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Top 16 PowerPoint Templates to Develop an Effective Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Top 16 PowerPoint Templates to Develop an Effective Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Nidhi Malhotra

Nidhi Malhotra

July 23 2021

Communications management, risk management, and stakeholder engagement are crucial parts of a project managers’ job. Out of all these, project managers often struggle with achieving an effective stakeholder engagement. This is why creating a stakeholder engagement plan is indispensable to communicate projects’ specifics and grant stakeholders; support. A great stakeholder engagement plan is beneficial to fulfill a lot of project goals.


It is important to involve stakeholders in projects to achieve a transparent decision-making process. Taking feedback from stakeholders is also helpful in mitigating the possible problems and risks associated with the projects beforehand. Thus, it will be safe to say that stakeholder engagement or consultation is the ultimate key to the success of projects, companies, and careers.


Devising and executing an effective stakeholder engagement plan can be difficult. But not anymore, as we are here to end your worries. This blog will walk you through our best stakeholder project engagement templates that will arm you to create and implement an excellent stakeholder engagement plan. Our research-driven stakeholder management slides will also be helpful to effectively monitor and report the project.


Let’s get straight to the templates.


Readily-Available Templates to Download and Use 


Take the advantage of this stakeholder engagement deck to pitch stakeholders with your project ideas and involve them in the decision-making process. With these project management templates at your disposal, you can provide an insight into the project, its budget, and other specifics in an attention-grabbing manner. Further, you can highlight the plan of action for project engagement tasks and their outcomes. These project engagement templates will also be useful to elaborate the timeline, budget, and roadmap for stakeholder engagement.

Template 1

This PowerPoint template showcases the agenda of project engagement. It will help you familiarize your team members with the need for stakeholder management. That, in turn, will be useful to create and execute a successful stakeholder engagement plan.


Agenda for Project Engagement Template

Download Agenda for Project Engagement Template

Template 2

Achieving and maintaining effective stakeholder engagement can be difficult. This is why it becomes indispensable to have an overview of common problems of stakeholder engagement to come up with mitigation strategies and create smooth stakeholder management. Taking the assistance of the below-displayed template, you can communicate these limitations with your team. The common limitations of stakeholder engagement covered in this slide are poor communication, lack of stakeholders’ interest, lack of stakeholders’ control over the project, etc.


Common Limitations of Stakeholder Engagement Slide

Download Common Limitations of Stakeholder Engagement Slide

Template 3

This PowerPoint template talks about the gap between the project and the stakeholders. It further covers the problems in the stakeholder engagement process along with their solutions. Downloading upon this slide, you will not only address the issues associated with the stakeholder engagement process. But this content-ready template will be helpful to brainstorm possible solutions for the same.


Gap with the Project Engagement PowerPoint Slide

Download Gap with the Project Engagement PowerPoint Slide

Template 4

The below-showcased slide will be a nifty tool to communicate the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of stakeholder engagement in the company’s projects. This stylish yet simple layout of this template will help you jot down the key objectives in digestible points. The need for stakeholder engagement is explained with key points such as maximizing project success rate, improving quality of project deliverables, and many more.


Objectives of Stakeholder Engagement in Project PPT

Download Objectives of Stakeholder Engagement in Project PPT

Template 5

A stakeholder engagement strategy should establish the objectives of stakeholder engagement through the plan preparation process. It indicates how the involvement of stakeholders will be achieved at each stage of the process. The PowerPoint template displayed here covers the stakeholder engagement plan, which outlines the company's approach and implementation for project engagement. Take the advantage of this pre-built slide and devise a great project engagement plan.


Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Plan Template

Download Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Plan Template

Template 6

This PPT template is significant to cover various consulting methods that can be used for creating multiple stakeholders' groups. This template showcases a list of stakeholders group and the consulting method of creating each one of them. The stakeholder groups mentioned in the list are government officials, neighboring communities, vulnerable groups, employees and managers, etc. Also, some of the consulting methods covered include public meetings, surveys, one-on-one interviews, formal meetings, etc.


Consulting Methods for Creating Stakeholders' Group PPT

Download Consulting Methods for Creating Stakeholders' Group PPT

Template 7

This slide will let you cover details for the stakeholder identification action strategy. Incorporating this template, you can highlight the points such as the stakeholders' name, involvement covering (from/to), action taken, how and what activity to be done, when, and the responsible person. The modern layout of this template makes it a cakewalk to showcase multiple details in an easy-to-understand manner.


Stakeholder Identification Template

Download Stakeholder Identification Template

Template 8

The mentioned slide elucidates the stakeholder assessment and registration details. This template comes with a pre-designed table that consists of the project manager and project phase details. Taking advantage of this slide, you can get the stakeholder assessment after identification, such as roles, contact number, category, interest, influence, expectations, and requirements.


Stakeholder Assessment and Registration PowerPoint Template

Download Stakeholder Assessment and Registration PowerPoint Template

Template 9

It's significant for project managers to prioritize their time and energy when working with stakeholders. This can be easily accomplished by using a prioritization matrix to gauge their impact on projects. This PowerPoint template comes with a ready-made prioritization matrix for stakeholders, depicting power and interest. It will help you decide which type of stakeholder has to be kept fully engaged and who is to be updated or monitored.


Prioritising Project Stakeholders Slide

Download Prioritising Project Stakeholders Slide

Template 10

This PPT template showcases a stakeholder map that will help you identify and categorize stakeholders in different categories. This map showcases a visual, four-quadrant influence-impact matrix. The y-axis determines the level of influence, from highest on the top to lowest on the bottom, explaining how much the project's outcome impacts the stakeholders. The x-axis of the grid measures the stakeholder's level of impact, or how much the project can influence the stakeholder. Stakeholders will fall into four categories: collaboration, maintaining confidence, keeping informed, monitoring, and responding.


Mapping the Stakeholder Strategy Template

Download Mapping the Stakeholder Strategy Template

Template 11

This slide showcases the stakeholders' influence and power relationship. Power is the level of authority a stakeholder holds in the project. At the same time, influence is the level of involvement the stakeholder has. Identifying the influence power relationship is vital for successful projects as well as an effective project engagement plan. Take advantage of the pre-built chart included in the slide to easily determine stakeholders' involvement in your projects.


Relationship Between Stakeholder Influence/Power PPT

Download Relationship Between Stakeholder Influence/Power PPT

Template 12

This slide covers the project engagement tasks and their outcomes. Tasks covered in this slide are, such as identification, assessment, communication, and engagement. And, outputs included are the stakeholders' list, engagement grid, communication planning, updated stakeholder, etc. The best part is that you can eliminate or add any section in the slide as per your specific requirements.

Project Engagement Process Tasks and Outcomes Slide

Download Project Engagement Process Tasks and Outcomes Slide

Template 13

This PPT template will walk readers through the various approaches to stakeholder engagement. It consists of a pre-built table that showcases the various approaches' names, descriptions, and ratings. We have covered the approaches, namely, partnership, participation, consultation, push communications, and pull communications. However, you can easily modify the slide to add any other approaches along with their descriptions and ratings.


Stakeholder Engagement Approaches Template

Download Stakeholder Engagement Approaches Template

Template 14

This slide covers the stakeholder engagement plan. It consists of a ready-made table highlighting the activity, timing, engagement activity, and methodology targeted stakeholders and engagement objectives. Download the template, easily modify it to add details in the content-ready sections, and your stakeholder engagement plan is ready to be shared with management and team members.


Engagement Plan- Disclosure and Consultation Phase Activities Timing Slide

Download Engagement Plan- Disclosure and Consultation Phase Activities Timing Slide

Template 15

This slide covers the stakeholder project engagement programme details. It provides information about the activity/project, types of information disclosed, locations and dates of meetings/ forms of communication, and stakeholder groups consulted. Keeping track of engagement activities will be a cakewalk with this template. That, in turn, will lead to better stakeholder management concerning project engagement.


Stakeholder Engagement Programme PowerPoint Slide

Download Stakeholder Engagement Programme PowerPoint Slide

Template 16

With the assistance of this unique template, you can easily trace the project phases. Also, you can evaluate the engagement level of the stakeholders. It provides you a professionally curated stakeholder risk and engagement level matrix. The pre-built table covered in this slide showcases the stakeholders' details, level of risk, influence, and interest in the project with requirements in project initiation, planning, execution, control and closing phases, and engagement level.


Stakeholder Risk and Engagement Level Matrix PowerPoint TemplateDownload Stakeholder Risk and Engagement Level Matrix PowerPoint Template


In Conclusion


Bag this complete deck on stakeholder project engagement to map out the stakeholder's strategy to successfully implement the project. Further, easily cover all the critical aspects of your stakeholder engagement plan and share them with managers and team with these high-resolution PowerPoint templates. The attention-grabbing and eye-catching layout of these templates will aid you in engaging your audience and get the most out of a team meeting.


P.S: If you wish to summarize the project's overall progress to your stakeholders, check out our top project status report templates featured in this extensive guide.

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