Do you know what makes the big brands tick and the smaller ones sizzle? Well, the secret sauce is market research analysis, and we have got the perfect recipe – our templates collection!


Market research analysis is like detective work for brands, uncovering the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of consumer behavior.


Do you have your market research in place, but require templates specific to qualitative market research? Here’s the perfect resource.


Brands like Nielsen, IQVIA 5.5, Kantar, Gartner and Ipsos put their best foot forward in this realm. According to recent studies, businesses that engage in market research are 30% more likely to grow than businesses who tend to give the important business activity a miss!


SlideTeam’s Templates depict market insights, wrapped in user-friendly and customizable charm. Want to crack the code of your target audience’s desires? Dive into our templates – it's like having a chat with your customers over coffee. Whether you’re plotting a brand takeover or just want to keep your product pulse in check, our 100% editable and customizable templates are your back-stage pass. Join the segmentation research revolution and turn data into catalysts for positive change.


Let’s make your brand the talk of the town!


Template 1: Conducting Competitor Analysis Using Market Research 

Upgrade your strategic approach with our market research template. This comprehensive deck, in 67 slides, is the ultimate tool for delivering impactful insights to your team and collaborators. Tailor each slide to your business context to create a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you're diving into competitor analysis or presenting market research findings, this PPT Design empowers you with flexibility.


Conducting Competitor Analysis Using Market Research


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Template 2: Market Research Analysis to Understand Target Market Needs 

Revolutionize your market research approach with our template. Move from current scenario analysis to understanding the need for market research to addressing goals in this research. Buyer persona research, measuring brand awareness are all included. Tools for market research being up the rear and we close with dashboards to assess the efficacy of the market research.


Market Research Analysis to Understand Target Market Needs


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Template 3: Market Research Analysis Company Profile PPT template

Embark on a journey of market intelligence with our templates. This comprehensive deck is tailored to showcase your company profile. This PPT Template provides an appealing and informative canvas for presenting your market research prowess. Included in it are 19 major points that make up market research analysis. Some of the major ones are the core values of business, leadership, historical timeline, awards and recognitions et al. The versatility of 65 slides allows for easy adaptation to your business nuances, making this template the epitome of flexibility. Download now and unlock the power to articulate your market research strengths with an unmatched level of clarity and impact.


Market Research Analysis Company Profile


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Template 4: Market Research And Competitive Analysis PowerPoint template

Unveil the essence of strategic advantage with our unparalleled presentation — a game-changer for businesses striving for excellence. This resource provides profound insights and actionable tools for comprehensive market analysis. Delve into the art of Competitive Research for Business, mastering strategies to assess market dynamics and outpace competitors. Elevate your approach with a compelling Competitor Survey Questionnaire, enabling you to glean vital insights for strategic decision-making. Harness the potential of Market Surveys to decode trends, understand customer preferences, and seize opportunities. Download now and propel your business to the heights of strategic prowess and success.


Market Research & Competitive Analysis


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Template 5: Focus group questions to gather audience insights

This PPT Template offers a strategic selection of questions aimed at identifying valuable insights and perspectives. From consumer preferences to behavioral patterns, these questions are crafted to elicit clear responses, fostering a richer understanding of your audience.


Each question is strategically designed to prompt candid and meaningful discussions, ensuring that your focus group sessions become a goldmine of actionable insights. Capture the authentic voice of your audience and transform their input into informed decision-making with the use of this template. Embark on a journey of discovery that shapes your products, services, and marketing strategies with precision and impact with a download.


Focus group questions to gather target audience insight in-general


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Template 6: Addressing goals to conduct market research template

The template features three key sections, starting with a comprehensive 'Goal' section that allows you to articulate research objectives. Whether aiming to understand customer preferences, evaluate market trends, or enhance product positioning, this template provides a structured framework for goal-setting. The 'Description' section allows you to expound on the intricacies of each goal, ensuring an understanding of the research focus. Finally, the 'Goal Type' section categorizes your objectives, whether they are exploratory, descriptive, or explanatory in nature, streamlining your approach. This template empowers you to align your market research goals with precision.


Addressing goals to conduct market research


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Template 7: Latest trends associated with market research

Stay ahead of the competitive game with a dynamic resource unveiling the industry's cutting-edge developments. Highlighting four key trends, this template showcases the escalating demand for online surveys, transforming the way businesses gather insights. Embrace the power of video focus groups, fostering richer engagement and nuanced responses.


Discover the trend of in-house market research, empowering organizations to conduct strategic analyses internally, enhancing control and efficiency. Dive into the realm of social media listening, harnessing real-time conversations to extract valuable consumer sentiments.


Latest trends associated with market research


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Template 8: Growth opportunities in market research industry template

This template presents a dynamic bar graph illustrating promising growth areas within the market research sector. Each bar represents a unique opportunity waiting to be seized, providing a visual roadmap for strategic decision-making.


Identify and capitalize on emerging trends, customer preferences, and market gaps, ensuring your business stays at the forefront of industry evolution.


Maximize your business potential, stay ahead of the curve, and make data-driven choices with this template. Transform market insights into strategic advantages, securing your position in a competitive landscape. Elevate your growth strategy and capture opportunities that drive lasting success.


Growth opportunities in market research industry


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Template 9: About market research: Overview and its benefits template

Here’s a comprehensive guide to unlocking strategic insights and gaining advantage in the market. This template not only provides a overview of market research but also highlights its myriad benefits. Facilitating strategic planning, this resource empowers businesses to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. Here’s a comprehensive guide to unlocking strategic insights and gaining a competitive advantage in the market.  Dive into the analysis of customer needs, a crucial aspect that ensures your products or services align seamlessly with market demands. Download this indispensable resource for businesses seeking sustainable growth and success.


About market research Overview and its benefits


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(Here’s an excellent resource to explore some marketing project management templates)


Template 10: Poor brand awareness amongst target audience template

Introducing a powerful tool designed to illuminate and address gaps in your brand visibility strategy. This template features a compelling bar graph, visually depicting the current state of brand awareness. Accompanied by a detailed observations section, it provides valuable insights into the multiple factors contributing to the perceived shortfall.


Uncover the reasons behind your brand's limited reach and strategically enhance your market presence. The bar graph serves as a visual benchmark, offering a quick assessment of your brand's standing, while the observations section provides context and actionable points for improvement. Upgrade your marketing strategy by leveraging this insightful template, turning poor brand awareness into a catalyst for positive change.


Poor brand awareness amongst target audience


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Template 11: Market Research Analysis Company Overview template

This template goes beyond conventional company profiles, specifically tailored to showcase the intricate dynamics revealed through market research. The template is simple to understand yet attention grabbing. It includes relevant marketing information on the company background and its details that makes it a strong contender for market research analysis. This presentation conveys the essence of your qualitative market research analysis and conveys your business story is told with precision and impact. Equip your team with a strategic roadmap for success, leveraging the insights derived from this indispensable template.


Company overview


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Template 12: Market Research Analysis Executive Summary template

Introducing a strategic tool that distils complex data into a concise and impactful overview. Crafted for executives and decision-makers, this template condenses extensive quantitative market research findings into a clear executive summary. The template encompasses a financial summary and top acquisitions. Effortlessly communicate the essence of your secondary market research with this professionally designed executive summary template. It empowers executives to make informed decisions efficiently. Download the ultimate solution for succinct, high-impact executive communication.


Executive summary


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Template 13: Market Research and Competitive Analysis template

Introducing an essential resource for businesses aspiring to gain a competitive edge. Immerse yourself in the realm of Competitive Research for Business, acquiring effective strategies to navigate your market landscape and identify key competitors. Unlock the secrets of crafting a compelling Competitor analysis Survey Questionnaire to get insights and benchmark against industry rivals. Harness the power of Market Surveys, mastering the skills to evaluate market trends, customer preferences, and lucrative opportunities. Enhance your strategic approach and ensure success with this indispensable guide.


Market research and competitive analysis survey


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Template 14: Market research analysis plan PPT Slides

This template unfolds in four strategic stages, offering a comprehensive approach to market analysis. Begin by 'Clarifying the Vision,' setting a strong foundation for your research objectives. Next, use the 'Marketing Strategy Template' to develop a robust framework that aligns with your vision. Move into the 'Analysis Plan,' breaking down complex data into manageable components for effective evaluation. Finally, delve into 'Market Research,' where actionable insights emerge, guiding your decision-making.


Use this template to enhance your primary market research endeavours. Elevate your strategy and captivate your audience with the solution for a dynamic and impactful presentation.


Market Research Analysis Plan PPT Slides


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These PPT Templates are your VIP pass to decoding consumer intelligence secrets and propelling your brand to new heights. From uncovering audience insights to navigating industry trends, these templates infuse data with personality and purpose. Remember, B2B market research isn't just a necessity; it's your brand's secret weapon for success. With these quirky and customizable templates, you're not just crunching numbers – you're crafting strategies that resonate. Embrace the power of insights, stay ahead of the curve, and let your brand shine in the spotlight of market mastery.


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