"Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust."- Zig Ziglar


Zig Ziglar simplifies the entire sales process challenges in this one single quote! If a brand manages to eliminate these five obstacles, there is nothing that can stop the brand from experiencing exponential growth. But the task is a bit more daunting than it looks. Sale is a pivotal moment of agreement between two parties that agree on the transaction's worth. And to achieve this, brands must do a lot of heavy lifting. 


As mentioned above, there are five basic sales obstacles that brands need to tackle. What is the best way to do so? Well, the best way to do so is to understand your customer and visualize the actual need and the market position. On the top, collect and analyze the data effectively. That's where the visualization comes into play. With proper visualization and actionable insights, brands can make quick decisions, alter their approach, and propel their sales higher. 


At Slide Team, our experts have designed crisp and clutter-free sales templates to enhance this visualization. If you are a business analyst or a decision-maker in an organization, these templates can prove pivotal in helping you make informed decisions. Here are five ways how these templates can enhance your sales strategy: 


  • Clarity: They Simplify complex data for easy understanding.
  • Decision-Making: They support quick and informed decisions.
  • Efficiency: They streamline the reporting process.
  • Trends: they aid in identifying sales patterns for forecasting.
  • Performance: They track sales achievements and areas for improvement.
  • Alignment: They align sales strategies with business goals.


These templates can help you understand regional sales and transform how your brand looks at sales numbers. Let's look at these sales templates and understand how to tailor them for your use.


Template 1: Yearly Sales Revenue Projections Chart

When strategizing to improve your sales, the first task is to project future revenue growth and sales. Once you have realistic goals in mind, you can easily plan accordingly. This company product sales forecast chart template is only designed for this specific purpose. It presents the tabulated data of projected sales revenue in a visual format for easy understanding. It also covers the bar graphs and additional annotations to add context and insight to the data. This template fuses the numerical data and visuals to enable business analysts to present yearly sales projections. 


Yearly Sales Revenue Projections Chart


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Template 2: Yearly Sales Comparison Chart with Forecasted Growth

Monitoring past sales and future sales projections is important as a business analyst and strategist. But comparing numbers and moving back and forth is boring and inefficient. But our template solves this problem by offering both a holistic and graphical presentation. This sleek template plots the numbers on a line graph and clearly indicates what the future holds for a company. The monthly markers offer detailed time frames for sales analysis and help track seasonal trends. The actual sales numbers are also present to give a clear idea about the exact monthly figures.  


Yearly Sales Comparison Chart with Forecasted Growth


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Template 3: Regional Sales Percentage Stacked Chart

A frequent hurdle in sales and market analysis is the complex nature of data. It often leads to misinterpretation or overlooking of subtle trends. But this regional sales template bridges this gap and provides a visual breakdown of data by specific region. As the chart is color-coded, it offers a clear picture of the regional market and relevant sales. The segmented bar graph can be used to display multiple types of products and allows quick comparison of how these different products are in demand in different regions. When equipped with such comprehensive information, business analysts can easily chart future courses of action and attractively present them. 


Regional sales percentage stacked chart


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Template 4: Six Months Sales Cost and Profit Comparison Chart

Let's say you have made good sales in the past six months. But what about profitability? Sales are not enough; your business needs to make some profit from them. The best way to analyze is to plot the sales, cost, and profit data on a single bar graph. That's exactly what this template offers. This makes the reconciling easy and helps determine the profitability for each month. If your cost increases for a particular month, you can tweak your strategy to reduce it and boost profitability. In short, this template can be a perfect way to showcase entire sales and profitability data in one single slide. Such a simplified and holistic view can help decision-makers take the right steps at the right time. Download it now and present your data most. 


6 Months Sales Cost and Profit Comparison Chart


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Template 5: E-commerce Sales Flow Chart Process

E-commerce businesses need thorough planning if they want to succeed in this competitive market. This template covers the entire sales journey, from sales order receipt to product delivery. This helps the policymakers understand what stage needs more attention and what's working smoothly. It also helps the team members understand the entire sales process, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Whether it's a confirmation email sent to the customers, checking of product availability, or ETA of the product, this template has it all. Starting with the order receipt, the chart outlines the initial confirmation sent to customers via email. This ensures customers are immediately informed, reflecting a business’s commitment to communication. Each step in the flowchart is color-coded and accompanied by intuitive icons, simplifying navigation through the process.


E-commerce sales flow chart process


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Template 6: Transport Sales Potential Vs. Actual Sales Chart

This template offers a clear and organized representation of performance metrics within the transport services sector. It helps evaluate the expected sales figures against the actual sales figures. Businesses can use this template to assess their business growth and identify areas of discrepancies. With a simple and segmented analysis of different service offerings, this template can be an excellent tool for business owners and analysts. The charts in the template allow a quick comparison that can reveal the performance of each service at a glance. The last column captures the deviation between potential and actual sales. This data is pivotal for understanding the variance and triggers for underperformance or overperformance.


Transport sales potential vs actual sales chart


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Template 7: Waterfall Chart Showing Sales Goal Variance

This template offers a clutter-free view of the sales progression figures over several months. With its clear visuals, graphical representation, and simplified layout, this template offers a deep insight into the actual sales figures of any organization. The graph bars are color-coded to differentiate between various figures, so understanding them is super easy. The graphs' layout allows viewers to understand the incremental impact of each month's performance on the annual sales target. The visual layout of this chart helps pinpoint specific months where sales have spiked or dipped. 


Waterfall Chart Showing Sales Goal Variance


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Template 8: Sales Operations Career Steps Chart

Sales operations offer a massive opportunity for individuals to grow. But for new joiners, understanding the scope of the career opportunities is daunting. However, HR managers can use this template to help them visualize how their careers will look down the line. It covers almost every position and role, like business analyst and CRM admin, and advances toward senior positions like sales operations manager and CRM consultant. The template maps out each role and shows possible opportunities available. The template also lays out the path to help career seekers understand how to move ahead and what steps can lead to better growth. So if you are an HR manager or a leader who has to dive deeper into helping new joiners understand their career scope, this template can help save a lot of time.


Sales Operations Career Steps Chart


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Template 9: Business Sales Territory Plan Org Chart

The sales team can perform optimally if they get the proper resources. This template can help business owners and decision-makers here. It can help professionals outline the structure of sales teams across different territories. Result? Allocation of sales resources and clear reporting relationships can be established. This template features a hierarchical organization chart that outlines the roles from the President of Sales at the top, cascading down to Territory Managers and salespersons. The visual representation ensures viewers understand the sales force distribution quite clearly. Ideal for sales managers, business strategists, and organizational planners, this template can showcase your comprehensive sales territory plan, demonstrating a deep understanding of sales operations. Download it now and craft killer presentations that leave an impact.


Business Sales Territory Plan Org Chart


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Template 10: 30 60 90 Sales Plan Gantt Chart

How about offering your sales team something fun to do that can drive more sales? Well, this template is the perfect start for that! It is a vibrant approach that can help with onboarding and developmental strategies for sales personnel. This template divides the initial 90 days into three critical phases with objectives and milestones. This ensures a well-rounded and systematic start in the sales department. In the first 30 days, the focus is on assimilation. It involves simple tasks like company training. The next 60-day mark is all about a deeper understanding of the market. It involves learning and growth, where recruits are expected to absorb as much information as possible. For the next 90-day threshold, it's time for adjustment and refinement. Here, goals are reviewed and tweaked based on feedback and the initial experiences in the field. 


30 60 90 Sales Plan Gantt Chart


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The Final Thought


The sales department is the most crucial part of any business. But the participants here face a lot of challenges and upheaval. Our deck of sales templates can prove extremely helpful in such a situation. Professionals with an extensive understanding of the niche craft these templates. These editable templates can be a great tool if utilized correctly. Let's join forces and win the sales game with simple and effective sales templates