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Top 10 One-Page Food Fact Sheet Templates to Help Your Customers Make a Healthy Choice

Top 10 One-Page Food Fact Sheet Templates to Help Your Customers Make a Healthy Choice

Nidhi Malhotra

February 24, 2021

Creating business documents is a piece of cake, said no business person ever.


Whether it is about being ever ready to present that business idea to investors, to present product features to convince buyers to buy that product you created going through all blood, sweat, and tears, or to present your client a roadmap to that successful project, the ultimate need is to create comprehensive business documents.


And let’s be practical, neither do your investors or customers have time to go through the huge chunk of details nor you can devote so much time to create comprehensive documents. Fact Sheets, this is your ultimate solution here. Fitting all the essential information about your product or business project into a brief document becomes simplified with a fact sheet. Let’s dig a little more into this.


What is a Fact Sheet and What are its Benefits?


A fact sheet, also known as factsheet and fact file is a one-pager document, which comprises information and data about a company, startup, organization, an event, or the product and services a company offers. A fact sheet simplifies the process of creating the business document. With a fact sheet, you can extract the relevant information to lay it down on a one-page sheet elegantly.


You can pitch the investors or start a conversation with potential customers by showcasing this one-page fact sheet in a meeting or digitally. A fact sheet has to be crisp and concise and is displayed in a visual format so that the key information is emphasized. This effective one-sheet holds a lot of value. This document can be a potent marketing tool and also works as sales enablement content. The best highlights of the fact sheet are that it’s easy to produce and it saves a lot of your time.


As understood here that we can optimize fact sheets for a multitude of cases, and covering the product and services a company offers is one of the most significant usages of fact sheets.


Our research professionals at SlideTeam have come up for your rescue with these top 10 picks of food fact sheet templates. These easy-to-skim, compact, and concise fact sheet templates are equipped to be used and adapted for many purposes.


So, without further ado, scroll down and pick your favorites from these best picks and easily download them to use.


Top 10 One-Page Food Fact Sheet Templates to Download and Use

Template 1

If you are a dietitian, a doctor, or a fitness trainer then this stellar food fact sheet example is the perfect match for you. You can easily customize the values of this one-page to educate your readers on a healthy food diet. Edit the pre-developed food pyramid and acquaint readers with the daily serving quantity of listed food items. Further, jot down the serving size guide and average calorie requirement for both active and inactive males and females.


One-Page Food Fact Sheet Template 

Download One-Page Food Fact Sheet Template

Template 2

A captivating and clear-cut product data-sheet layout majorly helps customers to make up their mind for the purchase of a featured product. If you are itching to design the product factsheets to promote your new products then grab this template without any worries. This one-page is of great assistance for FMCG firms to present ingredients and nutritional information about their different products. Easily add product visuals and jot down product name, brand, and ingredients. Also provide detailed nutritional information of the featured products in terms of vitamins, protein, calories, etc.


One-Page Food Product Data Sheet Template

Download One-Page Food Product Data Sheet Template

Template 3

Incorporate this effective and well-formatted one-pager to document all the attributes and information of your food products. Familiarize readers with product information including its nutritional information, specifications, and regulatory claims. Edit the text values of this one-page food specification sheet and talk about the shelf life, suggestive storage, packaging content, and the microbiological specification of the product. Share this one-page with business clients or optimize this one-page to acquaint your employees with the product specification and information to sell your new products.


Download One-Page Food Product Specification Sheet Template

Download One-Page Food Product Specification Sheet Template

Template 4

Pitching potential customers and convincing them to purchase a new product is one of the hardest business endeavors. But don’t you worry, choosing this one-pager you can make it a lot easier for you. This startling product marketing one sheet is a handy advertising and branding tool. Download this template to showcase your product details to your customers. Edit the text details to jot down the description of the product, its ingredient-related information, and specifications. Pitch potential customers by providing them with solutions to their problems through your featured products.


One-Page Food Product Sell Sheet Template

Download One-Page Food Product Sell Sheet Template

Template 5

Handling multiple customers and providing them with a diet chart or diet plan is a never-ending job for a dietitian and trainer. Sounds, relatable? Then this is your template, dealing with multiple customers will become super easy if you invest in this nutrition fact file template. This template provides a snapshot of the nutrition fact label sheet and covers all the essential information about a healthy food diet with key instructions. You can easily modify the text sections to provide your clients with diet information such as the total number of servings per container, total calories per serving, and other beneficial nutrients along with the percent of daily value consumed by a person.


One-Page Nutrition Fact Sheet Template

Download One-Page Nutrition Fact Sheet Template

Template 6

If displaying food specification sheet at a meeting or on your website is your upcoming agenda then this one-pager template is the perfect choice for you. This slide comprises all the significant product details in a concise, clear yet visually-appealing manner. You can feature your company’s food products and can showcase their specifications in terms of the ingredients, nutritional information, allergens, suggested storage, and shelf life. You can also throw light on the physical, chemical, and microbiological specifications of the concerned item. Incorporating this one-pager nutritional food fact sheet sample, you can also add product visuals and can further cover a crisp food product description with the ingredient statement.


One-Page Food Product Spec Sheet Template

Download One-Page Food Product Spec Sheet Template

Template 7

A product nutrition factsheet can be an effective tool for companies to assist their customers in making informed food choices. That, in turn, will positively affect their health adding your nutritional products among their favorites. If that’s what your agenda looks like, then this is your match. Categorized in various sections, this one-page food nutrition database template portrays a detailed product information sheet. It also covers the product description, ingredient statement, and detailed nutritional information of your product in terms of vitamins, minerals, calories, etc. Change the look of this one-page in a breeze and make it suitable for your company’s usage.


One-Page Product Nutrition Fact Sheet Template

Download One-Page Product Nutrition Fact Sheet Template

Template 8

A healthy body and a healthy lifestyle are an ultimate resolute for everyone with coronavirus pandemic making it necessary more than ever. This one-pager is a handy tool for fitness companies to pitch potential customers with their healthy products and services. Showcase your company’s information along with highlights on your USP and expertise. Give an introduction about the glycemic index and use it to display the GI impact on diet. Showcase the impacts of having a GI-rich diet on insulin release by incorporating this readily available PowerPoint template. You can also conduct a comparative analysis of high and low GI diets. Prepare a perfect meal for your customers by selecting food items utilizing the glycemic index chart shown at the end of this one-page food fact sheet PowerPoint template.


One-Page of Nutrition Firm with Glycemic Food List Template

Download One-Page of Nutrition Firm with Glycemic Food List Template

Template 9

The one-pager template displayed in the picture here depicts the fact sheet for the ergogenic aid used by professional athletes. This one-pager can be optimized to provide an overview of ergogenic aids and best-supplements for endurance athletes. This template covers information about major categories of aids which include mechanical, psychological, physiological, pharmacological, and nutritional categories. Also include the details of food items that enhance energy production in the human body. Lastly, add visuals of ergogenic aids food items by modifying the details of this dietary supplement factsheet.


One-Page Ergogenic Aid Fact Sheet Template

Download One-Page Ergogenic Aid Fact Sheet Template

Template 10

This one-pager talks about Glycemic Index (GI) and its impact on diet and insulin release. Educators, dietitians, and fitness trainers can use this one-pager to educate their readers about a healthy food diet. Graphical illustration of low and high GI can also be done with this one-pager. You can create a perfect meal of breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your clients with this one-pager template. Also, instruct the trainees to make their own meals by effectively utilizing this diet plan template.


One-Page Diet Plan with Glycemic Food List Template

Download One-Page Diet Plan with Glycemic Food List Template


These compelling one-page food fact sheet templates are here to make your work easier. Download, edit, and use, with these three simple steps you can personalize any of these top picks. But if you still have any queries related to these templates, do drop them in the comment sections. Our team will be happy to serve you!

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