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Top 20 Scrum Templates in PowerPoint PPT for Transforming Project Management

Top 20 Scrum Templates in PowerPoint PPT for Transforming Project Management

Malvika Varma

July 15, 2020

Businesses undergo challenging times in the dynamic corporate world. Market volatility, cut-throat competition, and emerging technological advancements are just a few of the many issues that enterprises have to deal with now and then. In difficult situations, efficient project management can help the company stay afloat. Management methodologies like Agile and Scrum have completely transformed the way businesses run.


Founded in the technology industry, Scrum has proved itself as an efficient project management technique in several other sectors. Scrum is an agile methodology used by professionals for transforming project management because of numerous benefits such as improved quality, the increased return of investment, efficient collaboration, and lots more. This proven Agile methodology based technique delivers results in short cycles, which enables continuous improvement and gives scope for adapting as per changing business needs.


Businesses that adopt Scrum methodology deliver products at a faster rate in the market, which ensures higher productivity. Download these editable Top 20 Scrum Templates in PowerPoint PPT, which are designed by SlideTeam professionals to cater to all your business needs. As these Scrum templates are comprehensively researched with a few tweaks, you are ready to wow your audience.


Scroll below to ace the corporate ladder!


Top 20 Scrum Templates in PowerPoint PPT to Download 


Template 1


Scrum Marketing ProcessDownload Scrum Marketing Process PowerPoint Template


Scrum methodology has proved its importance in the field of marketing. It can be emphasized by incorporating this content ready complete deck. Employ this editable PowerPoint theme comprising 32 slides to discuss the various aspects of scrum and its impact on business. You can list the marketing values of agile by introducing this contemporary template. The role of the agile marketing team can be discussed with this content ready template.


Template 2


Marketing ScrumDownload Marketing Scrum PowerPoint Template


Highlight the marketing methodology using the Scrum technique by incorporating this stunning PowerPoint complete deck. As it is Google slides adaptable, you can easily share it with your colleague and have efficient brainstorming sessions. This comprehensively researched PPT theme can be used for seminars and conferences. 


Template 3


Scrum ArtefactsDownload Scrum Artefacts PowerPoint Template


Illustrate the scrum artifacts engagingly using our pre-designed PowerPoint theme. The visually appealing colors used in this PPT instantly grabs the attention of the audience. Employ this content ready PPT for projects and leave a great impression on the audience. Management students can incorporate this scrum PowerPoint template for presenting their projects. 


Template 4


Interaction Model Of Scrum TeamDownload Interaction Model Of Scrum Team PowerPoint Template


Scrum plays an important role in efficient interaction between the different team members which results in increased productivity. Using this contemporary PowerPoint theme, you can delegate tasks to each team member and discuss their issues. The project manager can introduce this PPT for meetings.


Template 5


Scrum Roadmap SwimlaneDownload Scrum Roadmap Swimlane PowerPoint Template


Scrum roadmap is essential to keep track of the process and this template is advantageous for doing so. You can easily edit this pre-designed scrum roadmap PowerPoint theme to keep a check on the progress of each activity and plan work accordingly. 


Template 6


Detailed Description Of Scrum TeamDownload Detailed Description Of Scrum Team PowerPoint Template


Scrum team handles various tasks efficiently so that there is no delay in delivering results. Explain the role of each team member and their responsibilities with the help of this content ready PPT theme. You can mention the name of your employees and their designation by incorporating this modern PPT.


Template 7


Agile Testing Scrum ApproachDownload Agile Testing Scrum Approach PowerPoint Template


Agile scrum testing is known for giving good results and this can be easily communicated by introducing this pre-built scrumPowerPoint template. You can instantly grab the attention of the audience by employing this editable template.


Template 8


Key Objectives Of Scrum MasterDownload Key Objectives Of Scrum Master PowerPoint Template


Explain the key responsibilities of a scrum master and its significance by utilizing this content-ready scrum PowerPoint theme. Illustrate the different tasks and their significance by introducing our professionally designed template.


Template 9


Company Pyramid With Scrum ValuesDownload Company Pyramid With Scrum Values PowerPoint Template


Showcase the values of the scrum with the help of this content- ready PPT template. Using this pyramid image, you can instantly attract the audience and explain each value in detail by incorporating this attractive template.


Template 10


Prioritization Of Scrum ProductDownload Prioritization Of Scrum Product PowerPoint Template


List the tasks according to the priority using this versatile PPT template. You can state the task and ensure they are done on time using the scrum PowerPoint template. 


Template 11


Scrum Product Backlog Framework For OrganisationDownload Scrum Product Backlog Framework PowerPoint Template


The product backlog can be elucidated with the help of this content ready PowerPoint presentation. Discuss the key features and have productive brainstorming sessions with the help of our professionally designed PPT theme.


Template 12


Five Organizational Scrum Values For BusinessDownload Five Organizational Scrum Values For Business PowerPoint Template


Illustrate the scrum values and give insight into its importance by incorporating our pre-designed PowerPoint template. This visually appealing PPT is perfect for corporate meetings to emphasize the work plan to achieve results.


Template 13


Scrum Master Cycle With Process ValuesDownload Scrum Master Cycle With Process Values PowerPoint Template


The various roles and responsibilities of the Scrum Master can efficiently be discussed by utilizing this editable scrum PowerPoint template. You can discuss the planning and project completion deadlines with your colleagues by introducing our comprehensively researched PPT template.


Template 14


Scrum High Level DesignDownload Scrum High-Level Design PowerPoint Template


Scrum management can be well explained by utilizing this comprehensively researched PPT template. Discuss the stages of scrum management and development by utilizing this editable PowerPoint theme. 


Template 15


Testing Process In Agile ScrumDownload Testing Process In Agile Scrum PowerPoint Template


The testing process of Scrum has proved to be beneficial and it can be explained with the help of this stunning PPT template. You can have a track on the progress of every activity by utilizing this editable PPT. 


Template 16


Scrum Icon For Agile Software DevelopmentDownload Scrum Icon For Agile Software Development PowerPoint Template


You can use this template to give insight into the scrum methodology in software development. Projects related to scrum can easily incorporate this editable PPT theme to give key highlights of the procedure.


Template 17


Scrum Methodology For MarketingDownload Scrum Methodology For Marketing PowerPoint Template


Utilize this modern PowerPoint complete deck to elucidate on the scrum methodology in the field of marketing. You can discuss the roadmap, agile marketing values, and the role of the marketing team by introducing this content ready template. Explain the agile marketing value proposition using graphs by incorporating this template.


Template 18


Scrum Market ManagementDownload Scrum Market Management PowerPoint Template


Give an outline of agile marketing and how it works by introducing this editable PPT theme. Highlight the agile approach and mention the details of meetings by employing our professionally designed PowerPoint theme. Download this content-ready PowerPoint complete deck to track project progress.


Template 19


Scrum Marketing MethodologyDownload Scrum Marketing Methodology PowerPoint Template


Showcase the role of scrum methodology in increasing the efficiency of work in the marketing field by introducing our pre-built PowerPoint complete deck. List the benefits of agile marketing in increasing the revenue and role of the marketing team by introducing this editable PPT.


Template 20


Scrum Marketing ApproachDownload Scrum Marketing Approach PowerPoint Template


Illustrate the working process of the scrum marketing team and their roles by downloading this stunning complete deck. By employing this customizable Scrum template, you can discuss the marketing manifesto and delegate tasks accordingly.


Achieve the organizational targets by downloading Top 20 Scrum Templates in PowerPoint PPT. Tweak as per your requirements and make the most of these scrum templates.

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