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Top 20 Proposal Templates For Winning Clients

Top 20 Proposal Templates For Winning Clients

Malvika Varma

December 3, 2020

What if you have a remarkable business idea, but you are not able to sell it? 


If the business doesn’t sell, it crashes within days, similar to a pyramid of cards that tumbles upon the slightest disturbance. Every business has to overcome a different set of challenges and strive for fierce competition to make its mark. One of the initial business challenges is to present your idea or project to the investors for raising funds. To ensure that investors realize your business value, you need a robust business proposal

What is a Proposal? 

A proposal is a structured document that explains the solutions or services you offer. It is a sales document that persuades the client into buying the services or goods by showcasing the expertise or skills your business possesses. Tailored to the client’s requirements, a proposal is a condensed business document that safeguards funding and amplifies business growth.

What are the Advantages of a Proposal?

  1. It provides better insight and understanding of the business to the client.
  2. It comprises realistic plans and projections.
  3. This sales document helps in raising funds.
  4. It helps in keeping members onboard.
  5. It establishes credibility for the business.


Drafting a proposal is part and parcel of entrepreneurial success, but it is a painstaking process that often leads to flawed proposals. We at SlideTeam have created Top 20 Proposal Templates For Winning Clients. These content-ready proposal templates save time, are easy to modify, and amplify the success rate.


Without any further ado, let us explore these.

Top 20 Proposal Templates For Winning Clients

Template 1

Human Resources Proposal TemplateDownload Human Resources Proposal Template


Describe how your enterprise can improve the client’s human resource management by downloading this comprehensively researched proposal template. Mention the consultancy process of your firm by utilizing this attention-grabbing proposal template. 

Template 2

Travel Agency Proposal TemplateDownload Travel Agency Proposal Template


Give an overview of the travel agency services in an elaborated manner by incorporating this customizable proposal template. Discuss the activity schedule, packages offered, itinerary, and other relevant details by downloading this pre-designed proposal template.

Template 3

Corporate Photography Proposal TemplateDownload Corporate Photography Proposal Template


Present the corporate photography services you interestingly offer to the customers by employing this amazingly designed proposal template. The color palette used here instantly grabs the viewers’ attention and hence, serves the purpose of persuading customers. 

Template 4

Recruitment Proposal TemplateDownload Recruitment Proposal Template 


The recruitment action plan can be demonstrated to the client with the help of this pre-built proposal template. The timeframe and the budget for the different types of hiring can be showcased by downloading this attention-grabbing recruitment proposal template.

Template 5

Solar Proposal TemplateDownload Solar Proposal Template


Explain the scope of work in an elaborative manner by incorporating this attention-grabbing solar proposal template. Describe the different types of pf solar panels and their cost to the potential customer by utilizing our professionally designed solar proposal template. You can also give background about your company and the accreditations received by downloading this proposal template.

Template 6

Venue Proposal TemplateDownload Venue Proposal Template


Illustrate the services you provide, such as audiovisual, entertainment, catering, etc., with your client by downloading this amazingly designed venue proposal template. You can also explain the timeline to give a better estimation of service completion to the customer. As this template is customizable, you can modify the content as per business requirements. For event management proposal templates, check out our blog.

Template 7

Landscaping Proposal TemplateDownload Landscaping Proposal Template


Describe the project context and the various services you will provide the customer for landscaping by employing this editable proposal template. You can also mention the recommended plan and prove your expertise by utilizing this pre-built proposal landscape.

Template 8

Logistics Service Proposal TemplateDownload Logistics Service Proposal Template


Highlight your clients and leave a lasting impression by downloading this content-ready proposal template. You can also explain the logistics process and the proposed investment by employing this stunning proposal template.

Template 9

Website Layout Proposal TemplateDownload Website Layout Proposal Template


Illustrate the action timeline of the website layout and its key features by downloading this striking proposal template. You can also highlight a few case studies to instill confidence in the prospective client.

Template 10

Construction Equipment Proposal TemplateDownload Construction Equipment Proposal Template


Discuss the offerings for construction equipment and win clients with the help of this contemporary proposal template. You can also mention the fee structure of the services offered in tabular format using this template.

Template 11

Training Proposal TemplateDownload Training Proposal Template


Illustrate the process of training for nurturing talent by introducing this editable training proposal template. State the different packages according to the services provided and convince the customers to choose your enterprise over others. You can also give a brief introduction to your company using this template.

Template 12

Ecommerce Proposal TemplateDownload Ecommerce Proposal Template 


The scope of e-commerce services and the action plan can be demonstrated in detail by employing this comprehensively researched e-commerce proposal template. You can also mention the additional services you provide to attract customers with this pre-designed proposal template. 

Template 13

Project Governance Proposal TemplateDownload Project Governance Proposal Template


Discuss the project context and its key deliverable by introducing our intuitively designed project governance proposal template. Mention critical highlights of the project portfolio management and other crucial elements by downloading this stunning proposal template. 

Template 14

Janitorial Services Proposal TemplateDownload Janitorial Services Proposal Template


State the janitorial service your company provides by giving highlights with this content-ready janitorial services proposal template. You can also discuss the customized plan and impress your client with this pre-designed proposal template.

Template 15

Roofing Proposal TemplateDownload Roofing Proposal Template


Mention the types of roofing and their warranties to the customer by downloading this editable roofing proposal template. The sample designs can also be illustrated with ease by incorporating this stunning attention-grabbing template.

Template 16

Pest Control Proposal TemplateDownload Pest Control Proposal Template


Highlight the services your company provides to remove pests by downloading our professionally designed proposal template. The different treatment plans and their cost can be illustrated in detail using this template.

Template 17

Marketing Proposal TemplateDownload Marketing Proposal Template


Describe the client problems and the proposed solutions you offer to them by introducing our content-ready marketing proposal template. You can also use this template for discussing the approach your enterprise follows in an illustrative manner.

Template 18

Facebook Marketing Proposal TemplateDownload Facebook Marketing Proposal Template


Demonstrate the different stages of Facebook marketing and duration to provide clarity to the client with the help of this editable facebook marketing proposal template. You can also introduce your team and include client testimonials by downloading this pre-designed template.

Template 19

Farming Proposal TemplateDownload Farming Proposal Template 


Illustrate the action plan and its phase in the tabular form by downloading this pre-designed farming proposal template. State the proposed solutions and impress the clients by introducing this customizable template.

Template 20

Social Media Proposal TemplateDownload Social Media Proposal Template


Social media marketing plays a crucial role in boosting sales, which can be showcased by utilizing this content-ready social media proposal template. Discuss the 30,60,90 days plan with the client and establish your worth by downloading this proposal template. Make the most of these proposal templates and impress your customers.


Make the most of these contemporary Top 20 Proposal Templates For Winning Clients and taking your business to the next level. As these templates are comprehensively researched and designed by professionals, just a few tweaks will serve your purpose. So, download the ones which suit you now!


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