Lack of efficiency is a common phenomenon and perhaps the most widespread problem faced by many project teams. Most of the time, the issue lies in having no clear insights into the tasks of the team, thus making it difficult to determine what exactly is dragging the productivity down. 


However, adopting a Kanban Board and its principles can turn the tide around. It will not only help you in exhibiting more efficacy but also help in revealing the shortcomings of your team and where exactly it needs to augment its abilities. 


Although this Japanese scheduling technique was originally designed to attain seamless manufacturing of goods and products, it has now reached plenty of verticals. Right from processing to management, every professional makes use of the Kanban Board to optimize his workflow. Hence, it is trivial to ramp up the overall productivity of your team members. 


Here are 10 best Kanban Board Templates that you can implement in your work culture to organize it. These templates have a wide variety of uses and so they can help redefine the way your organization works. No matter what audience you cater to, these professionally designed templates will help you in presenting your work in a revolutionary manner. Simply pick the one that draws your attention, and edit the entire presentation in a blink of an eye!


Kanban Board Templates to Download and Use:


Template 1


Risk assessment is important in order to determine risk responses. While some risks are tackled by undertaking a few activities, others require attention to the way these activities are undertaken, popularly known as Agile risk management or risk tagging. This Agile Kanban Board PPT template is designed to support the visualization of risk-related tasks. It enables you to anticipate the distribution of risks and detect the discrepancies in risk analysis. Consequently, since it adheres to agile principles, it will help you in implementing them with full efficiency. This template is fully editable, so you can make necessary changes in it as per your convenience, such as the color can be changed, font size can be increased or decreased and so on and so forth.


Agile Risk Identification Kanban Board

Download Agile Risk Identification Kanban Board 


Template 2


Visualize your tasks and monitor each stage of your project using this Kanban Board template. Keep a tab on the bottlenecks in your workflow using this template. This Kanban Board PowerPoint visual can be used to organize your work, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of your team members. It will also help you in visualizing your work process, regulating tasks thus reducing time wastage. Furthermore, our template will help you improve your workflow by dividing it into various swimlanes titled Story, To-Do, Work-in-Progress, Verify and Done. Nonetheless, it comes in an editable format, so you can alter the titles of swimlanes and other facets depending upon your requirement. 


Agile Kanban Story To Do Work In Progress

Download Agile Kanban Story To Do Work In Progress 


Template 3


Kanban boards are used in all sorts of Agile software products, beneficial for Agile distributed teams. They help to maintain the throughput of a particular process by identifying bottlenecks, setting work in progress limits, etc. You can use this Agile Kanban board PPT template to display the entire status of the production process with ease. You can also use it to showcase various teams, user stories, and many other factors. Additionally, you can set WIP limit sets to minimize the total amount of work done at any time. So, click on the download button now and make this template your own. 


Agile Kanban Showing Input Wip Limit Analysis

Download Agile Kanban Showing Input


Template 4


Kanban Board is an easy and very convenient project management tool, based on workflow visualization principles and limitations imposed on the amount of work in progress. Getting started with this useful methodology becomes easy when you have a pre-designed template in hand. Use our Kanban board icon template to streamline and optimize your workflow. This will help your team in exhibiting prolific performance as they will be focused on getting the tasks completed, rather than starting a new task and leaving it unfinished. This is the basic principle of a Kanban board, which our template fulfills and adheres. You simply have to download it, move the cards and use it for your own work culture. 


Agile Kanban Board

Download Agile Kanban To Do In Progress Marketing Design And Development


Template 5


Kanban Board and adopting its principles bring a revolutionary shift and organization. Use our kanban board template that will help you in using this visual workflow method with ease. Increase the visibility of your project progress by making use of this pre-designed template. It comes in very handy especially for start-ups looking to organize their workflow process by including Kanban board.  This template is also helpful in drastically reducing time-to-market development and engineering time. Additionally, it will help you boost communication among your team members, thus helping them find radical solutions to their problems quickly. Since this PPT slide, comes in an editable format 


Kanban Icons PPT Example FileDownload Kanban Icons PPT Example File


Template 6


You can use this Kanban Board Icon template for your agile management project. This tool is designed to help you visualize your work, limit work-in-progress and maximize efficiency as it is well-structured and put together intuitively by our experts. It will also help you in continuously improving the productivity of your team with the help of technology and commitment towards the right amount of work. Furthermore, it comes in an editable format wherein all the graphics and visuals can be adjusted according to your needs. All you have to do is download, edit, and present with full confidence and agility.  


Kanban Design Icons PPT

Download Kanban Design Icons PPT Example


Template 7


This Agile Kanban board template can be used for planning, monitoring and visualizing your project. It is an incredibly useful template that allows your team members to be more productive, thus improving business processes. Further, it is a great template to visualize your workflow and identify any bottlenecks in the process that is dragging its productivity down. Although this particular board shows two aspects, analysis, and development you can configure the board layout according to your needs and requirements. Owing to the fact that this template is fully editable and made of moveable objects,  you will face no difficulty in constructing it as per your preference. 


Agile Kanban Showing Input Queue Analysis Development

Download Agile Kanban Showing Input Queue Analysis


Template 8


Give an overview of your current work situation by utilizing this Agile Kanban PowerPoint template. Visualize work in a simplified manner by incorporating this design. It will help you in communicating effectively which enhances the overall productivity of your team members. Limit the amount of work done and focus only on completing tasks rather than starting new. Eventually, this slide will help you in delivering more value, leading to fewer risks and reduced stress on your team members. This is also an editable layout, so you can make as many changes in it as you like.


Agile Kanban Work In Progress Flow Management

Download Agile Kanban Work In Progress Flow Management And Visualization


Template 9


Support industry-standard lean manufacturing methods by utilizing our Kanban icon board PPT template. Use this for electronic reporting, streamlining production management, status visibility of your project,  daily activity updates and the like. Since the traditional paper-driven Kanban tools can sometimes create downstream production issues, we have designed this template to fill in these gaps. This layout will help you to centralize your company’s purchase orders, manufacturing requisitions, etc. It will also help in issues that arise in the change management process like collaboration, sustainability, service delivery, etc. Nonetheless, this template comes in with high-resolution visuals and graphics that can be used as per the liking of the user. You can easily key in your important details, and alter it as per your business demands. 


Kanban Icon Showing Scheduling In Lean Manufacturing

Download Kanban Icon Showing Scheduling In Lean Manufacturing


Template 10


Our Kanban Board icon PPT layout is a work scheduling template that can help maximize the overall productivity and efficiency of your team members. It also comes in very handy in agile management projects, wherein you need to optimize your workflow. The overall graphical approach of this layout makes it perfect for monitoring day-to-day activities and executive meetings. It can also be utilized by project management teams, technology, and software teams, product development teams amongst others to continuously improve their workflow. This template is intuitively designed, so feel free to configure according to your organizational demands. 


Kanban Icon Showing Board For Agile System

Download Kanban Icon Showing Board For Agile System


Kanban Boards can be called on for all projects, whether they are big or small, individual or team effort, one-time or ongoing. These tools are extremely functional to manage your projects provided you choose the right one. 


Hence, download any of these templates listed above and customize them until everything feels just right!