In 1988, Nike advertised its iconic slogan of ‘Just Do It’. The swoosh and these three words quickly became a core component of the shoe company, helping sales grow from $877 million to $9.2 billion dollars in just over 10 years.


This campaign has been a major example of marketing success; it has transcended time and echoed with customers through the years. Over time, all companies have recognized the importance of strategic marketing projects to drive growth, enhance brand visibility, and capture market share.


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Marketing projects encompasses a wide array of strategies and techniques designed to promote products, services, or ideas. Through targeted campaigns, companies can reach potential customers and establish a presence in geographical locations. Whether engaging social media posts, captivating videos, or persuasive ad copies, compelling content captures the audience’s attention and communicates the brand value proposition.


For instance, from 2006-2009, Apple also ran a successful campaign, called the “Get a Mac” Campaign. This series of ads highlighted Mac’s user-friendly interface and sleek design, contributing to Apple’s rise in popularity during the period.


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These projects often involve comprehensive market research, creative brainstorming, and planning to achieve desired outcomes. Effective marketing projects focus on understanding consumer behavior, identifying target audiences, and crafting narratives that resonate with people’s emotions and aspirations.


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Our marketing project templates covers digital marketing project weekly status reports, project delivery plan with budget and timeline, project proposal one-page presentation, infographics on marketing project presentation and much more.


The content ready templates are 100% editable and customisable. The slide content provides a solid foundation to the audience, which can then be customized according to their preferences. The edit feature means the template can be tailored to audience profile.


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Template 1: Marketing project PPT template bundles

Use this well-designed template to gain an edge on your marketing projects. This template gives an overview of project planning with key marketing activities, and showcases a project report of digital marketing campaign performance. The slide also focuses on approaches for marketing project success, which includes hiring a professional, auditing an active project, using a project management software and creating a checklist for marketing tasks. A marketing project checklist for a new product launch is also included. The presentation template also includes a KPI dashboard to evaluate marketing project campaign results and to measure ecommerce marketing project performance.


Marketing Project


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TEMPLATE 2: Digital marketing project weekly status report

This PPT Template helps you create a weekly status report with details like project status, manager, sponsor, schedule, execution timeline, key risks and issues of the project covered. This PPT Slide is the gateway to an organized digital marketing project. Grab it now and create E-commerce marketing reports.


Digital marketing project weekly status report


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TEMPLATE 3: Case for action of platform for marketing projects

Create an impactful case for action slide with this content-ready PPT Template. The slide establishes a case study of a medical organization, whose marketing team was unable to work on projects. The layout includes a company overview, the challenge for the company, the solution that can be implemented, and the outcome that resulted.


Case for Action of Platform for Marketing Projects


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Template 4: Marketing project delivery plan with budget and timeline

This PPT Template has a solid marketing project delivery plan, explained in detail with the stages divided and expanded upon. For example, the planning stage has a highly detailed marketing campaign such as the deliverables, employees assigned to the planning task alone, a budget created specifically for this stage and a clear starting and end date. Other stages like content creation, content posting and analysis and reporting are also included. A timeline for each stage provides the necessary discipline. Grab the slide and launch your products to maximum success!


Marketing Project Delivery Plan with Budget and Timeline


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TEMPLATE 5: Marketing project proposal one pager presentation report infographic ppt pdf document

This concise PPT Template helps users create a great marketing project proposal. The infographic covers details such as key scopes of services, an executive summary, a client brief, offline and online marketing services, marketing service packages, timeframe of the project and contract agreement details. Highlight your services with this excellently-curated PowerPoint one-pager. Click to download this template and create a buzz about your products in the marketplace.


Marketing Project Proposal One Pager


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Template 6: One-page marketing project management timeline highlighting social media plan report infographic ppt pdf Doc

This document showcases a social media plan for a marketing project with a detailed timeline. Use this template to provide your audience with a successful, crisp and clear infographic with minimal effort. The template divides the social media plan into initiation, planning, execution, control and closure. All steps are reviewed and the success of your posts help in modifying your plans. Use this template and provide your audience with an immaculate campaign.


One Page Marketing Project Management Timeline Highlighting Social Media Plan


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TEMPLATE 7: One-page executive summary of marketing project charter presentation report infographic ppt pdf document

This PPT Template depicts the executive summary of marketing project charter, showcasing elements like a purpose statement, project objectives, project scope which expands into deliverables, requirements, risk and assumptions. It also covers details about the project team, milestone schedule, project resources, and stakeholders and approvers. A well detailed project communication plan is also provided. 


One Pager Executive Summary of Marketing Project Charter


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Template 8 One-page funding proposal for marketing project presentation report

This one-pager document provides a concise funding proposal for a marketing project. The template has headings divided into project abstract, goals and objectives, use case, budget requirements and a project row. The aim of project row is to help identify and define KPIs; curate relevant content for social media posting and contracting social media influencers. Each of these is matched to responsible individuals and the start-and-the-end dates.


One Page Funding Proposal for Marketing Project


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TEMPLATE 9: One-page proposal for marketing project presentation report

This single-pager PPT Template provides a crisp and clear proposal for a marketing project. The template covers the project title, objectives, key results, impact and the cost and duration of the project along with the potential risks involved. Present the proposal for your marketing project with this pre designed template and impress your audience. Incorporate this ppt template now by clicking to download now.


One Page Proposal for Marketing Project


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TEMPLATE 10: One-page marketing project presentation one-pager presentation infographic

This PPT Presentation Slide covers the A-Z of a marketing project presentation, highlighting a project schedule with details about the designated task’s start date and finish date, progress and concern. Other details highlighted include project budgeting and project milestones. Grab this template and build a concise project presentation.


One Page Marketing Project Presentation One Pager


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Marketing projects, whether successful or viral, demonstrate the power of creativity, relevance and emotional connection in capturing the hearts and minds of consumers. Use our well-crafted, content ready templates to ensure a hugely successful campaign.


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