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Top 10 Time Management Matrix Templates to Raise Business Efficiency

Top 10 Time Management Matrix Templates to Raise Business Efficiency

Apoorva Gupta

January 20, 2021

Of all the resources the human race has at its disposal, the most limited and precious one has to be time. Ironically, this is the same resource we take for granted the most. Time management has become a crucial life skill for successful people. Be it the fast-approaching deadline for a college assignment, the month-end race to meet your business targets, or keeping track of our social engagements, having a healthy time management format is crucial for success.  


Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States of America, introduced the time management matrix. Noted educator and author Stephen Covey later popularized it in his book, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, first published in 1989. The matrix is a self-development tool that provides insight into the prioritization of different tasks in our lives. You can differentiate between the time-wasters and the critical work with the help of a time management matrix.


Essentially, this matrix is a square divided into four sections that classify our tasks as follows:


  1. Important and Urgent
  2. Important but Not Urgent
  3. Not Important but Urgent
  4. Neither Important nor Urgent

Generally, we spend most of our time on tasks that fall in the third and fourth quadrants when we should focus on the first two quadrants. Here’s a way to use the matrix system to better plan your time.

  • The order of quadrants matters

Focus on your tasks as they appear in each quadrant. Finish your essential and urgent work before looking into things that can be accomplished later, i.e., quadrant 2.

  • Delegate what can’t be delayed

Quadrant 3 of the time management matrix is for urgent but unimportant work. You can easily delegate things like addressing your inbox or paying any outstanding bills to someone else without risking your work quality. 

  • Mind the Q4

What exactly is the point of spending your time on things that are neither urgent nor important? None. We know that delaying your Netflix binge after work hours takes strong determination. But it is essential to making your day productive. 


In business, effective time management is more than just a coveted skill; it’s a necessity. With the fast pace of business model evolution, everyone has been forced to adapt quickly. Long gone are the days of slow-paced project-centric progress. Today the focus remains on results and outcomes. 


To help our readers in their time management endeavors, we at SlideTeam have curated a set of useful PowerPoint decks and slides. Take a look at our top picks below.


Template 1

This time management presentation is specially designed to help organize your work agendas as efficiently as possible. You can easily map your activities and identify the time-consuming tasks of your day with this professionally-designed PowerPoint template.


Time Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Download Time Management PowerPoint Presentation


Template 2

If you are looking for the ideal time management matrix presentation, look no further. With aesthetically organized slides, including multiple outlines for applying the time management matrix to your work schedules, this PPT layout will prove to be an ideal resource for you.   


Time Management Matrix Organizational Process Improvement Employees Strategy Business

Download Time Management Matrix Organizational Process


Template 3

You can measure your employee productivity under different parameters, including service productivity, customer feedback, time management, and work quality. With our specially-designed PowerPoint presentation, you can do a thorough study of all these factors quite conveniently. 


Measure Time Management Service Productivity Work Objectives

Download Measure Time Management Work Objectives


Template 4

Prepare an efficient work environment with our time planning PowerPoint presentation. Have a comprehensive view of time management aspects with an apt emphasis on work prioritization, stress and procrastination; task assignment; and evaluation. 


Effective Time Planning PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Download Effective Time Planning PowerPoint Template


Template 5

Saving time is fruitful only when you make the best use of each minute. Prepare a well-thought-out agenda achievement strategy with our time-optimization PPT deck. Study the different areas that consume most of your productive time and eliminate wasteful exercises from your day. 


Time Optimization PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Download Time Optimization PowerPoint Slides


Template 6

With dedicated slides for planning employee workload for the week, project prioritization, and time utilization analysis, this time control PPT deck is your best bet for developing a productive team strategy. Each slide of this deck is entirely customizable as per your unique needs. 

Time Control PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Download Time Control PowerPoint Presentation


Template 7

Do, schedule, delegate, or decline the day’s tasks using this time management matrix chart. There are dedicated text boxes placed next to each section to allow you to make the best use of this organization tool. This PPT slide is also adaptable to multiple file formats, including PNG, JPG, etc. 

Tasks and Time Management Matrix for Process Improvement

Download Tasks and Time Management Matrix Slide


Template 8

This time management matrix is designed in a simple and effective theme to put your ideas in their best possible form. The four quadrants have exemplary lists included to give you a better idea about task prioritization.


Four Quadrants of Time Management Matrix

Download Four Quadrants of Time Management Matrix Slide


Template 9

Determine the quality and potential ways of improvement in your tasks with this time management matrix PPT slide. Each quadrant of the matrix chart in this slide has highlighted the ideal way to deal with that list's contents. There are well-proportioned text boxes next to the map to allow data addition.  

Time Management Matrix to Determine Quality Improvement Tasks

Download Time Management Matrix to Determine Quality PPT Slide


Template 10

Make the perfect to-do list with our action matrix time management PPT slide. The various parts of your day can be easily divided into the four sections of this time management matrix and listed in the relevant area, be it Do, Decide, Delegate, or Delete!


Action Matrix Task Prioritiazation Time Management

Download Action Matrix Task Prioritization PPT Slide


To sum up... 

You must know not only when to do something, but also for how long it is worth doing. Time management is vital to a high school student as it is to the CEO of a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. With our lifestyle evolving with each passing day, it has become essential to know how to make each moment count. As the famous business leadership speaker Michael Altshuler rightly said, 


“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

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