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Top 20 Comparison PPT Templates for Effective Data Visualization

Top 20 Comparison PPT Templates for Effective Data Visualization

Gunjan Gupta

Gunjan Gupta

December 4 2020

Here’s the thing- there are multiple instances in our life where we need to make intelligent comparisons between opportunities, tasks, friends, emotions, and whatnot. Right from grocery shopping to making crucial business decisions, we are tormented with innumerable comparisons between different variables. 


Hence, comparison is an unavoidable factor. Rather it is momentarily important for every organization to compare well with others and gain a competitive advantage. For this, dedicated charts, graphs, and similar tools can be deployed. These charts and graphs have a universal appeal, thus they can be utilized by every industry and sector to boost their sales, revenue, etc. 


In this post, we will get familiar with the concept of comparison charts and also explore a few ready-to-use options as recommended by SlideTeam experts.


What are comparison charts and how do they add value? 

Comparison charts are visual representations that can be used to conduct successful comparisons between the variables of your choice. They have their own pros, cons, features, attributes, etc, that help in determining vital differences between various variables or entities. Such weigh-ins assist the user in making informed decisions and selecting the most suitable option. Since there is no rule of thumb while using comparison charts, they can be used to interpret both qualitative and quantitative forms of data sets. 


These charts are rather simple to deploy and play a vital role in educational institutions. They also help in making data-driven decisions in a business background, thus making them powerful visual reinforcers. 


What follows are 20 plug and play comparison templates that an individual should have in his arsenal. This list includes different forms of charts like bar charts, line charts, pie charts, radar charts, etc. All of these templates offer editable layouts, making their presentation, and designing a breeze!  


Comparison PPT Templates

Template 1 

This is a visually attractive comparison chart. Use it to compare different sets of variables. You can also use various icons to depict different percentages of the entities added. This template uses a bright color scheme, thus making it an immediate attention-grabbing tool. 


Comparison PPT Icon Example

Download Comparison PPT Icon Examples

Template 2

A comparative bar chart is another tool to weigh in various entities of your choice. Different parameters and their frequency of occurrence can be greatly judged with this color-coded design. In this comparative bar chart, you can see the final percentage of different entities. For instance, we have mentioned social media followers of Instagram and Twitter to judge which platform is more popular and has a promising future. 

Comparison R472 PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Comparison R472 PPT

Template 3

This is yet another creative bar chart design that can be used to interpret the usability of different profiles. It helps in determining the ratio of males and females. Not only this, it helps in making solid judgments about both the genders based on various parameters. 


Profiles Comparison Between Employees Statistics

Download Profiles Comparison Between Employees Statistics

Template 4

Comparative bar charts are probably the most common diagrams to be used to make informed decisions. This is, however, a very creative approach to basic bar charts, thus providing an edge to your data and statistics. Different entities can easily be compared with this template, which comes with bold colors and an editable layout. 


Comparison PPT Infographics

Download Comparison PPT Infographics

Template 5

Map charts are good to visualize and present geographical data such as worst cities, outliers, sales ratio, etc. Make use of this map template to compare the population statistics of USA, Canada, or any other country of your choice. This will help in deciding which country needs to strengthen its population control measures and by how much. Also incorporate this slide in other presentations, to enhance their visual quotient. 


Comparison PPT Sample Download

Download Comparison PPT Sample Download

Template 6

Compare a multitude of factors and key elements using this template. All you have to do is input your data, decide different parameters to make judgments, and use the color-coded approach to present your data in an attention-grabbing manner. 


Competitive Analysis Template 5 Comparison Table

Download Competitive Analysis Template 5 Comparison Table

Template 7

Address similarities and differences between different competitors. Such templates are of a lot of utility for customers to make informed buying decisions as well as for the different department heads to determine the future course of action for their firm to grow.  


Competition Comparison Table

Competition Comparison Table Presentation 

Template 8

Compare exact values and distinguish between them with this map template. Showcase the percentage of males and females by plotting and presenting data through the medium of this template. It uses a color-coded approach thus making plotting very easy and convenient. 


Comparison PowerPoint Template

Download Comparison PowerPoint Topics

Template 9

Bar charts are very common comparison tools that offer great help while visualizing data. Combined this template with other layouts to ace your data delivery and demonstrate the characteristics of the entities chosen. Input any amount of stats to increase the utility of this slide. 


Comparison PPT Backgrounds

Download Comparison PPT Backgrounds

Template 10

This is a creative approach to boring data visualization charts. Use them as demonstration tools to explain similarities and differences between the entities of your choice. Input your desired content, images, icons, and other elements in this design to increase its overall effectiveness. 


Comparison PPT Presentation

Download Comparison PPT Presentation

Template 11

Compare different management styles with this chart, that uses the color-coded method. You can draw important conclusions about which management style is more suitable to your organization with this template. Not only this, you can use it for various other cases that involve a comparison between different variables. Therefore, download it now! 


Comparing 2 Companies Management Of Styles PPT

Download Comparing 2 Companies Management Of Styles PPT

Template 12

 Judge the two important aspects to make successful changes with this template. By employing this slide, the user can assess the possible effects of implementation of any process, factors, or anything of relevance. This will help in drawing effective conclusions and making informed decisions thereafter. 


Before Vs After Implementation Comparison

Download Before Vs After Implementation Comparison

Template 13

Compare different sales ratios of various years and draw effective conclusions by deploying this slide. You can also input monthly stats to make the comparison more effective. Based on the conclusions drawn you can develop new and improved strategies to ramp up the sales quotient. Therefore, this is a powerful tool for sales forecasting. 


Sales Comparison Year Over Year PPT

Download Sales Comparison Year Over Year PPT

Template 14

Present various differences and similarities between different entities with this slide. We have chosen male and female as two entities, however, you can input any other entity of your choice. 


Comparison PPT Pictures

Download Comparison PPT Pictures Shapes

Template 15

Leverage this slide to draw successful conclusions and compare males to females ratio on different parameters. You can decide on these parameters and added them respectively in this template design. Thus making this slide extremely flexible and versatile as well. 


Comparison Person H41 PPT

Download Comparison Person H41 PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Template 16

Deploy this template to compare sales, purchase, or other ratios of different gadgets. We have showcased the example of PC and tablet sales, however, you can edit these as per your desire. 


Comparison Technology F93 PPT

Download Comparison Technology F93 PPT

Template 17

If you want to engage your audience with small sets of data presentation, then this template is the right fit for you. It uses pictographic representation technique that acts as a great visual reinforcer. Therefore showcase data on any subject with this editable set. 


Comparison PowerPoint Slide Background

Download Comparison PowerPoint Slide

Template 18

This is a great visual comparison slide that you can use to showcase the performance of various brands and products. Also, showcase the market penetration of different entities with this template. This can be done in a percentage form which makes the process of interpretation very easy for the viewer. 


Product Comparison With Brand Comparison

Download Product Comparison With Brand Comparison And Percentage

Template 19

Characteristics of two or more groups of data can be visually interpreted with this creative set. You can make use of icons to depict different percentages, which makes this template a very creative set. It will also give your presentation an edge due to its beautiful aesthetics. 


Comparison PowerPoint Slide

Download Comparison PowerPoint Slide Themes

Template 20

Another great example to improve your data visualization skills! Use it to compare different sets of data as per your liking and usability. This design comes with editable features, therefore you can easily input any information you like. 


Comparison Example Of PPT

Download Comparison Example Of PPT


The charts that you chose have a great impact on the viewer’s perception and understanding. Luckily you now have some great comparison tools to help you with communication and data visualization. 


We hope you like these designs and find them useful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

In the meantime, if you need some more creative options to ace your data visualization game, then visit- Tweak it to Work it! 10 Golden Rules For Data Visualization

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