaluation matrix design, you can control the quality of the process in a professional way. Download it now!


Project Escalation Matrix PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 5: Problem Escalation Matrix Presentation Slide

Creating an escalation process ensures that unresolved problems do not linger and incidents will be promptly resolved. Choose this escalation matrix template to adapt an exemplary service operation. Grab this PPT Design to improve your service quality!


Problem Escalation Matrix PowerPoint Show 

Download this template


Template 6: Escalation Matrix With Triggers and Person Role 

Select this expert-designed PowerPoint Layout to develop a matrix with responsibilities assigned to members for handling escalations. You can use this 100% customizable presentation set to design a comprehensive and robust matrix. Download it and edited to suit your requirements.


Escalation Matrix Role Person Responsible And Trigger


Download this template


Template 7: Project Escalation Matrix With Problem Description

This presentation template is an excellent resource for removing the uncertainty related to an incident. Help your organization management face obstacles by processing a standardized roadmap regarding the hierarchy of departments and employees. Download this template and captivate your team members.


Project Escalation Matrix With Problem Description


Download this template


Template 8: Escalation Matrix for Customer Support Management

Create different levels of escalations to help your customer service firm handle issues effectively. Complete its goal by expertly addressing your client’s problems and grievances. Choose the template to create a satisfactory experience for your customers. Go ahead and edit this customizable PPT Design as per the requirement.


Escalation Matrix Customer Support Technician Supervisor Manager


Download this template


Template 8: Escalation Matrix With Probability Impact and Mitigation

This is yet another innovatively-structured escalation matrix PPT Design. Select it to communicate the probability of each escalation. Not only this, but you can also discuss the impact and mitigation measures for each possible situation using this presentation template.


Escalation List With Probability Impact And Mitigation


Download this template


Template 9: Five Step Escalation and De-Escalation Model

Did you know you can prevent the escalation of disruptive behaviors with your own non-verbal behaviors? Organize your thinking and calmly respond by using some de-escalation techniques. Pick this template and avoid potential crises.


5 Step Escalation Covering Model De Escalation


Download this template


Technology is not static, and neither are your employees. The idea is to develop an escalation matrix that applies in most situations. Along with these striking template designs, we have designed some exemplary customer service templates to help you resolve bottlenecks efficiently.


Have a look to find and download professional PPT designs to cater to your customer service process needs!


FAQs on Escalation Matrix


1. What is an escalation process?

An escalation process is a predefined set of steps that outlines how to manage and escalate issues or problems that cannot be resolved at the current level of authority or responsibility. It is a formal process to ensure that issues are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. It involves all key participants in the process and provides them with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.


2. How do you write an escalation matrix?

The following are steps to follow when writing an escalation matrix:


  1. Identify key stakeholders: Who should be involved in the escalation process, including team leaders, department heads, senior management, and other relevant parties?
  2. Define escalation levels: Some issues need to be escalated based on their severity levels. For this, having a transparent escalation process with defined levels is necessary. This could be a simple two-level escalation process, or it could be more complex with multiple levels.
  3. Determine escalation triggers: Identify the events/situations that will trigger an escalation, such as missed deadlines, budget overruns, or critical issues that cannot be resolved at the employee/team level.
  4. Define communication channels: Outline the different touch channels, such as email, phone, or face-to-face meetings, for each escalation level.
  5. Assign responsibilities: Define who will initiate and manage each escalation level to ensure stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities.
  6. Document the escalation matrix: Create a clear and concise document that outlines the escalation process, with contact information for each stakeholder and steps to be taken at each level of escalation.
  7. Test the escalation matrix: Run through scenarios to ensure that the escalation process is effective and that everyone involved knows what to do in the event of an issue or problem.


3. What are the different types of escalation matrices?

Different types of escalation matrices can be created or used based on scenarios or needs. The most common types of escalation matrices include:


  1. Hierarchical escalation matrix: This is the most basic type of escalation matrix, where each level in the escalation process represents a higher level of authority or responsibility.
  2. Functional escalation matrix: In this type of escalation matrix, different functions or departments are involved in the escalation process, and each level represents a functional area. For example, the first level of escalation may involve the IT department, while the second level involves the finance department.
  3. Hybrid escalation matrix: It combines elements of both hierarchical and functional matrices and is used in complex organizations with multiple departments and stakeholders. In this type of matrix, different functions are involved in each level of escalation that represents an ascending level of authority or responsibility.
  4. Service-level escalation matrix: This type of escalation matrix is commonly used in service-oriented industries, such as customer service or technical support. The escalation process is triggered here based on specific service-level agreements (SLAs), such as response or resolution times.
  5. Project escalation matrix: It is used specifically for managing issues and risks in project management. In this matrix type, the escalation process is triggered based on the severity of the case. Each level represents the project management level, from the project manager to the steering committee.

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