Strategic Project Management is the unsung hero of organization success. How? Well, in a world where chaos reigns supreme, strategic project management is the superhero caped in efficiency and armed with a laser-sharp focus on goals.


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Strategic project management, however, isn't just a buzzword; it's the secret sauce. As companies jostle for the top spot in an unforgiving market, those with a strategic project management edge emerge as the winners. It’s like the business Olympics, and you want that gold medal, right?


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Here’s where our collection of Strategic Project Management Templates offers the perfect resolution to this want or pain point. From communication plans to project roadmaps, these 100% editable and customizable templates are like the GPS for your project journey – keeping you on track, on time, and ready to conquer the project management universe.


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Template 1: McKinsey 7S strategic framework project management template

The McKinsey 7S strategic management framework identifies seven key elements that organizations should align to ensure effective performance and successful implementation of strategies. The McKinsey 7S Model includes Strategy, Structure, Systems, Shared Values, Skills, Style, and Staff. Each "S" represents an aspect of an organization that, when properly aligned with the others, contributes to success. This framework focusses on the interconnectedness of these elements and highlights the importance of considering them collectively, than in isolation.


This template leverages the McKinsey 7S Strategic Framework for project management. The deck serves as a comprehensive resource for professionals seeking to understand and apply industry best practices. Its flexibility allows users to modify colors, graphics, and backgrounds, ensuring a tailored and engaging presentation experience for effective knowledge dissemination.


McKinsey 7S Model


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Template 2: Integrated strategic project management approach

This PPT Template integrates strategic planning with project execution. Its well-defined framework encompasses strategic vision, project timelines, resource allocation, and risk management. Use can this for everything, right from understanding stakeholder expectations, to the result delivery and monitoring control of the process. The slide goes beyond conventional strategic project management process tools, incorporating industry pointers and best practices for a truly robust solution. It caters to business needs and adapts to industries, offering a foundation for successful project delivery. Maximize productivity, enhance collaboration, and achieve strategic objectives with our template.


Integrated Strategic Project Management Approach


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Template 3: Business strategic project management transformation

Embark on a transformative professional journey with this comprehensive tool. It is a game-changer for organizations seeking an overhaul of their projects. With dedicated sections for tracking and aligning objectives, defining enterprise strategy, strategic alignment of initiatives, implementation roadmap, and management delivery and execution, this template provides a structured and cohesive approach to project management transformation. This user-friendly template ensures seamless alignment of your projects with overarching business objectives. Tailor your strategy, map out initiatives, and create a clear roadmap for implementation. The template depicts how to optimize your resources, mitigate risks, and enhance collaboration, setting the stage for unparalleled project success.


Business Strategic Project Management Transformation


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Template 4: Strategic Project Portfolio Management Dashboard

This PPT Template provides a compelling and insightful overview of your project portfolio, featuring elements such as planned and actual budget, portfolio summary, and more. The template covers key topics including Used Budget, Planned Budget, Estimate Cost, and Actual Cost, offering a comprehensive snapshot of your project financials. Elevate your presentations and engage your target audience with a professional and data-driven dashboard. Download our template now to convey complex project metrics, enhance stakeholder understanding, and make a compelling case for strategic decisions.


Strategic project portfolio management dashboard


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Template 5: Strategic project portfolio management matrix

This powerful tool is designed to bring clarity and precision to your project analysis. This compelling slide is divided into two main sections: Key Areas and Points to be Considered for Analysis. Organize and evaluate your project portfolio by categorizing key areas and analyzing points for strategic decision-making. Visualize project priorities and allocate resources. Upgrade your project management strategy, streamline decision processes, and enhance portfolio performance. Download our template now to transform your presentations and empower your team with a structured and impactful approach to project analysis.


Strategic project portfolio management matrix


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Template 6: Strategic Project Management Communication Plan in Partnership Firm template

Elevate your project communication strategy with our presentation template. This dynamic set is designed to fortify organizational processes and drive goal attainment through effective communication. The slide showcases a crafted communication plan, covering elements such as assigned purpose, communication mode, frequency, status, stakeholders, and more. Tailor your communication strategy with this user-friendly template. Download our plan now to articulate work assignments, define communication pathways, and enhance stakeholder engagement. Make a lasting impact on your audience by delivering a compelling and organized communication plan that ensures project success.


Strategic project management communication plan in partnership firm


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Template 7: Strategic Project Portfolio Management Roadmap

Revolutionize your project management approach with our template. Tailored to streamline project resources, track time, and allocate budgets, this template is your key to strategic success. With a focus on project name, risk level, budget, and project timeline, the strategic project portfolio management roadmap provides a view for project oversight. Unlock efficient resource management and budget allocation with this presentation. Download our template now to present a roadmap that convinces your audience of your strategic prowess. Your roadmap to project excellence starts here.


Strategic project portfolio management roadmap


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Template 8: Strategic Project Communication Management Plan

Revitalize your project communication strategy with our template. This slide is designed to foster effective communication among stakeholders, ensuring project success. The slide unveils a comprehensive plan encompassing elements like stakeholders, communication methods, frequency, responsibility, and additional comments. Download our template now transform your communication strategy into a strategic advantage.


Strategic project communication management plan


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Template 9: Strategic Project Management Plan for Effective Delivery

Revolutionize your project delivery with our template crafted to guide strategy formulation and project control design. This slide delves into aspects, such as strategic foundation, situational analysis, strategic positioning, strategy definition, and project roadmap.  Begin with a solid Strategic Foundation, laying the groundwork for a robust project strategy. Conduct a comprehensive Situational Analysis, understanding the current landscape to inform strategic decision-making. Internalize the intricacies of Strategic Positioning, ensuring your project aligns with organizational goals. Define a clear strategy, outlining steps and actions required for success. Finally, chart your course with a detailed Project Roadmap, providing a guide to effective project delivery.


Strategic project management plan for effective delivery


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Template 10: Strategic Project Management Plan Infographic

Elevate your project management with our template, strategically crafted to guide you through the key stages of administering and delivering projects, while fostering company-wide collaboration. The presentation unfolds a clear roadmap through the fundamental steps of starting, planning, executing, and stopping, accompanied by actionable steps for each. With a focus on the four crucial stages of the process – Formulate Proposal, Executive Summary, Provider Consistent – this slide empowers you to showcase your project management prowess. Download now to showcase your commitment to effective project management, foster collaboration, and bring your strategic vision to life. Transform your presentations and strategy formulation with this engaging and versatile template.


Strategic project management plan infographic


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The exploration of these templates provides a comprehensive glimpse into tools available for optimizing project delivery. From communication plans to project roadmaps, each template serves as a valuable resource, offering not only structure but also flexibility for customization. By incorporating these tools into your project management arsenal, you can enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and elevate your overall project success.