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Top 15 Matrix Management Templates to Boost Collaboration

Top 15 Matrix Management Templates to Boost Collaboration

Kritika Saini

Kritika Saini

May 28 2021

General Electric (GE), a company with annual revenue of $79 billion and about 400,000 employees in scores of diverse businesses, has been practicing matrix management since September 1976.


However, before 1976, GE used one basic structure throughout its organization: five functional managers reporting to a single general manager. But this pyramid form was later found to be cumbersome, thus turning them to use matrix management as a fundamental alternative.


Later, other major corporations in diverse activities, such as Bechtel, Citibank, Dow Chemical, Shell Oil, Texa Instruments, and more, also switched to matrix management. This facilitated rapid strategic response to the evolving market and technological environment. 


Therefore, in this blog, we will understand why matrix management gained considerable popularity, and also offer you PowerPoint templates to get started. Let’s dive in.


Where does matrix management make sense?


In matrix management, an individual has a primary reporting manager, while working for one or more other managers. It is an ideal structure for sharing talent and skills across different departments. Besides, you can use this handy system for new projects, allowing individuals from different functions within the business to create something new and unique. 


With this management tool, your employees can muster diverse skill sets from numerous disciplines, strengthening the project team. Furthermore, it’s an excellent way to cut costs! A matrix management approach is less expensive compared to the formation of a dedicated project team. With the diversity of its members, the team becomes superior to many purely functional groups. 

Primarily, there are three distinct styles in which companies incorporate matrix management:

1. Strong matrix management: This style includes a dedicated team in which all members follow a clear line of reporting to their project managers. Generally, the department that the team member belongs to loses that person for the complete project duration.


2. Balanced matrix management: Here, the team member reports to both the department and the project manager. Also, they need to work in both areas cohesively. 


3. Weak matrix management: In this style, the project manager has to communicate with the department manager of a particular team member. However, the employee only needs to report to their department manager for both functional and project work.


You can smoothly collaborate with varied business departments using these matrix management styles. This tool will help you reduce confusion, conflict, and loss of clarity by clearly defining the responsibilities in the project charter. 


Here we present our top 15 professionally devised PowerPoint templates to make your matrix management process a lot easier. Let’s explore this catalog and get started!

Template 1

This template exhibits the Eisenhower matrix, also known as the urgent-important matrix. Download this design to prioritize your tasks by urgency and importance, arranging the less urgent or important tasks and deciding whether they should be implemented or not.


Importance Matrix For Managing Task

Download Importance Matrix For Managing Task Templates

Template 2

Utilize this template to create a robust matrix management structure for allowing multiple departments to communicate and collaborate on a project quickly. The design is easy to edit. So download it immediately and make desired changes. 


Matrix Management PPT

Download Matrix Management PPT PowerPoint 

Template 3

Use this template to develop robust response strategies after identifying the risky factors/events. The design includes a host of features, of which flexibility tops the list. So download now and edit it with your company’s contingent plan.


Risk Response Matrix Management PPT

Download Risk Response Matrix Management PPT 

Template 4

Depict the capability maturity matrix process with this well-structured template design. You can also use it to choose the processes that are more profitable. Download now and change the text, color, and fonts as per your requirement. 


Capability Maturity Matrix Template

Download Capability Maturity Matrix Managed Optimized Template

Template 5

Design a matrix to calculate your employee competence such as basic skills, soft skills, hard skills, and computer skills with this creative template. Download it right away and include employees from different departments. 


Job Skill Matrix Management Sales PPT

Download Job Skill Matrix Management Sales PPT

Template 6

Choose this template to create a grid that contains information about the available skills of existing employees. Utilize it to manage, plan, and monitor existing and desired abilities for a role, team, department, project, or an entire company. Download now!


Organizational Skills Program Matrix Operative Management

Download Skills Matrix Management PPT Template 

Template 7

Managers can use this template to help their teams stay focused on different tasks by efficiently using their time, energy, strength, mental capacity, and physical space. Grab it instantly and create a clear skill matrix to achieve the desired business objectives.


Organizational Skills Program Matrix Management

Download Organizational Skills Program Matrix Management PPT Template 

Template 8

Procure information about employee skills, customer behavior, and meaningful insights with this marketing matrix management template. The design will help you create an inter-connected reporting line in the business. Download now and captivate your audience. 


Our Matrix Management Marketing PPT

Download Our Matrix Management Marketing PPT

Template 9

This template exhibits a creative matrix management model. Select it to share your employees and resources across different functions. Download and add it to your project presentation. 


Matrix Management Model PPT Design

Download Matrix Management Model PPT Design

Template 10

This template will help you set up a cross-functional group with your production, sales, and finance department to strengthen the communication process. So download it and make changes with your company’s department names. 


Matrix Management Production Sales Finance Department

Download Matrix Management Production Sales Finance Department

Template 11

Pick this business management matrix template to highlight the projects based on high and low priority. Download it and assign team members according to the matrix evaluation. Besides, you can conveniently make changes to this template as per your company’s information. 


Matrix Business Management Planning Strategy

Download Matrix Business Management Planning Strategy 

Template 12

This is another competency matrix template designed by our team of professionals. Choose it to create an overview of your team’s skill base, conduct with the management, control over activities, and final performance. Download to make improved future allocations. 


Skills Matrix Management PPT

Download Skills Matrix Management PPT PowerPoint Templates

Template 13

This template will help you assess the current situation of your company and take corrective improvement measures. Download it without any hassle and check the capability of all your business programs.


Capability Maturity Matrix Management PPT

Download Capability Maturity Matrix Management PPT Templates

Template 14

This template can be used to measure the skill set of all the employees in the organization. Pick the best ones and assign them to your essential business projects. Download and rightly allocate your company’s human resources.


Capability Maturity Matrix Management Design

Download Job Skill Matrix Management Template 

Template 15

Increase the visibility of risks in your project and assist management in decision-making with this well-designed template. Download right now and eliminate the imperative risks.


Matrix For Risk Assessment And Management Procedure

Download Matrix For Risk Assessment And Management Procedure


In the end


The actual challenge is not only to build a robust matrix structure but also to create a matrix in the manager’s mind. Remove the in-built conflict in your company’s structure by developing a matrix that depicts flexible perspectives and relationships. Our templates will surely help you succeed in this strategic endeavor. 


P.S: To identify and improve the strength of your company for different variables, check out our best matrix chart templates here. 


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