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Top 10 Proposal Cover Letter Templates with Samples and Examples
Lakshya Khurana

Lakshya Khurana

March 31 2023
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The proposal is ready. It has all an investor can ask for, including the things they asked for specifically. It’s got that heavy business-y heft to it and it’s going to make for some detailed reading. This could work against you. As C-suite executives, the receivers of the proposal might not always have the time to deep dive into the many pages of the proposal. Proposal cover letters to the rescue!


A proposal cover letter is a brief summary of the essential details within the business proposition. It is needed by relevant parties within that this bid concerns, which brings us to making a proposal cover letter.


Stands to reason, if there’s a time crunch in reading a proposal, there’s a time crunch to making a cover letter for it. That means no time to start from scratch and laboring away on Microsoft Office. Instead, you can use our ready-made Proposal Cover Letter Templates. These PowerPoint Presentations are content-ready which saves you the effort of research and 100% editable which saves you the time, as you can just swap in your particular details and be ready to present the cover letter in a jiffy!


Let’s take a look through these 10 PPT Layouts that we have curated for you and find the one that suits you best!


Template 1: One-Pager Organizational Development Proposal Template


This PPT Deck is a gem that contains the cover letter you need as well the format for the entire proposal. This 33-slide PowerPoint Set covers the project context and objectives, its scope, the process, the investment and, of course, a cover letter. Make a winning proposal to deliver to your investors with a download of this template.


One pager organizational development proposal template




Template 2: One-Pager Staff Augmentation Services Proposal Template


Every business person wants the best employees. Propose your process for staff augmentation with a neat cover letter using this PPT Bundle. Showcase your past experience, testimonials, your company overview, and more with a download of this template and guarantee an excellent staff for your clients.


One pager staff augmentation services proposal template




Template 3: Cover Letter for New Business Proposal PPT Summary Sample


This PPT Slide is lean, means, and ready to take your new business to the next level. Deliver a concise demonstration of your awareness of the client’s pain points and how you intend to solve them. Download this template to impress your future customers.


Cover letter for new business proposal ppt summary sample




Template 4: One-Pager Federal Proposal Template


Nothing pays better than a government contract. Deliver your bid with our PPT Deck to nab that deal. Showcase neatly the compliance matrix, project cost, and sponsorship fulfillment with these slides and wrap it up in a cover letter for the brief version of your proposal. Get it from the link below.


One pager federal proposal template




Template 5: One-Pager Data Centre Proposal Template


Be the center of power in an information-driven world by promoting your data center business proposal to potential investors and stakeholders. With an added cover letter for the investors on the go, this PPT Deck is perfect to get you the contract you deserve. Download it now.


One pager data center proposal template




Template 6: One-Pager Call Centre Proposal Template


No matter if your business is local or outsourced, present call center solutions to businesses worldwide with this PPT Preset. Cover the necessary details and explain them concisely through the cover letter slide. Success is yours with a download of this template.


One pager call center proposal template




Template 7: One-Pager Survey Research Proposal Template


Show that you know what you’re talking about when proposing your research work using this PPT Layout. Detail your research goals, funding projections, and expected outcomes and convince your audience in supporting your work. There is ready to edit cover letter to share after the presentation as well. Download right away!


One pager survey research proposal template




Template 8: One-Pager Data Analysis in Research Proposal Template


What will the work look like and how do you assure delivery? Use this PPT Set to present your expertise in data analysis, with a built-in statement of work and contract ready to be signed to show the stakeholders that you’re all business and a cover letter to showcase your communication skills. Download it right now!


One pager data analysis in research proposal template




Template 9: Cover Letter for Cultivation Business Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Summary


Most countries around the world are agrarian. It’s a big industry and you deserve a place in it. Show the clients why, with our PPT Slide cover letter. It is ready with the content which you only need to modify a bit and you are ready to go! Download now.


Cover letter for cultivation business proposal ppt powerpoint presentation summary




Template 10: Government Contract Proposal Cover Letter One Pager Sample Example Document


Federal money is quite the success, especially with our PPT Layout that comes ready for you to submit after adding your details to it. These are your company name, work requirements, and more. Send that proposal with confidence from this cover letter. Download now.


Government Contract Proposal Cover Letter One Pager Sample Example Document




One Page to Cover Them All


The odds are high that investors and other stakeholders might not always have the time to read through the entire proposal or even have the desire to do so (understandable), but the bid must be approved!


With a download of one (or more) of our Proposal Cover Letter Templates, stakeholders will have the information they need to make an informed decision on the proposition. With a well-made cover letter at that, the odds of a YES will be high!


Why the wait? Download now!


P.S. Reading a contract is equally as important and equally as time-consuming. But when you preface the contract with a cover letter. Check out the blog here and access the contract cover letter templates!


FAQs on Proposal Cover Letter


How do you write a proposal cover letter?


To write a proposal cover letter, start by introducing yourself and your organization, and explain the purpose of your proposal. Then, provide a brief overview of the proposal's content and highlight the key benefits and value that your proposal offers. Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the recipient's needs and interests, and explain why your proposal is the best solution. Finally, express your gratitude for their time and consideration, and provide your contact information for follow-up. Keep the tone professional, concise, and engaging to make a positive impression on the recipient.


Is a cover letter and a proposal the same?


No, a cover letter and a proposal are not the same. A cover letter is a document that accompanies a proposal and provides a brief introduction and overview of the proposal. It is typically used to introduce the proposal and capture the recipient's interest in reading it. A proposal, on the other hand, is a detailed document that outlines a specific project, product, or service and presents a plan for its execution. It includes a detailed description of the proposed solution, a timeline, budget, and other relevant information. The cover letter serves as a brief summary of the proposal, while the proposal itself provides more in-depth information.


What does a proposal cover?


A proposal covers a specific project, product, or service and presents a plan for its execution. It includes an overview of the problem or opportunity that the proposal addresses, a description of the proposed solution, a timeline for completion, a budget, and other relevant information. The proposal may also include information about the qualifications and experience of the proposing organization or individual, as well as any supporting documents or references that bolster the proposal's credibility. The purpose of a proposal is to persuade the recipient that the proposed solution is the best option for addressing the problem or opportunity at hand.


Does a project proposal need a cover letter?


Yes, a project proposal typically needs a cover letter. A cover letter serves as a brief introduction and overview of the proposal, and can help to capture the recipient's interest in reading it. It also provides an opportunity to establish a personal connection with the recipient and demonstrate your understanding of their needs and interests. The cover letter should be concise, professional, and engaging, and should include a summary of the proposal's content and key benefits. It should also express gratitude for the recipient's time and consideration, and provide contact information for follow-up. Overall, a well-crafted cover letter can significantly enhance the chances of a proposal's success

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