Are you stuck in between a group development project and see no way of moving forward? Do you want to portray your group development stages but can’t think of how to present them? We have got the perfect solution for you. 


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Grab our 10 Group Development Stage Examples with Samples and Templates that are designed keeping your unique needs in mind. These templates will not only help you monitor your group development stages but will also play a role in better presentation of your work. These will help you in mainstreaming your budgets helping you make decisions derived out of precision and accuracy

Some Readymade Group Development Stages Templates To Try


We have it all for you! All the way from tracking team activities to estimating potential capabilities, each of our slides is crafted to help you portray clarity in your team planning for improved decision-making. Get access to tools that make your team management easy. Explore our range of group development stages templates today and take control of your team goals with confidence.


Template 1: Four Stages of Group Development


Four Stages of Group Development


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This PPT Template thoroughly explores the foundational phases of team formation. It provides a detailed roadmap through the forming, storming, norming, and performing stages. The forming section comes with a subsection of affiliation where you can customize and put in your information. The storming section has a power sub-section, while the norming section has an achievement column. Finally, the performing section is enclosed with a synergy section.


If you are a team leader, you can use this PPT to guide your teams in achieving optimal possible performance and collaboration with growth.  These can help promote a healthy learning environment in your team and make it easier for you to report ahead. 


Template 2: Stages of Group Development for Project Management


Stages of Group Development for Project Management


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This PPT Layout illustrates the stages of group development for project management. It offers detailed insights into performance and phases, displayed on a graph with phases on the x-axis and performance on the y-axis. This will help plan and guide effective team management through different project phases. 


It has five major parts, starting with forming and ending with adjourning. The middle portions include storming, norming, and performing. Each is marked with different colors, and each section has two subsections to store your information. It is tailor-made for project heads as it helps to align team activities with overall project objectives by monitoring progression through each stage of group development.


Template 3: Stages of Group Development with Team Effectiveness


Stages of Group Development with Team Effectiveness


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This PowerPoint Template emphasizes the crucial link between group development stages and team performance. It also features a graph with time on its x-axis and effectiveness on its y-axis. This helps measure the relationship between the time taken by a team and its relation to the effectiveness of a team. 


Template 4: Group Development Process in Five-Stage Flow


Group Development Process in Five Stage Flow


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This PPT Slide offers a detailed five-stage flow chart of group development in a circular format. It starts from forming and ends adjourning. It helps people comprehend the complete development process. The slide outlines each stage—forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning— to help address related issues. 


These visually appealing slides simplify team communication and help grasp the dynamics of good team development. You can use this for training sessions, project kick-offs, and team-building exercises. 


Template 5: Forming Stage of Group Development for Project


Forming Stage of Group Development for Project


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Use this PowerPoint Presentation to address the initial phase of team formation. This template helps set the foundation for effective teamwork and collaboration. It allows teams to establish clear objectives, define clear roles and responsibilities within members, and build trust in team members overall. 


Use this slide to help your team start on the right foot. It has an orientation stage that comes with its own pointers. It begins with uncertainty and anxiety among members and covers members who are cautious about their behavior. Next, it covers gaining an understanding of group purposes, the role of an individual in a team, major milestone decisions, and rule outlines


Template 6: Storming in Stages of Group Development


Storming in Stages of Group Development


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This PPT Template on Storming in the Stages of Group Development is an editable slide with open columns and icons. Three title boxes allow you to add your information. This slide can help at the stage where conflicts and challenges are expected. Download this template today and equip your team with the best tools to overcome conflicts and create new ideas. 


Template 7: Norming in Stages of Group Development


Norming in Stages of Group Development


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Use this PPT Preset to establish dedicated norms and working styles. This helps develop communication and team collaboration. It starts with team strengths, cohesion, well-understood relationships, team commitment to goals, and optimizing team processes. Each stage includes editable text fields to add content to reflect your team's goals. 


This will solidify team working relationships and enhance their working capacity, including understanding the given task.


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Template 8: Group Development in Five Stage Process Flow with Adjourning and Performing


Group Development in Five Stage Process Flow with Adjourning and Performing


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This PPT Template offers an overview of the five stages of group development: Forming and Orientation, Storming and Struggling, Norming and Cooperation, Performing and Adaptive, and Adjourning and Closure. These stages have editable tiles with icons that can be customized to your needs. 


Each stage is very clearly defined, and it provides detailed insights into the workings and shows the necessary actions required at each phase. This makes it an important tool for teams and team heads, making it easier for them to understand the lifecycle of group development for better performance assessment.

Template 9: Stages of Group Development with Performance Impact


Stages of Group Development with Performance Impact


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Use this PPT Framework to analyze and improve team efficiency. It visually represents the influence of team performance on group development. The template has a five-stage process of group development, including the Working Group, Pseudo Team, Potential Team, Real Team, and High-Performing Team.


Each of these stages illustrates a team's dynamics and performance levels. It even features a performance impact curve graph, in which Team Effectiveness is on the X-axis and Performance Impact is on the Y-axis.


Template 10: Team Forming in Stages of Group Development


Team Forming in Stages of Group Development


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This PPT Slide covers the usual aspects in or around the aliases of creating a new team from scratch or re-shuffling for a specific project.


Each section enables you to break down different aspects of team formation, and you can use the provided sections to define team roles, set team goals, make a channel set of communication, and provide a list of steps in team development (forming, storming, norming, and performing). 


This template is especially beneficial for heads of teams who will create a team from scratch or rearrange existing teams as needed.




You can succeed in group development through effective planning, prosecution, and presentation. But to achieve all three, you need to be determined. You can use examples to help your team understand and guide them through each phase. 


We have covered everything from the foundational forming stage to the pivotal adjourning phase so that you can build up your dream team that overshadows results. Give wings to your approach to team development with our top-notch templates today!


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