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Top 10 Green Building Templates For A Sustainable Environment

Top 10 Green Building Templates For A Sustainable Environment

Malvika Varma

April 15, 2021

According to a UN survey, 68% of humankind will live in cities by 2050. Although these represent just 3% of the earth’s surface, the shift from rural to urban will result in energy consumption of 78%, whereas it will contribute to 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. This will result in an alarming increase in concern and attention for the environment.


Although technology has a crucial role to play in this growth, urbanization has directly or indirectly put a lot of stress on the environment. It depletes natural resources at a massive scale, leading to problems such as deforestation.


Hence, ‘going green’ is not just a buzzword; it is the need of the hour. 


The construction or infrastructure industry is also one of the significant contributors in creating an environment that yearns to sustain. Let’s dive into the role of green buildings for a sustainable environment. 


What is a green building?


‘Sustainable building’, ‘high-performance building’, or ‘green building’ is a resource-efficient construction that is designed, constructed, or operated to mitigate the negative impact and magnify its positive effect on the environment. A green building follows the sustainable approach in the entire lifecycle of the building that improves the quality of life by judicious planning. The term ‘green’ refers to a feasible plan that ensures efficient use of resources such as water, energy, and other materials. 


A green building must fulfill all the criteria and certifications to make sure that the whole building process doesn’t harm the environment. Once properly established, a green building provides the following benefits

  • Low operation and maintenance costs

The utilization of specially engineered materials may cost a lot more money, but they do not harm the environment in the long run and allow efficient use of energy and water, which results in paying less for bills. Hence, they are beneficial for being used in construction.

  • Increased efficiency

Due to overpopulation, resources are getting depleted across the globe. Green buildings have optimum utilization of natural resources such as water. This results in less burden on the environment.

  • Improved public health

As all construction material used in a green building is sustainable, it does not emit harmful chemicals, compounds, or fumes. Such toxic substances can be carcinogenic. Eco-friendly products reduce the risk of respiratory disorders and allergies. So sustainable materials improve public health due to improved architectural practices.

  • Healthy indoor environment

Improved ventilation and ergonomic and thermal features contribute to a comfortable environment for the inhabitants and help in increasing their productivity. Adopting an eco-friendly approach in construction reduces stress levels, uplifts the mood, and helps in staying focused.

  • Energy-efficient construction

Optimum utilization of natural resources like water, sun, and wind helps in mitigating the use of non-renewable sources such as coal. The practice of rainwater harvesting and solar lighting can help protect the ecosystem and reduce pollution. 

  • Reduced carbon footprint

Sustainable building designs help in reducing carbon footprint significantly. According to a survey, conventional building infrastructure is responsible for 30% of all the greenhouse gas emissions in the United States of America. Green initiatives can help in saving the environment for the next generations.

  • Upcycling

Repurposing old structures can save natural resources. Green buildings enable optimum energy expenditures and reduce waste by reusing and recycling. This creates less pollution and makes a sustainable habitat.

  • Protects ecosystem

Disruptive climatic patterns and global warming are the results of massive urbanization. Overutilization of natural resources for our own good has created a grave situation for the planet’s future. Green buildings help in protecting the ecosystem by using energy-efficient methods throughout the building lifecycle.

  • Reduces the pressure on water bodies

All the plumbing in a green building ensures that there is less consumption of water. Replete with alternative ways of acquiring water, such as a rainwater harvesting system, a green building becomes an asset to its environment.

  • Promotes sustainable architecture

Green buildings encourage the use of innovative designs and methodologies for the effective design of buildings. These designs cater to space planning and lighting needs as naturally as possible. Green buildings create awareness on efficient urban planning and encourage sustainable architecture for social, environmental, and economic benefits. 


Top 10 Templates To Download


It’s high time to exploit the benefits of green buildings. SlideTeam designers have curated the top 10 green building templates that can be easily downloaded by architects and professionals from the construction industry to express the need and numerous benefits of green buildings. Browse through these fascinating green building templates and pick the ones that can make your client ‘go green’.

Template 1

Eco Friendly City With Green Infrastructure Concept


Download Eco Friendly City With Green Building Concept Template


Describe the various ways of developing an eco-friendly city by incorporating this stunning green building template. The refreshing look of the template instantly grabs the attention of the audience and, hence, serves the purpose.

Template 2

Green Building Template With Windmills Depicting Conservation Of Energy


Download Green Building With Windmills Depicting Conservation Of Energy Template


Architects can showcase the effects of deploying windmills by introducing this pre-designed green building template. As this template is editable, you can mention the highlights and educate your audience easily.

Template 3

Residential Buildings Roof Covered With Green Trees


Download Residential Buildings Roof Covered With Green Trees Template


Green buildings are a great way to promote sustainable habitat. Download this illustrative PowerPoint template to showcase the benefits of green architecture to the clients. This template can be used in seminars and conferences to highlight the need to adopt the change in designing infrastructure.

Template 4

Residential Green Building To Reduce Carbon Emission


Download Residential Green Building To Reduce Carbon Emission Template


Carbon footprint is a concern for the environment. Incorporate this green building template to discuss the adverse effects of increasing carbon footprints due to construction and suggest measures effectively. You can list the points in detail using this PowerPoint template.

Template 5

Eco Friendly Building Design With Green Plants


Download Eco Friendly Building Design With Green Plants Template


Discuss the role of plants in an eco-friendly building design by downloading this pre-designed PPT template. Professionals can utilize this template for meetings and seminars and have a productive session.

Template 6

Office Building With Green Roof


Download Office Building With Green Roof Template


Elucidate the importance of office infrastructure that promotes sustainability by incorporating this pre-built template. Showcase the benefits of a green building by introducing this flexible template to your client.

Template 7

Image Showing Office Building Covered By Green Plants


Download Office Building Covered By Green Plants


Green buildings reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce carbon footprints. Students can download this visually appealing template to discuss the role of green buildings in mitigating the problem of global warming. As this template is editable, you can use it for educational purposes as well.

Template 8

Apartment Building With With Green Roof


Download Apartment Building With With Green Roof Template


Download this striking green building template to emphasize the need for sustainable architecture. The various advantages of green building can be showcased using this PowerPoint template.

Template 9

Hotel Building Displaying Greenery To Promote Green Tourism


Download Hotel Building Displaying Greenery To Promote Green Tourism Template


The hotel industry can utilize this versatile green building template to highlight the features they provide their customers for making their stay relaxing and comfortable. Discuss the role of green building in creating a healthy environment by incorporating this template.

Template 10

Green Lawn In Front Of College Campus Building


Download Green Lawn In Front Of College Campus Building Template


Educational institutions can download this green building template to showcase their sprawling campus.  They can also discuss the contribution of green building for a healthy environment using this customizable template. 


The substantial impact of green buildings cannot be ignored. Reducing human influence on the environment is good for future-proof habitats. Using our professionally-designed top 10 green building templates, you can effectively convey your ideas for a sustainable building design and usher in the new revolution of the construction industry. Download these green building templates now!

You can also explore more ways to go green with our Top 25 Green Renewable Energy PowerPoint Templates for a Sustainable Coexistence.

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