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Travel Brochure Templates
Top 13 Travel Brochure Templates to Promise Your Clients a Memorable Trip

Top 13 Travel Brochure Templates to Promise Your Clients a Memorable Trip

Lakshya Khurana

Lakshya Khurana

October 13 2021

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

– Ibn Battuta


The global travel and tourism industry generated a revenue of 4.6 trillion USD in 2020. One can understand the shock value here, with a pandemic at play and everything it entails. But as the world gets back on its feet and burnt-out millennials and travel bugs see a ray of hope to re-energize themselves, one can only expect the travel industry to power through the chaos.





So if you are running a travel booking agency or a tour planning firm, there is a spectacular opportunity for you to ride this wave of redemption. You have the chance to put your business in top gear by addressing your target customers’ needs.


But how do you reach out to (and also impress) these customers?


Might we suggest sharing a travel brochure with them?


As obvious as it might seem, a simple travel flyer can instantly inform and attract people towards the trip they desire. It all boils down to how well-designed and attractive this flyer is.


So here’s a quick catalog of 13 immaculate travel brochure templates that you can incorporate into your scheme of things and get your travel business running faster than expected. Read on and choose the designs that speak to you. Easy peasy!


Editable travel brochure templates to offer the perfect tour


Yes, we understand the struggle of designing a brochure. You can spend hours and hours on Photoshop or any other designing software for that matter, but the result might still not be good enough (or be half-decent at the most). Hours of fiddling with the software and deciding the color schemes can only do so much.


So why waste all that time when you can pick from our collection of fully editable brochures?


Crafted in PowerPoint with precision and superior techniques, SlideTeam’s vibrant travel brochure templates will never go out of style. They also augment the need for old-school physical brochures because they can be reproduced in various digital file formats, making it effortless for you to offer your clients their dream vacation.


So scroll below and get your hands on these impactful and timeless marketing collaterals for your travel business. Here we go!

Template 1

This one-page template will help you deliver your business information in a concise package. Showcase the trips you have arranged so far and get your clients excited with this handy PPT design. The contrast of the black with the yellow will catch people’s attention, and the blue will calm them as they imagine the many possibilities for a trip.


One Page World Travel Brochure Template


Download this template

Template 2

This hassle-free template will help you promote your business by making your clients realize what they’re missing out on. The classic color combination of black and blue will leave the reader feeling soothed and wanting more. Easily edit this template as per your company themes and let everyone know you’re the best in the industry.


Tourism Company Flyer Two Page Brochure Template


Download this template

Template 3

With this beautiful PPT brochure, you can bring your clients’ attention to the colorful world of travel and tourism. It will put your business on the map when excited clients ask you about your services. This brochure will be an alluring signal for people looking for a memorable trip.


Travel Agency Four Page Brochure Template


Get this template

Template 4

Use this sharp-looking brochure to keep your clients hooked on your booming business. Boasting an abstract design and striking color palette of orange, white, and black, this travel flyer will reel in the customers by the mere mention of your company. Present the details of your company and the previous trips arranged by you on this two-page brochure design.


Travel Around The World Two Page Brochure Template


Grab this brochure

Template 5

Let your clients feel the ocean breeze with this stunning tropical brochure design. With the help of this template, people will find themselves yearning to explore everything that your travel agency has to offer. So just download this template, edit it with your company information, and provide your customers with an unforgettable experience.


Travel The World Two Page Brochure Flyer Template


Download this template

Template 6

Use this attractive template to communicate and make sure that your clients never forget you. The inspiring color combination of purple and yellow makes this brochure irresistible. This graphical marvel will do the talking for you.


Traveling The World Two Page Brochure Template


Grab this template

Template 7

With this four-page template, you can detail the many successful trips your business has arranged for your clients. This PPT template will ensure that your potential clients never miss out on any information that might feel important when planning their travels. This preset is your ticket to increasing your reach and exposure significantly.


World Travel Agency Four Page Brochure Template


Download this brochure

Template 8

Take a look at this two-page thematic template that shines the spotlight on your offerings. This design will appeal to millennials and younger generations alike. Use this abstract style brochure to make sure your travel agency ends up on your clients’ bucket list.


World Travel Agent Two Page Brochure Template


Grab this template

Template 9

Here’s an immaculate design that appeals to the senses. With this two-page template, you can let your clients feel the island breeze that will start taking away their stress and worry. Use this brochure to draw crowds to your company’s doorsteps.


World Travel And Tourism Two Page Brochure Template


Download this template

Template 10

Here we have a template that lets your clients feel the radiant sun on them as you guide them to their dream destination. Use this sleek brochure design to let people know that you mean business better than any of your competitors.


World Travel Services Four Page Brochure Template


Download this template

Template 11

Here we have a classic template that lets people know that you have the answers to all their travel questions. This two-page brochure will allow your clients to feel confident in your experience and expertise in the travel industry. Deploy this PPT template and become the most dependable business in the industry.


Tourism Business Flyer Two Page Brochure Template


Grab this template

Template 12

“Less is more,” as they say. The flyer below is the best template for the minimalists who wish to captivate their audience with a compact design. With this cleverly designed template, you can let your clients know that you have what it takes to execute the perfect vacation plans for them.


Travel Agency Business Two Page Brochure Template


Download this brochure

Template 13

And finally, here we have a template that informs your clients that they can depend on you to take care of every little detail. Deploy this brochure template to dot the Is and cross the Ts on the clients’ itinerary.


Traveling Around The World Two Page Brochure Template


Download this template


Et voila! Get started with our fantastic marketing tools and boost your business presence. Tell us about your experience with these travel brochure templates in the comment section down below.


P.S: For more tips on how to get the most out of your brochures, check out our editorial guide and templates here.

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