Since the launch of its Model T in 1927, Ford has been a staple brand in the automobile industry. However, in 2009, with the shift in the modern consumer landscape, more purchasers started adopting ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. 


With this radical industry-changing shift, the procurement of cars massively reduced compared to the days before ride-sharing made its breakthrough. Anyhow, by identifying this shift early on, Ford Motor Company announced that they would only sell trucks and SUVs in North America. 



This brilliant change by Ford consolidates its media planning, focusing all the efforts on the most valued products amid the shifting landscape. Additionally, this maneuver helped Ford increase their ROI and mitigate the potential of wasted advertising. 


This exemplifies that media planning is essential to stand out in the ever-changing market space and communicate your brand’s message to the target audience. 


The reality of media planning


Media planning is the process that determines how, when, where, and why your business shares the media content with its audience. It decides what media should be shared through what channels to boost reach, engagements, conversions, ROI, and more. 


Media planning has many moving parts and can become difficult to get correctly. Therefore, to help you keep all media-related challenges at bay, we have shared a media planning process. But before that, it is crucial to understand the difference between media planning and buying. So first, let’s comprehend that!


Media planning - is not media buying


Media buying is concerned with paid media such as purchasing a campaign or advertisement space on different channels, paying to share targeted campaigns, or negotiating with media vendors. 


In today’s world, any business can create and share media content with free sources. Therefore, media planning can happen without media buying. However, media buying will always require media planning. Just like a square can be a rectangle, but a rectangle can never be a square! 


But once an advertisement is purchased and the content distribution plans get negotiated, for sharing that media with the right audience, there comes the need for a robust media plan or strategy. Let’s lay bare the media planning process.


1. Conduct market research to tailor your content and media plan for your audience or customers. You can start by creating a buyer persona, determining the perfect media, or choosing the perfect platform/channel. 


2. State a media planning objective to effectively navigate the process. For example, strengthen cross-team collaboration, enhance publication and distribution process, schedule posts for social media, and more. 


3. Implement your company’s media plan by ensuring all parties concerned have the required content information, platforms used, budget, and more. 


4. Evaluate the success of your media plan on parameters such as triumph over business goals, media and content team’s expectations, the value created for the brand, and others. 


To help you add value to your company’s media planning strategy, we have covered our 15 stunning PowerPoint templates below. They will keep your media content coordinated while publishing or sharing it with your audience. So let’s boost engagement and improve productivity among your team members by exploring them one by one. 

Template 1

This template will help you find a combination of media that communicates your advertising message most effectively at minimum cost. Additionally, it includes 21 well-designed slides. So download it immediately!


Media Planning PowerPoint Presentation

Download Media Planning PowerPoint Presentation Template 

Template 2

This template will help you make appropriate decisions related to communication strategy, media mix, target audience research, media objective, budget consideration, scheduling date, and more. So grab it right away and make the desired changes.


Media Planning And Scheduling Process PowerPoint

Download Media Planning And Scheduling Process Template 

Template 3

The internet allows advertisers to connect with their customers while collecting real-time metrics quickly. So use this invigorating template and create a powerful digital media planning process. The design is easy to edit. So grab it and captivate your audience. 


Digital Media Planning Briefing And Planning

Download Digital Media Planning Process Template 

Template 4

Increase your company’s revenue by downloading this 6-step media planning template. The presentation is designed by our team of expert professionals. So download and customize it with your company’s media planning process.


Six Arrow Showing Media Planning

Download Six Arrow Revenue Increment Template

Template 5

Design a successful foundation for your client’s media campaign with these 54 ready-to-use slides. Download them and outline your customer’s advertising objective, target audience, cost allocation, and more. 


Media Planning Briefing PowerPoint Presentation

Download Briefing Templates

Template 6

Research and identify the best market for your client with this media planning and buying agency template. The presentation includes 56 detailed slides highlighting a lucrative media strategy. So grab it immediately and make changes with your company information.


Media Planning and Buying Template

Download Buying Agency Template 

Template 7 

With this template, you can analyze if your message intends to support the marketing or advertising strategy. Additionally, you can include four critical steps of the media planning process. So download it and edit conveniently!


Advertising Media Planning And Strategy Template

Download Advertising Strategy Template 

Template 8

Use this template to create a lucrative media planning and auditing report. Besides, you can share it with your clients and reassure them that they are getting fair value from their advertising effort. So download and use it to your advantage. 


Media Planning And Auditing Process PowerPoint Presentation

Download Media Auditing Process Template 

Template 9

Use this template to stay consistent in your brand promotions. It ensures that each of your social media posts, comments, or shares are aligned with your brand’s image. Download it instantly and support your broader business goals. 


Social Media Plan

Download PowerPoint Template 

Template 10 

Highlight a four-step media plan covering the type of media channels, number of impressions, cost per million clicks, and more with this template. Download it and synchronize all contributing elements that will achieve the final objective. 


Four Steps Process Of Media Plan

Download Four Steps Process Template

Template 11

Use this template to create a comprehensive media plan for your upcoming event. You can choose from various media platforms such as email, guest posts, social media channels, and more. So download now!


Media Plan for Events with Email and Guest Post

Download Media Plan Process With Measure And Learn

Template 12

Present your company’s digital media plan with this innovative layered pyramid template. The design can be easily edited and shared with your team members. So grab it right away!


Digital Media Plan In Layered Pyramid

Download Digital Media Plan In Layered Pyramid

Template 13

Develop a fruitful social media plan strategy by using this 8-step high-quality template. It includes steps such as planning, prioritizing objectives, establishing governance, defining activities, developing capabilities, and more. So download it and promote your event smoothly. 


Social Media Planning Strategy Template

Download Social Strategy Template

Template 14

Exhibit the change in the media planning and buying strategy with this template. Besides, you can highlight access to new channels like social media, blogging, PR, communication, branding, and more. Download and add it to your business presentation. 


Steps For Digital Media Planning And Buying

Download Steps For Digital Media Template 

Template 15

This is another compelling media planning template that can be used to create an effective social media plan. Download it immediately and include different mediums like Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. 


Social Media Marketing Plan

Download Social Media Marketing Plan Template 


To conclude


Every business wants to be unique or one-of-a-kind and media planning creates that distinction among them. Therefore, encourage and motivate people to interact with your brand by building a connected system. Our creative templates will surely help your marketing department to evolve and grow exponentially. 


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