Sustainability is trending these days. Being sustainable is what makes you relevant, informed, and environmentally aware. The term refers to conservation of exhaustible resources for the future generation without restricting growth and development avenues of the present.



With this in mind, the UN had declared the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, the objectives that the world's citizens were expected to achieve by 2030. However, the reality, is far from what we envisaged. That’s why, now more than ever, a sustainability action plan is a must. In fact, the cautionary words of the UN secretary general, “Unless we act now, the 2030 Agenda will become an epitaph for a world that might have been!” are enough to impress the importance of an action plan.


A sustainability action plan targets economical, environmental, and social aspects of an individual or organization to find ways of efficiently consuming resources. Corporate sustainability involves exploring solutions that will conserve your human, monetary, and environmental resources by deploying effective social, economical, and environmental strategies. To execute this, a sustainability action plan is indispensable and addresses areas of interaction of your brand with employees, consumers, and even the environment. The aim is to build sustainable, cost-effective and long-term relationships. These actions have to be correct otherwise companies can be accused of greenwashing.


To establish your position on the right side of history, deploy SlideTeam’s content-ready selection of sustainability action plan templates. Evaluate your business needs, balance profitability with expenditure, and look for optimal ways to operate as you identify your ideal levels of sustainability. With our sustainability action plan templates, you can review existing roadmaps, plan strategies, and come up with efficient methods of managing human and material resources. Each of these templates is 100% editable and customizable as well. 


Template 1: Sustainability Action Plan PowerPoint Template


Deploy our content-ready preparation on sustainability action planning to focus on business aspects that matter. Address the ground scenario of your business’s sustainability and work on financial and resource planning. Use our well-labeled diagrams and charts to guide a step-by-step sustainability action plan. Such a plan makes judicious use of resources without curbing business growth. Go ahead and start planning with this comprehensive PPT Presentation. 


Sustainability Action Plan PPT Presentation


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Template 2: Steps to Sustainability Action Plan for Small Business


To devise a strategic action plan for your small business for achieving sustainability, here’s a design-ready slide. Start with learning about sustainability avenues and inspire your team to explore relevant ideas. Then, with the help of researchers, analysts, and auditors, identify areas that could be improved with the feedback of subject-matter experts. Finally, as guided in this clear diagram, you can create a vision on achieving it and then go forward with implementing these. You can share the essence of each step and help your team understand each step better. Download now. 


Steps to sustainability action plan for small business


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Template 3: Key Milestones of Financial Stability Action Plan


Use this presentation template to highlight the milestones of our financial sustainability action plan. Identify the five major turning points of your planning phase that will pave the way to business sustainability. These will be identifying the top personnel of the planning committee, performing internal audit, determining budget, planning, and lastly, evaluating progress. You can elaborate upon these top landmarks of your planning process to convey their importance. Go ahead and download it now.


Key milestones of financial sustainability action plan


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Template 4: Sustainability Action Plan Matrix for New Business 


To demonstrate our action plan in detail, employ this content-ready PPT Template to lay down the steps, timeline of each step, and the person responsible for overseeing those tasks to completion. Typically, the primary steps would be to align the business vision with the objective of achieving sustainability. This is to be followed by cost analysis. Assign each responsibility of this sustainability action plan to a responsible individual and set a timeline for achieving those tasks.


Sustainability action plan matrix for new business


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Template 5: Business Sustainability Financial Governance Action Plan Framework


This is a ready-made design to help the user work on the most feasible financial governance action plan as you aim for business sustainability. Use this guided diagram to lead your team through the step by step process that takes them through developing leadership skills, understanding competition, and creating a business sustainability vision. Then walk your team through the value chain, ESG chain analysis, goal settings, and the final action plan.


Business sustainability financial governance action plan framework


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Template 6: Stakeholders’ Functions in Sustainability Action Plan


Download this PowerPoint Layout to enlist major stakeholders involved in executing a sustainability action plan. Identify these primary stakeholders with their departments and then proceed with their functions and role in implementing the financial action plan. Top members of mention will be chief financial officer, environmental stewardship committee, procurement manager, risk officer etc. Edit this presentation layout at ease to list duties of all responsible team members involved.


Stakeholders functions in sustainability action plan


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Template 7: Project Sustainability Management Checklist for Action Plan Implementation


Once responsibilities are laid and concerned personnel identified, now is the time to maintain a checklist on the important duties and mark these as done as you fulfill them. You can execute this task with this content-ready PPT Diagram where you record relevant tasks, add their description and then update their status as teams undertake these tasks. You can add comments and additional remarks to share any other information of value. To use this PPT Template to its full potential, download it from the link below. 


Project sustainability management checklist for action plan implementation


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Template 8: Yearly Sustainability Action Plan for Large Organization


As your small enterprise progresses and embarks on the journey of sustainability , plan for the future with this action plan template. State your targets for the years to come with this design-ready presentation template. Mention primary actions to be taken, along with the primary persons supervising these annual plans. As years progresses, you can update this e PPT Chart and showcase the primary outcomes of implementing these action plans. Download now.


Yearly sustainability action plan for large organization


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Template 9: Project Sustainability Management and Action Plan Tools


Mention the tools and resources to be used in executing a purposeful sustainability action plan using this content-ready design. List the technological-efficient solutions and specify each with their primary features, pricing plans,and efficiency. Map available tools with this PPT Diagram and share the list with relevant stakeholders. Download now.


Project sustainability management and action plan tools


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Template 10: Thank You And Contact Us Slide


Once the sustainability action plan is defined, it must be shared with stakeholders in the form of a comprehensive document/PPT File. At the end of our content-ready sustainability action plan presentation, you also get this concluding slide wherein you can thank audience and also help them with their queries. To do this, you need to add your contact details including address, phone number, email ID. Add these details in this content-ready editable slide and wrap your document nicely. Download now.


Contact Us and Thank You Slide


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Download these content-rich sustainability action plan templates and strategize the most profitable and eco-friendly ways to grow your business with special attention to financial aspects.


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