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Top 10 Service Contract PowerPoint Templates to Outline the Terms of a Working Arrangement

Top 10 Service Contract PowerPoint Templates to Outline the Terms of a Working Arrangement

Kritika Saini

Kritika Saini

November 22 2021

NASA lost $125 million to a service contract with Lockheed Martin Astronautics Corporation. This loss happened due to the mistranslation of the Mars Climate Orbiter by the spacecraft inventors at NASA. 


The aeronautical engineers at Lockheed provided the crucial acceleration data in the English measure of pound-seconds, originally required in the force measure, called newton-seconds. 


Despite this blunder, NASA couldn’t retrieve its loss!




As humans run all organizations, errors and miscommunications are bound to happen. Therefore, it is paramount to enforce a service contract before indulging in any deal. And if you, too, want to create an actionable service contract for your organization, this guide is the perfect source. But first, let’s understand…


The essence of a service contract


A service contract is a tool used by service providers and consumers to outline the terms of their working arrangement. It describes what each party will provide, how payments are allocated, expected quality standards, deadlines for service provision/delivery, any limitations or exclusions to service coverage, and more. 


It mainly includes the service description, provider information, consumer information, contact details, location, payment terms and conditions, start date, duration of service, and the cancellation policy for each party involved in the agreement. 


But don’t you think all this information can be intimidating?


If you’re looking for a convenient way to display these terminologies to your customers in a single space, we can help. Check out these 10 well-structured service contract templates. These PPT designs will ensure that all parties understand their roles in the service agreement, what is expected of them, how payment will be allocated, and define penalties for not abiding by the service agreement terms. Besides, the graphics can be easily edited, so you can mold them conveniently with your company information. 


Let’s dive in!


Template 1: Contract Note For Business Service PPT


Drafting a contract can be a complicated and stressful task; however, this PPT design will make it simple. With this easy-to-use contract note proposal, you'll be able to create a legally binding document for your service. The best part about using this graphic is that it saves time and offers excellent coverage on all of the vital aspects of a business.


Contract Note


Download this template


Template 2: Service Contract For Commodity Sale Proposal


A service contract is more than just another form to fill out. It's the perfect way for you to safeguard your investments if the planned outcome doesn’t happen. You can choose from these stunning service contract templates to design your sales agreement. Download now!


Service Contract for Commodity


Grab this template


Template 3: Executive Formulating Car Rent Service Contract 


Need to draft up a quick service contract? Whether you're renting an executive car, leasing office space, or hiring someone's services for your event, we got you covered. This well-designed PPT template will help guide you and keep track of the dates and terms. So download it immediately!


Executive Formulating Car Rent Service


Download this template


Template 4: Service Contract For Website Support Retainer 


Our service contract template includes a solid framework to ensure that your customers understand the clauses effectively. You can choose it freely to draft the perfect agreement for your website support services. Therefore, grab it without any second thoughts!




Grab this template


Template 5: Contract For AdWords Professionals Services Template


This AdWords service contract PPT design will aid in your day-to-day operations. Besides, the template covers parameters like services rendered, cooperation, payment specifications, confidentiality, and more. Download once and use it multiple times!


Contract for AdWords Professionals Services


Download this template


Template 6: Cleaning Service Contract Agreement One-Page Template


You can design a professional presentation with this one-page cleaning service template. Use as-is or customize it to your liking and save several hours of tedious work. Get this design right now!


Cleaning Service Contract Agreement


Grab this template


Template 7: Consulting Service Contract Agreement PPT


You can choose this unique template to display the details of your consulting service contract in a crisp, clear, and orderly format. With this one-page document, you can also provide a comprehensive view of your services with minimal effort. So download and use it now to communicate your message with your viewers.


Consulting Service Contract Agreement


Download this template


Template 8: General Service Contract Agreement One-Page Presentation 


Every individual wants to save time by not performing the daily chores. This general services agreement PPT presentation is the perfect file for giving your customers a clear expectation of your services. Besides, the design is easy to edit, so you can quickly insert your company's logo or seal. Grab it now!


General Service Contract Agreement


Grab this template


Template 9: Service And Payment Contract Agreement PPT 


You can use this PPT one-page template to represent a clear service and payment contract. This PPT design includes samples of the client and payment contractors’ obligations, so there are no surprises about what is expected from either group. Besides, this one-page agreement is full of helpful tidbits for all parties involved – it even highlights which points are often disputed. 


Service and Payment


Download this template


Template 10: Multiple Business Service Contract Agreement Template


Contract agreements can be cumbersome and boring to create. But with this exclusive template, you can easily customize a concise one-page agreement. This well-thought-out design will walk your client through the provisions of the multi-business service agreement. So download it and create an informative workflow to simplify things.


Multiple Business Service Contract Agreement


Grab this template


In the end


You can help your customers review everything at their leisure and make an educated decision about whether or not they want to pursue a deal. And to accomplish this goal, you need not spend hours trying to put together a PowerPoint presentation. Download our service contract templates today. They will surely save your time and effort, helping you provide a positive customer service experience. 


P.S: Who doesn’t want strategic improvements in their business? Enhance your client’s operational quality by exploring this handy guide replete with management consultant service templates. 


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