"Fail to prepare, prepare to fail," goes the adage. American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin coined it in the late eighteenth century, and it is still as relevant today as it was then. You know that in order to achieve your ultimate goal, you must first devise a project management plan. The project could be a school poem recital, an exam, a sporting event, or even an important sales presentation.  


Projects come in many shapes and sizes in the business world. As a result, project management planning is the foundation of successful project delivery. 


A good project management plan is a must-have for your team. It specifies the scope of your project,  the delivery processes and procedures, and the desired outcomes. It should answer questions such as 'What is being done?', 'When will it happen?', 'Who will do it?', 'Where on the project will it occur?' and 'How much will it cost?' for each activity in the schedule.


If you don't have a well-defined project plan in place, the chance of success will be remote. According to reports, organizations waste "an average of $97 million for every $1 billion invested" as a result of poor project performance. This amount could be reduced with better planning and a more structured approach to project delivery.


If you need assistance putting together a plan, our team at SlideTeam is here to help. We have a large collection of well-designed project management plan templates that will assist you in project planning, which is the foundation for success. 


Check these out!


Template 1: Project Management Plan PPT Template


A detailed and well-planned Project Management Plan is required for a successful project. Our Project Management Plan PPT Template is a great place to start. This design has curated steps for you to follow, objectives, tools, techniques, etc. This includes a high-level description of the project as well as the deliverables and benefits of the project. Download it now!


Project Management Plan PPT Template


        Download this template


Template 2: Establishing Plan For Successful Project Management PPT Template


The strategies for project execution, monitoring, and control are defined in the project management plan. This PPT Template depicts current project management challenges and issues, as well as their importance, core components, and factors influencing project success. This deck also includes project execution strategies, a RACI chart, metrics, project cost, and a risk mitigation plan, among other things. It’s the complete package for you to experience success. Get it right away! 


Establishing Plan For Successful Project Management PPT Template


Download this template


Template 3: Project Management Plan Playbook


To keep your projects on track, you don't have to switch back and forth between spreadsheets, email, and other tools. Plan and manage everything with our PPT Template from Day 1 to the deadline. The steps in this design provide stakeholders and end-users with a blueprint for the execution of an upcoming project. Download now!


Project Management Plan Playbook


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Template 4: Six-Month IT Project Management Plan


One of the most crucial phases of the IT Project Management lifecycle is planning. It begins once the project is launched. Our IT Project Management Plan PPT Template includes requirements, development support, and development components/features for six months. Download our design now and get yourself worry-free for half of the year. 


Six-Month IT Project Management Plan


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Template 5: Project Management Plan for SPI Software Project


Team members for software projects use a special type of plan known as the Software Project Management Plan. Our PPT Layout will help you understand their role and project expectations. This involves planning, designing, development, testing, and project launch date. Download this template now to ensure all groups, teams, and individuals fully understand all aspects of a software project.


Project Management Plan for SPI Software Project


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Template 6: Project Management Communication Plan In Organization


A communication plan is one of the most effective ways to keep stakeholders and teams on the same page. Our Project Management Communication Plan PPT Template anticipates all challenges by establishing a workflow that everyone can refer to throughout the collaboration process. It takes into account the meeting frequency and channel communication for planning. Instantly download this design and get all of your collaborators on the same page.


Project Management Communication Plan In Organization


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Template 7: Project Management Plan Dashboard with Task Assessment


Use our Project Management Plan Dashboard PPT Template to outline your project from start to finish easily. This plan includes tasks such as a kick-off meeting, hardware request, staffing, budgeting, and so on. This template is essential for communicating metrics to key stakeholders and team members. Get it now!


Project Management Plan Dashboard with Task Assessment


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Template 8: 30-60-90 Project Management Plan


Set realistic goals for yourself and plan your first three months on the job using our PPT Template. It not only helps you maximize your own output, but it also instills confidence in your team's leadership. Taking on a new manager role in an organization is an exciting experience. This plan is intended to assist new managers in focusing on key areas that lead to results during the first 90 days. Get it now!


30-60-90 Project Management Plan


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Template 9: Weekly Project Management Plan Schedule


It is safe to say that project managers are always busy, but some weeks are busier than others, which is why keeping a centralized weekly project management plan schedule can be beneficial. Using this template, you can keep track of your project and monitor its progress. Have an easy bifurcation of phases one, two, and three, and customize your steps accordingly. Download now!



Weekly Project Management Plan Schedule

Download this template


Template 10: Framework Representing Project Management Plan


Your project management plan is the road map that will lead you through your project from start to finish. Our template will help you in creating plans that will ensure all of your projects are completed on time and within budget. From initiating the project to closing it, this design covers it all. Get it right away!


Framework Representing Project Management Plan


Download this template




The first critical step in ensuring quality project execution and completion is to develop a project management plan. Without it, you risk project derailment, overspending, an unrealized value proposition, and a potentially disgruntled end-user. It provides buy-in, resource availability, budget adherence, a high-quality, expertly-driven final deliverable, and a satisfied end-user.


Project management's importance in organizations cannot be overstated. With the assistance of SlideTeam’s ready-to-use project management ppt designs, you can have a hassle-free running of operations. Because, when done correctly, it helps every aspect of the business run more smoothly.


P.S.- Explore SlideTeam’s collection of the finest communication management plan templates to help you create an impact and generate immense recall value. 


FAQs on Project Management Plan


What are the 5 Cs of project management?


The 5 Cs of project management, Complexity, Criticality, Compliance, Culture, and Compassion, dictate how much and how frequently we do what we do. There are five of these that fit in your hand, and they are arranged in order. The first three, complexity, criticality, and compliance, are all about the work, so we'll start there. From there, we broaden our focus to Culture and Compassion in order to better understand the team, the organization, and the business environment. 


Why are project plans essential?


Project plans lay the groundwork for the entire project. You are missing the first critical step in the overall project management process if you do not have one. When you begin a project without clearly defined goals or objectives, you risk disorganized work and falling into the trap of poor performances. 


A clear, written project management plan provides all stakeholders with a starting point while also holding everyone accountable. It ensures that you have all of the necessary resources for the project before it begins.


What Constituents a Project Management Plan?


A project management plan is made up of baselines and subsidiary plans such as:


  • Scope, schedule, and cost parameters
  • Management plans for scope, schedule, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk, and procurement are all included.
  • Plan for managing requirements
  • Change management strategy
  • Plan for configuration management
  • Plan for Process Improvement


What are things that should be included in a project plan?


A way to track all your moving parts is needed to create a clear project management plan. Every work plan, regardless of the type of project, should include:


  • Project goals and objectives
  • Metrics of success
  • Stakeholders and their roles
  • Budget and scope
  • Deliverables, milestones, and project dependencies
  • Timetable and plan
  • Plan of communication