"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion." – W. Edwards Deming.


When businesses launch a new product in the market, they spend millions on marketing and advertising. But a lot of these products fail to take off, even if they are very good. Why? The simple answer is there is no market for such products. 

That’s why top organizations have made market research surveys a mandatory addition to their business strategy. 


Market research surveys dive deep into consumer insights. They focus on identifying the potential market for the product they are teaching. When you do a proper market research survey, you can collect vital information like customers' pain points, their needs, and what they expect from a product.  


But what exactly is a market research survey?


Well, it’s a systematic process of gathering information about the potential market. It’s all about getting a cue of what’s troubling the potential customer, what’s their behavioral pattern, what their preferences are, and what exactly they want. The market research survey data focuses on studying competitors, pricing trends, and customer expectations. With such detailed information, it becomes easy to design a product that aligns with the potential users' needs. 


Why are market research surveys essential?


Market research surveys offer a crystal clear picture of the target audience. So, it becomes easy for marketing teams to build strategies that strike a chord with the consumer. Similarly, it can help organizations understand what will trigger a meaningful action from their customer. And the numbers clearly show why market research surveys are important. 


Recently, Statist published a study about market research. According to this study, organizations that invested in market research had  467% more chances to see positive ROI in just a single year!  


At  SlideTeam, our industry has created the top 10 market research survey templates to help you out in this process. Each template is 100% content-ready and fully editable. Let's take a look at how they can help you out.


Template 1: Quantitative Market Research Survey Results

This market research survey dashboard comes with a clean visual layout. If you are a marketer, an analyst, or a manager who wants to tailor strategies for your customers, this is a perfect pick for you. It solely focuses on customers' demographics and their preferences. The template covers critical aspects like the user locations, what topics engage them the most, and the role of survey participants. Then, there is a circular chart that you can use to visualize geographic data and a bar graph that highlights popular topics. You can use it to present your survey findings in front of the decision-makers and even your team. This template can be a perfect pick for brands that want to improve their customer engagement.


Quantitative market research survey results


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Template 2: New Apparel Business Market Research Survey Form Survey 

This template offers a fully captivating layout that you can use to do impressive market research for a company that wants to enter into the apparel business. It covers a lot of critical elements of the business, like which platforms the customers prefer to use for shopping, what prompted them to abandon shopping, and what their satisfaction rating was. All this information comes together to help create a specific user persona and make products accordingly. The template also covers critical demographic information like gender, age group, location, and shopping preferences. Then, there is a satisfaction section that uses a  5-point scale to gauge customer satisfaction across various factors. This includes shopping services and product availability. This template solves your problem of gathering and analyzing detailed customer feedback effectively.



Template 3: Overview Of New Product Market Research Survey Outcomes Survey 

Looking for a product development template that can help you get a detailed overview to identify potential gaps in a product? This one could do the trick. This template is loaded with pie charts and bar graphs to present data on customer preferences. This includes branded products, product features, quality versus quantity, and purchase behavior. Apart from this, the template also covers other key components like ease of use, online purchase preferences, recommendations, and satisfaction levels. If you want to understand what your customers perceive about your brand, this is the perfect template for you. 



Template 4: Market Research Survey PowerPoint Slides

If you want your market research template to be more attractive, this one should be your choice. This template has a dedicated icon and a brief description of each factor of market research. It covers factors like Market Research, Trade Associations, Government Agencies, Face Groups, Interviews, Surveys, and Libraries. The template is extremely adaptable for multiple research needs. It's a perfect pick for professionals who want to present their market research in a simple and effective manner. It looks clutter-free, eye-catching, and delivers the information precisely. It also simplifies the understanding of market research for teams and top leadership. Download now and enhance your market research survey.


Market Research Survey PowerPoint Slides


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Template 5: Product Target Market Research Survey Result Reporting Dashboard

If you want to manage your customer feedback collection effectively, this template is a perfect solution. It offers a very granular visual summary for customer feedback. It covers all the important aspects of market research surveys like Desire Results, New Product Concept Surveys, and more. The idea is to highlight the uniqueness of problem-solving, effectiveness, trends, shareability, and safety of the product. Then, there is a demographic response section. It breaks down the entire data by gender, age, marital status, and education level. It's perfectly suited for businesses that want to present comprehensive market research findings in a clear and concise manner.


Product target market research survey result reporting dashboard


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Template 6: Market Research Survey Analysis Dashboard  

This market research survey questionnaire offers a very detailed overview of survey performance. There are times when it becomes mandatory to analyze the performance of the surveys themselves. That's where this template comes into play. It's perfect for businesses that want to make decisions about their multiple surveys. It covers critical factors like survey completion rate, survey by department breakdown, and a summary table. This table lists individual surveys with their creation date, number of questions, respondents, completion rate, and average time taken. Finally, the dashboard displays key metrics such as the total number of surveys, respondents, collectors, average time taken, and partial responses. This template is perfect for organizations that want to improve their survey quality across multiple departments. Result? It can improve overall data-gathering and surveying abilities. 




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Template 7: Product Market Research Survey Result Percentage 

If you like presentations with attractive visual elements, this template is something that you need. It is a breakdown of customer professions (Corporate Executives, Content Writers, IT Professionals, Client Service, and College Graduates) and a geographical distribution of customers by country. The best part? A circular chart that illustrates customer distribution across regions. Then, there is a bar chart that captures customer responses to various factors. This includes product pricing, problem-solving capabilities, product quality, recommendation likelihood, and much more. If you want to analyze the customer feedback and their demography to better optimize your product and marketing strategies, this is a must-have template for you.   


Product market research survey result percentage


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Template 8: Market Research Survey Questionnaire for Product Development

Consumer insights are critical for optimizing any product or its marketing. That's where this professionally crafted template comes into play. It covers numerous questions on consumer gender, first impression of the product, household income group, and initial reaction to the product. On top of that, the template also asks the survey takers to rate the product they have purchased. This can help gauge the buyer's satisfaction. This template is perfectly ideal for businesses that want to understand customer demographics, perceptions, and purchase intent. Result? Businesses can align their pricing strategies with the customers' expectations.


Market Research Survey Questionnaire for Product Development


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Template 9: Market Research And Survey Analysis Dashboard

This market research template is perfectly suited for trade associations and other organizations who want to get a comprehensive view of survey results and responses. The template has various sections like the organization's size, survey respondents by country, and employee job satisfaction. It also focuses on the importance of DevOps usage in software, developer learning frequency, and formal education level. All this crucial information is summed up into very attractive visual elements so the viewers can understand it at a glance. The template is perfect for getting insights into demographics, satisfaction levels, educational backgrounds, and professional development needs.


Market research and survey analysis dashboard


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Template 10: New Product Market Research Survey Form To Know Customer Preferences Survey

Planning to upgrade your product? It's better to perform a detailed market research survey first. And that's where this template can help you out! This template is specifically designed to collect information about customers' preferences. It covers multiple questions on whether customers prefer buying branded products if the product meets their expectations and if they have seen similar products on other websites. Apart from that, the survey template also asks critical questions like whether the customers prefer quality over quantity and if the product is better than competitors. This template is perfect for businesses that want to customize their products based on customer demands. It collects all the targeted feedback to inform strategic decisions and improve product offerings.



Wrapping Up


Market research surveys are an extremely important part of any marketing and product development strategies. As W Edward Deming says, "Without data, you are just another person with an opinion." So, if you, too, are planning to launch a new product or optimize the existing ones, a market research survey is critical. And that’s where our templates can simplify the job for you. As they are designed after thorough market research, they take into account every critical information that's necessary for improvising the product.