Legal documents drive the legal system. They are official contracts, records, or documents that regulate almost every aspect of society. Wills, contracts, deeds, patents, etc., all fall under legal documents. Each document has its own unique purpose and implications. 


These documents aim to establish an understanding and agreement between two or more parties including businesses, individuals, government entities, and more. 


Legal Templates are a significant solution for creating a legal document without spending time and money on hiring an attorney. Click here for our top 10 Legal Templates


Drafting a legal document is a highly specialized task that requires precision and attention to detail. A single phrase or a misplaced comma can obscure the intent of the document, leading to disputes. 


Considering the legal profession, time and efficiency are foremost. One invaluable tool for creating legal documents efficiently is PowerPoint Templates.


While it might seem easy to draft a slide, finding the correct balance of design, colors, icons, and text that aligns with the tone of the presentation is challenging. That is where our pre-designed PowerPoint Slides come in handy. 


These templates provide a structured framework that ensures accuracy and consistency. They are 100% customizable and editable. Rather than drafting every document from scratch, attorneys and other professionals can employ these templates, which form the foundation, saving time and effort. 


Let’s Explore these top 10 legal document templates now!


Template 1: Legal Documents Required for Services a Funding

This PowerPoint Template highlights the key legal documents required for Series A funding, assisting in a company’s due diligence process. It includes important documents such as the term sheet, certificate of incorporation, stock purchase agreement and investor suitability and rights agreement. This information is displayed with the help of engaging visuals and icons that promote streamlining the paperwork process and ensure clarity amongst both the parties involved. It provides both parties with all the necessary information ensuring transparency and efficiency to obtain finance for services. 


Legal documents required for services a funding




Template 2: One Pager Legal Aid at Work Fact Sheets

This PowerPoint Slide showcases a one-page format that summarizes important legal information and workplace rights of the employees. It includes sections that cover job protection laws such as FMLA, wage replacement regulations, workplace accommodation requirements, and anti-discrimination laws to promote equality in the workplace. Each of these is represented with the help of engaging icons, so that the important information is highlighted, and employees easily understand their rights and protections. 


One Pager Legal Aid at Work Fact Sheets




Template 3: One-Page Legal Partnership Agreement

This PowerPoint Slide illustrates a structured one-page format for creating a legal partnership agreement. This one-pager is divided into multiple sections to define partnership terms, location of the business, initial capital contributions, roles and decision-making authority, etc. In addition, it also includes a section for withdrawal procedures or exits by the partners. This helps partners to quickly review the main terms and conditions of their business relationship in a brief manner, binding it legally.


One Page




Template 4: One Pager Legal Document for Sale of Business Assets

This PowerPoint Slide showcases a one-page legal document for the sale of business assets. The design of the template includes multiple sections which display information in an easy-to-understand manner. Sections detailing parties’ information, asset specifications like item, quantity, and total price, as well as terms and conditions covering considerations, amendments, and more are included in this informative template. In addition to that space for buyer and seller’s signatures is also provided, ensuring the legal binding of the document and smooth transfer of the assets. Grab it today!


One Pager Legal Document for Sale of Business Assets




Template 5: One-Pager Legal Sale of Equipment Document

This PowerPoint Template showcases a brief description of the legal sale of equipment paperwork on a single page. It includes the buyer’s and seller’s names, their respective email IDs, and their states. It also includes a description of the equipment, such as model number, serial number, etc., and its price. The slide format covers all essential elements for efficient review and execution by offering clarity and quick communication of the information about the selling process. 


One Pager




Template 6: Review of Legal Documents and Policies

This PowerPoint Slide showcases a review of legal documents and policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically created for companies involved in the transportation industry. It includes a checklist column along with completed, in progress, not started, or not applicable columns. This organized approach allows businesses to carefully review the present legal and policy environment. It also helps in identifying gaps if any and keeps track of the progress toward readiness during the crisis time. 


Review of Legal Documents and Policies




Template 7: Legal Team

Whether you are advising on legal matters, approving products, or reviewing documents, employ this PowerPoint Template bundle in 12 slides. It allows legal professionals to effectively convey complex legal concepts, analysis, and risks to stakeholders. This PPT deck includes slides on the business team signing legal contracts, icons related to finalizing business team legal terms, law book, finalizing business proposals, approving product quality, and more. This contributes to informed decision-making within the organization. 


Legal Team




Template 8: Legal Investigation

This PowerPoint Template Bundle in 12 slides highlights the management process of a legal investigation. It highlights a slide that showcases an advocate examining a legal investigation report with the statute of justice, filing of legal documents after investigation, detailed description of the report, investigation process flow, and more. This PPT deck includes specific icon slides which makes the templates more appealing. We all know the value of facts, evidence, and arguments in the legal domain, here using a PowerPoint template can effectively communicate the timelines, key details, and other elements. It strengthens the credibility and persuasiveness of legal arguments. 






Template 9: Confidential Legal Investigation Report with Detailed Description

This One-Page Template highlights a detailed legal investigation report in an organization. Key sections included in this visually engaging template are the investigation process, witnesses' account, findings, and conclusions. In addition to this, a section highlighting the department name, allegations, employee under investigation, complainant name, and other details of the case is also included. At the bottom of the template, a space is provided for the signature of the investigation officer and date. The layout of the template ensures that all the necessary elements of the investigation are documented properly. 


Confidential Legal Investigation Report with Detailed Description




Template 10: Criminal Court Legal Investigation Process Flow

This PowerPoint Slide showcases the criminal legal investigation process in the form of a flowchart for easy comprehension and engagement. It starts with an offense being reported and then in turn it depicts the key stages like beginning the investigation, gathering evidence, making an arrest if warranted, and ultimately conducting a preliminary hearing. The structure of the flowchart clearly demonstrates the procedures, decision points, and different directions the inquiry might go based on the result. Grab it today!


Criminal Court Legal Investigation Process Flow




Legal Documents- Redefining Reliability


Legal documents are the legal records that govern our obligations, rights, and interactions. They facilitate clarity and understanding between two parties. By using these PowerPoint Slides, professionals can streamline their documentation process and reduce errors. This leads to better services provided to clients. 


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