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Top 10 Pragmatic Marketing Templates For Profitable Promotion Of Your Product

Top 10 Pragmatic Marketing Templates For Profitable Promotion Of Your Product

Parul Arya

Parul Arya

June 15 2021

Customer delight is at the centrestage of a fool-proof marketing strategy. But developing a product that satisfies the customer’s needs by working on your ideas from the ground up is not an easy task. This is where pragmatic marketing comes into play.


Pragmatic marketing is a product creation and marketing approach that aims to provide the customers exactly what they want. The first step of this process is to find out what specifications customers need in the product. Later, the product is created as per the consumer's desire and tested multiple times until its delivery. One can define pragmatic marketing as a series of product adaptations that ensures that the final product will satisfy the target market effortlessly. 


For instance, mobile manufacturers create a dummy product with special features and send it to a few of their target customers, knowing whether it satisfies their needs or not. Based on their feedback, the manufacturers refine and redesign the product, if required, and roll it out in the market. Let’s take a look at how this approach can be implemented!


  • Firstly, ask your customers what features they really need in a product.
  • Create a prototype for them that incorporates their requirements and bulk requests.
  • Once it’s ready, develop a group of customers to test the prototype.
  • Collect the customer feedback on the prototype, and apply it to make a revised product.
  • Repeat the testing and development process until the final prototype improves, depending upon the customer feedback.
  • Once all the testers or selected customers have given positive feedback, one can launch the product to the public.


Top 10 Pragmatic Marketing Templates To Download And Use


Pragmatic marketing helps organizations develop the products and services that suit their customers’ requirements. To help managers, marketers, TLs, and directors get off to a spectacular start, here are our top 10 pragmatic marketing templates! Let’s explore.


Template 1

Take advantage of this engaging slide to explain to the viewers the importance of pragmatic marketing. The template is fully editable which means you can modify its content at your convenience.


Framework Of Pragmatic Marketing
Download Framework Of Pragmatic Marketing Including Program Strategy


Template 2

Employ our eye-catching slide to showcase the benefits of pragmatic marketing. The template comes with ample space wherein you can tweak the content according to your business needs.


Pragmatic Marketing Framework

Download Pragmatic Marketing Framework For Product Development


Template 3

Utilize this slide to portray how you will monitor the product creation process. With the aid of this template, you can illustrate the steps that help market your final product among the consumers. Download the slide in a few clicks and get your work started.


Product Management Pragmatic Marketing

Download Product Management Pragmatic Marketing Distinctive Competence


Template 4

Employ this slide to demonstrate the steps that help develop pragmatic marketing in the e-commerce business. You can change the color scheme of this template as per your needs and enhance its look. So go ahead and grab this slide.


Steps To Develop Effective Pragmatic Marketing Approach
Download Steps To Develop Pragmatic Marketing Approach In Ecommerce Business


Template 5

Get access to this slide and create a blueprint for your product creation activities without any hassle. With the help of this template, you can discuss the pragmatic marketing framework effectively. Alter the features of this slide to beautify your content.


Pragmatic Marketing Development

Download Pragmatic Marketing Development Icon With Arrow


Template 6

Incorporate this slide in your presentation and introduce the approach of pragmatic marketing to your employees easily. The slide contains an appealing diagram that shows the step-by-step approach of pragmatic marketing.


Pragmatic Marketing With Strategy

Download Pragmatic Marketing Framework With Strategy And Execution


Template 7

Take the assistance of this slide to jot down the various kinds of market problems in your business. With this slide, you can also address the most urgent issues that can be resolved earlier. Download the template and start personalizing it.


Pragmatic Marketing

Download Cyber Marketing Pragmatic Marketing Framework 


Template 8

Plan and analyze your product promotion process with the help of this readymade pragmatic marketing template. You can apply this template in your presentation to give your employees a clear snapshot of pragmatic marketing.


Pragmatic Marketing For Planning

Download Pragmatic Marketing Framework For Planning And Analysis


Template 9

Use this eye-catching template to develop a full-fledged product distribution strategy. The slide comes with plenty of space where you can add your company’s logo with ease. Add colors to make your template more appealing.


Pragmatic Marketing For Business Development

Download Pragmatic Marketing Framework For Business Development


Template 10

Create a product portfolio by utilizing this professionally designed template. You can change the colors and fonts and keep the ones that make the content look beautiful. Tweak the content at your convenience and reap the benefits of pragmatic marketing.


Pragmatic Marketing ApproachDownload Steps To Develop Effective Pragmatic Marketing Approach


Every company that develops new products should know the importance of customer satisfaction and their feedback. Pragmatic marketing helps product managers and marketers deliver the final product precisely as per the customer’s needs. So download our pragmatic marketing templates and keep your customers happy!


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