Before commencing any project, it is imperative to draft a robust project charter, as it serves as the cornerstone of the project. The project charter is a comprehensive document used in project planning to advocate for the project's objectives to sponsors and stakeholders. The viability and return on investment of your project will determine its approval.


The project charter is a valuable instrument delineating the project's objectives, scope, and key stakeholders, serving as a navigational guide for the project team. By offering clarity and direction, it establishes a common understanding among team members, thus solidifying its pivotal role in fostering project success.


Best Project Charter Templates with Samples and Examples


If you are new to project management, using a Project Charter Template can provide valuable assistance by ensuring that all essential aspects are covered. To exemplify the critical components of a project charter, we have curated a collection of the top 10 Project Charter Templates. These templates will enable you to manage your project effectively and enhance efficiency.

Also, the 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure. 


To better understand a project charter, let us read our other article on project charter documentation , which should do the trick.


Let's explore these templates one by one!


Template 1: Mini Project Charter PowerPoint Template Bundles

Use this predesigned PowerPoint template to craft a concise project charter tailored to Data Analytics. With distinctive icons and graphics, this template empowers you to showcase the project's scope, metrics, milestones, action plans, processes, and more. By downloading this template, you can ensure that every stakeholder understands the project's purpose, methodology, and significance. don't delay; download now and effectively communicate the "what, how, and why" of your Data Analytics project.


Mini Project Charter


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Template 2: Finance Transformation Mini Project Charter Template

This comprehensive presentation highlights the critical actions and ideas in the challenging finance transformation process. It discusses how your organization might improve its financial performance, the scope and procedure of such a backend transformation, the advantages of this process, how to start it, and the possible frameworks. You can use this PPT deck to explain all essential aspects of finance transformation, including risk and issues, opportunity areas, key milestones, goal statements, etc. 


Finance Transformation – Mini Project Charter


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Template 3: HR Transformation Mini Project Charter Template

Leverage this dynamic slideshow to facilitate discussions surrounding HR teams, their goals, objectives, and change management processes. Using this resource, you can effectively establish and allocate responsibilities within a cross-functional project team. Harness the power of professionally designed roadmaps, timelines, and icons to communicate vital business information. This PPT template is an excellent foundation for conveying your messages and fostering stakeholder collaboration. Take advantage of this valuable tool to elevate your presentations and drive effective teamwork.


HR Transformation Mini Project Charter


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Template 4: Mini Project Charter for Business Intelligence Transformation 

If you are looking to define a business project intelligence or transformation, creating a project charter will be the first step. Our predesigned PPT template on BI Transformation Project Charter will help you define project details, goals and objectives, scope, and crucial deliverables. You can also discuss KPIs, targets, and achievements using this PPT template. Use this creative set's modifiable features to concentrate and present information on a single stage. Grab it by clicking the download button to showcase facts, figures, and other relevant information.


Mini Project Charter For Business Intelligence Transformation


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Template 5: Project Charter for Construction Template Bundles

Are you looking to outline the project scope, timelines, budget, milestones, delivery strategy, risks, and mitigation plans for construction projects? You can finalize an extensive construction plan once the project charter is created. It requires enormous time and effort. With the guidance of this project charter PPT template, present and pitch your subject in the best possible way. The combination of over 15 slides assists in displaying construction reports, KPIs, goals, and financials while building a requirement management plan for construction projects. Download now and start pitching.


Project Charter for construction


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Template 6: Project Charter Management Planning Process 

Use this project charter template to record your project's essential details, including its scope, stakeholders, deliverables, goals, and objectives. You can next create task lists, resource, financial, and quality plans to specify the range of work to be done when you have identified those. It gives a clear picture of your project so everyone involved is on the same page. Discuss the project charter management plan and process and create a dashboard using attractive visuals and icons. Download now to start making jaw-dropping presentations.


Project Charter


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Template 7: One Page IT Project Charter Presentation Report 

This user-friendly, one-page IT project charter template gives project sponsors and clients a thorough IT project overview. Enter the project's general information, such as the deliverables, objectives, and the problem that has to be solved. Next, specify the project's scope, risks, and issues, dependencies. Also, you can discuss project milestones, schedule, and key achievements and identify critical actions for the coming week. This aids stakeholders in understanding the project's goals, resource requirements, and potential difficulties. Download now and spread the word.


One Page IT Project Charter


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Template 8: One Page Project Charter Format 

Controlling the project requires everyone to understand their roles and duties when carrying out tasks and accomplishing project objectives. A Responsibility Assignment Matrix can help coordinate with the team involved in the project. Using our readymade PPT template, you can discuss project details and deliverables, task allocation among the project team and other resources, and simplify the process. Download it now and share it with your viewers.


One Page Project Charter Format with Responsibility Assignment Matrix


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Template 9: Project Charter Summary Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan

Use this predesigned template to manage your projects effectively. You can define project deliverables, budgets, risks, and milestones using this comprehensive template. Discuss project background details like project scope and objective, project schedule, etc. Project managers use this template to enhance projects' performance and output. This PPT can be modified and customized to meet your requirements. 


Details of Project Charter Summary


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Template 10: Project Charter with Scope Deliverables and Risks

Our Work Plan Project Charter Template is perfect for scheduling organizational tasks and projects. Create project plans by displaying project descriptions, scope, risks, and constraints of project management. Because it has excellent content and images, bundles are a fantastic tool for engaging your audience. This makes it easier to express your ideas coherently. This editable template can cover subjects, including the project deliverables and steering committee. Without any delay, download it now!


Project Charter with Scope Deliverables and Risks


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Complete Charter Solution


Your business must have a substantial project charter. In addition to officially launching a project, it also describes the business necessity that your initiative addresses. As previously indicated, charter templates function as detailed maps for your journey. It's like having a helpful survivalist by your side to guide you at every turn. 


Now that you know the importance of a project charter template, it's time to download these templates and get started.


  1. If you are looking for Team Charter templates, here's a handy guide with the most popular samples and examples.


Project Charter FAQs


Why is a project charter?


It is impossible to underestimate the value of the project charter as it ensures that everyone is aware of their goals and is working towards them. 


Each business has different objectives. Additionally, new risks and difficulties arise with every new project. This is why a project charter must be precise and explicit. 


A project charter ensures everyone is on the same page and offers a detailed timeline for the entire project. It would be exceedingly challenging to do anything without a project charter in a business setting.


What are the three parts of the project charter?


A project charter is essential for presenting a project to the right stakeholders. A charter often includes the project's title, description, high-level budget, resource estimates, and who is in charge. It may also contain information like strategies for communication and visibility, risk assessments, sales prediction data, return on investment (ROI), future goals, references to project dashboards, and locations for shared resources. But your project's objectives, scope, budget, and responsibilities should be the three mandatory parts of the project charter. 


What are the five components of a project charter?


A project charter has five essential components. Those are:


  • Objective and Scope: The objective summarises the project's goals and what it will entail. Determine the tasks that need to be supported. Make sure to specify how you plan to gauge its success. Scope list everything that falls under the project's purview and, just as significantly, everything that does not.

  • Schedule: Build an early schedule with estimated dates for deliverables and milestones.

  • Risks: Highlight any potential obstacles or risks that you anticipate.

  • Budget: Create a tentative budget that details the materials required to finish the project.

  • Clients and Stakeholders: List any significant stakeholders along with their titles and primary contact information.