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Inbound Marketing Templates
Top 10 PowerPoint Templates You Must Use for Your Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Top 10 PowerPoint Templates You Must Use for Your Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Kritika Saini

June 22, 2021

In April 2019, when Innocent Drinks released their “Bolt from the Blue” drink, they showcased the brand on Twitter in a playful yet informative manner. Inspired by the success of the 14th of March’s Pi Day (where math lovers around the world celebrate the mathematical constant pi), Innocent’s social media team made a Venn diagram about their new blue drink and glued it on Twitter.



Immediately, many Twitter users took this opportunity and claimed that their drink was green instead. However, their innovative social media team answered a vast number of tweets, wittily stating in each one that the color was blue. 


Four days and a zillion tweets later, the thread had more than 33 million organic impressions. Additionally, the company’s social media team also won the “Best in-house client team” at the Drum Social Buzz Award 2019. 


But how did they manage to achieve such big numbers? It was not a miracle! It was an inbound marketing campaign planned strategically by Innocent’s social media team. However, other than Innocent Drinks, many companies like Salesforce, Cisco, Dell, Starbucks, GE, and more use some exceptionally persuasive inbound marketing strategies. 


But before exploring the types of inbound marketing strategies, let’s first understand...


The nitty-gritty of inbound marketing


Inbound marketing is a methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored for them. It aims to draw visitors and potential customers rather than pushing a brand, product, or service on them in hopes of a lead generation. 


The term inbound marketing was coined by “Brian Halligan” in 2005 and has pretty much redefined how people approach digital marketing, thus creating a unique niche capitalizing on its success. Below are the three inbound marketing strategies that will help your business grow better. 

1. Attraction strategy

This strategy will attract your target customers and buyer personas with the creation and development of first-hand content. You can reach your audience by publishing blog posts, newsletters, and social media. Furthermore, optimize all the content with an SEO strategy like target keyword/phrase or solve customer problems. This strategy will automatically up the SERP of your brand. 

2. Engagement strategy

This strategy will help you communicate and deal with your audience in a way that compels them to create a long-term relationship with your brand. Here, you must focus on how your customer care executives handle the inbound sales calls,  selling a solution rather than the product. 

3. Satisfaction strategy

This strategy helps convert customers into brand advocates and promoters. It ensures your clients are happy, satisfied, delighted, and listened to even long after they made a purchase. Thus, it includes team members becoming advisors, incorporating chatbots and surveys, social media listening, podcasts, and more. Make sure to hear and care about all your customers. 


Globally, 74% of marketers practice inbound marketing as a primary approach. To help you attract, engage, and delight your prospective customers, we present our handpicked inbound marketing PowerPoint templates. Assimilate them with your company’s strategy and propose a robust inbound marketing campaign. Let’s dive in!

Template 1

Inbound marketing agencies can use this template to pitch their services to prospective clients. They can help customers with digital support by implementing the inbound methodology in their business. So grab it now!


Inbound Marketing Proposal Template

Download Inbound Marketing Proposal Template 

Template 2

Highlight the multiple forms of pull marketing strategies such as blog, content, SEO, event, social media, and more in this well-structured template. Share it easily with your company to create brand awareness and attract new business. Download now!


Inbound Marketing Strategies Proposal Template

Download Strategies Proposal Template 

Template 3

Choose this must-have inbound marketing proposal. The template includes 30 well-researched slides designed by our team of professionals. So download it immediately and attract visitors through various digital platforms. 


Inbound Marketing At Digital Platform Proposal

Download Inbound Marketing At Digital Platform Proposal

Template 4

This well-structured template elucidates the four pillars of inbound marketing - attract, convert, close, and delight. Additionally, the template is easy to edit. Therefore, download it instantly and captivate your audience. 


4 Pillars of Inbound Marketing Template

Download Four Pillars Of Inbound Template

Template 5

This is another creative inbound marketing template that can be used to exhibit the volume of leads contributed from each strategy. So download this design and make changes as per your premium information. 


Inbound Marketing Leads Template

Download Inbound Marketing Leads Template 

Template 6

Marketing consultants can use this design to craft a contract for their explicit services. This template holds multiple features, of which flexibility tops the list. So grab it right away and make additions as per your company terms. 


Contract For Inbound Marketing Template

Download Contract For Marketing Template

Template 7

This is a visually attractive inbound marketing pyramid template that will help you enhance revenue and grow your business in no time. Utilize it to cite the four stages - system, customer profile, strategy, and campaign execution. Download it without any delay!


Pyramid Four Stage Describing Inbound Marketing Methodology

Download Pyramid Four Stage Describing Inbound Methodology Template

Template 8

This template can help you eliminate traditional and outdated marketing practices with seven strategic content tools. It includes marketing automation, analytics, SEO, content creation, landing pages, and more. So download and use it to your advantage. 


Seven Connecting Circles Inbound Marketing Tools

Download Seven Connecting Circles Tools Template

Template 9

Pick this inbound marketing strategy design to create an invigorating SEO plan. Share it with your team members and motivate them to brainstorm innovative ideas. Download instantly!


SEO Marketing Plan Inbound Marketing Template

Download Seo Marketing Plan Strategy Template 

Template 10 

With this innovative donut design, you can effectively improve your inbound marketing campaign. It displays an 8-step approach, including infographics, call-to-action, videos, newsletter, webinars, white papers, blogging, and more. So download it right away!


8 Steps Of Inbound Marketing Strategy Template

Download Steps Of Inbound Marketing Strategy PPT Slide


Now you know


Find a balance of inbound strategies to get people intrigued with your brand and the products or services on your website. It will be a procedure of tests, trials, and errors. But our actionable PowerPoint templates will surely reduce your effort and help you hit the jackpot. 

P.S: To build a more meaningful relationship and achieve long-term consumer satisfaction and loyalty, explore our top relationship marketing templates here. 

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