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Top 15 Market Intelligence Templates to Regulate Your Growth Prospects

Top 15 Market Intelligence Templates to Regulate Your Growth Prospects

Gunjan Gupta

May 7, 2021
Research shows that a strategic fumble is the cause of 55% of business failures, even though they gave it their all. Therefore, strategy without some form of intelligence is just some guesswork and not music to our ears.

There is a new generation exceeding expectations and owning the majority of buying power - Generation Z. These consumers born between the mid-1990s to mid-2000s, who are direct owners, spenders, and influencers, dominate the current market and its sales. For instance, many youngsters are concerned about social issues and environmental disturbances, indicating how Gen Z-ers are looking for ways to make the world a better place. Hence, businesses need to adapt to the upcoming demographic shifts and respond to the modern market trends. 


Companies always need to be active and on their toes, constantly shifting and embracing the new and better. They also need to build a deep connection with their target audience and be competitive enough to excel in this changing landscape. Why, because old is not always gold and the shifts in public sentiments can make the stocks plummet while Davids become Goliaths. 


Therefore, whether you are a furnishing agency or a high-end brand, market intelligence is the key to your success and survival, which is easy to retrieve now that the technology is harnessing its full potential. 


So, what exactly is market intelligence?


Market intelligence is a highly misinterpreted, mistaken, but widely used mysterious art requiring high-level detective work. Being synonymous with market research, it involves contextualizing information within a larger business landscape so that invaluable information can be retrieved and used favorably. It includes insights about the target prospects, their online behavior, and how they connect with the competitors. This helps the company gain a competitive advantage by uncovering all the important information and data. It helps generate a vivid snapshot of what works for your competitors, therefore assisting you in restructuring your playbook for a go-to-market strategy that works. 


In other words, while information is available freely in every sense of the word, data that is highly specific, real, and validated requires a special market intelligence practice, which with a few clicks help your restructure, target, create a partnership with and design an affiliation that works best for you and your target market alike.


With the above definition in mind, this blog discusses and presents some value-added marketing intelligence report designs that our experts have put together for your convenience. Let us get started with them! 

Template 1


Push the boundaries and yield profitable results by using this intuitively designed market intelligence set. It can be used in any scenario, whether you want to launch a new product or expand the existing product or item. This is a great optimization tool for any industry vertical. Thus it is ideal for every marketing head looking for a proper guideline that meets their needs and expectations. The biggest feature of this template design is that it comes in an editable set, hence changing and adopting it is very easy and convenient. 


Market Intelligence Framework PowerPoint Presentation

Download Market Intelligence Framework PowerPoint Presentation


Template 2


A sales and marketing enthusiast can take advantage of this creative bundle, designed using high-quality content and graphics. With a well-defined layout to refer to, this is an absolute must-have template to educate the masses about market intelligence and its importance. It puts forth the overview of the subject matter, neatly dispersed into 48 fully editable slides. Each of these slides highlights the subject matter that can be altered to fit your needs. 


Market Intelligence Report PowerPoint Presentation

Download Market Intelligence Report PowerPoint Presentation

Template 3

This is an engaging and pleasing template that helps you dispense important information on market intelligence and its prospects. With this template, the process of educating becomes automated and very convenient as it presents well-researched content and graphics. Therefore, this template is suitable for every sales and marketing enthusiast who needs a proper guideline to function to their optimal level.


IoT Market Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation

Download IoT Market Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation

Template 4


This is a handy tool for sales, marketing, entrepreneurs, agencies, and others to share their knowledge on market intelligence with their audience. It helps in dispensing information on new methodologies and research prospects that can help make market insights more valuable and noteworthy. This creative bundle comes with a set of 12 slides that can be altered as deemed fit. It also contains high-quality and vivid visuals that make the reinforcement and interpretation of the information presented more convenient. 


Market Intelligence Analysis PPT Template

Download Market Intelligence Analysis Report 

Template 5

This is a great tool to refer to when you want to present an overview of your new product launch or expand the market base of your existing product. It helps dispense important information in a handy layout form that can be altered as deemed fit. Use the 54 slides added in this market intelligence report template to optimize your survey results and gain insightful details. Everything added to this template, ranging from the content to the graphics, will help you in demonstrating the topic to the maximum potential. Therefore, download it now! 


Market Intelligence And Strategy Development PowerPoint Presentation

Download Market Intelligence And Strategy Development PowerPoint Presentation


Template 6


Make better and informed business decisions using this business intelligence dashboard. This is a single slide with sharp visuals and graphics that comes in very handy for the sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial task forces. It helps dispense invaluable insights into the topic and also functions well as a part of other presentations. Therefore, it can be added to any presentation deck of your choice. 


Business Intelligence Market Analytics PPT

Download Business Intelligence Market Analytics And Performance Dashboard

Template 7 


This is another dashboard template that can be used to measure and present various KPIs in a single layout. All the charts and graphs presented here are Excel-linked, so you will face no difficulty in altering the stats as per your needs and requirements. Its design is such that it can accommodate any amount of information you would like to present on the subject matter. Therefore, without any further ado, grab this market intelligence report now! 


Business Intelligence Market Size Global PPT

Download Business Intelligence Market Size Global PPT


Template 8


This is a single slide template equipped with important information on market intelligence. Therefore, it is suitable for marketers, sales representatives, and business enthusiasts. It can also be widely put to use by presenters, who want a pre-equipped template to make their delivery process more rewarding and professional. 


Market Intelligence Report PPT Template

Download Market Intelligence Report

Template 9 


This template helps in highlighting the different approaches to market intelligence that you can use to gain profitable results. Since this is a single-slide template, it works with any other presentation style. It can also be used as an individual slide to dispense important information on various parameters. This makes it a multi-functional template, designed to ease your presentation work. 


Approach Of Market Intelligence Sample Of PPT

Download Approach Of Market Intelligence Sample


Template 10


This PowerPoint template can be used by market analysts, agencies, educators, trainers, executives, and project managers. Instead of spending hours of effort on a presentation, you can simply use this professionally drafted template and save your time. Not just that, you will also be able to draft a visually appealing slideshow that your audience will remember for a long time.


Market Intelligence Report PPT

Download Market Intelligence Report Worldwide Spending By Sector PPT


Template 11 


This is a single-slide template that fares well for presentations used for mapping a particular market scenario. It showcases a market intelligence map that can be reported and used to develop a proper optimization structure. This template is adaptive to innumerable changes and alterations, so download it now! 


Market Intelligence Report Market Growth by Region PPT

Download Market Intelligence Report Growth by Region PPT

Template 12 


Market intelligence is a cornerstone of every successful business. This is why our designers have crafted this single-slide template that you can use to state the agenda of the meeting. You can also use it to dispense information on the importance of market intelligence and analysis. 


Agenda Of Market Intelligence Based PPT

Download Agenda Of Market Intelligence PPT


Template 13 


Collect, centralize, and present information on market intelligence using this PowerPoint template. It can be incorporated into any presentation of your choice as it comes in an editable format for further application. 


Agenda Of IOT Market Intelligence PPT

Download Agenda Of IOT Market Intelligence PPT


Template 14 


This is another handy template that can be easily incorporated into business presentations. As such, it can be widely utilized by educators, researchers, agencies, and other individuals to present invaluable insights on the market and its latest trends. 


Business Intelligence Market Overview Evolution PPT

Download Business Intelligence Market Overview


Template 15 


You can use this PowerPoint template to educate and cater to your customers using invaluable insights. It can also be used to determine better strategies and help your organization take advantage of market intelligence reports and results. You can adjust this professional layout to your needs and specifications. 


Triangle Framework Of Marketing Intelligence System

Download Triangle Framework Of Marketing Intelligence System


To conclude 


Market intelligence is an important box for every business vertical to tick if they want to succeed. But it is more than just an on-off task. It is a consistent activity put into practice to gather competitive information. These market intelligence templates will serve as a guideline to help you build a robust automated strategy. It will also help you in solving the basic issues in the competitive landscape. 

P.S: To learn how marketing automation templates help you upscale your business, click here

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